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July 12, 2009, 06:37:36 pm
Yes, thank you for pointing that out. It's been a while since I played XII and Revenant Wings, so I had forgotten about that. Thanks again. =D

But note that Cheetah is going to be the one with the final say, so these may not be used anyways.
Mercenaries /
July 12, 2009, 06:10:18 pm
6 month bump, ftw!

Anywho, some names for the Entries on Page 1.

Entry 1:   The Melancholy Scholar
Entry 2:   The Road to Chivalry
Entry 3:   First Impressions
Entry 4:   Books and Brigands
Entry 5:   To Be Highborn
Entry 6:   The Spellweaver
Entry 7:   A Companionship
Entry 8:   Vagrant Dogs
Entry 9:   Crossroads to Destiny
Entry 10:   An Omen
Entry 11:   Victor's Morals
Entry 12:   No Sooner Speak the Devil's Name...
Entry 13:   Cashmere Prison
Entry 14:   Magick of Love
Entry 15:   Fleeing from Death
FFT: Complete /
July 12, 2009, 05:35:13 pm
I'll give the Spellblade abilities a shot.

-SPELLBLADE- (to keep myself from getting confused with Mystic Arts)
Blind:     "All light shall fall to my darkness! Blind!"
Syphon: "Magick spirits, share your bounty! Syphon!"
Drain:    "Filth-ridden leeches, engorge upon sinners' blood! Drain!"
Faith:     "Divine Father, bless us upon this day of war! Faith!"
Doubt:    "Break free from the manacles of zealotry! Doubt!"
Zombie:  "Let your flesh rot and turn to dust... Zombie!"
Silence:  "Quiet death, feast upon thy foe! Silence!"
Berserk: "Put reason aside, let running blood be your pleasure! Berserk!"
Chicken: "A fate fit for a courtesan such as yourself! Chicken!"
Confuse: "The logos of a worm...Confuse!"
Dispel:     "The battlefield ought be even! Dispel!"
Disable:  "You'll not raise arms at me again! Disable!"
Sleep:     "Forget about your worries... they'll be gone soon. Sleep!"
Break:    "Cage of rocky earth, entrap! Break!"
Vengeance: "Painful fervor, heed my call! Vengeance!"

I know, they kinda suck, but I think they'll do.
FFT: Complete /
July 12, 2009, 05:22:17 pm
lol, I just finished editing my post because I just realized you were referring to Beowulf. ROFL

I'm afraid I don't use IRC. I use MSN, but because my internet is so choppy, it causes MSN to sign me in and out without me knowing, so it can be quite annoying to anyone on my friend list while I'm on. =(
FFT: Complete /
July 12, 2009, 05:12:32 pm
EDIT: Wow, stupid me, I just realized that you were referring to Beowulf's quotes and not quotes for War of the Lions. My bad... again.

Anyways, LD, feel free to PM me the details of what you need for Mercenaries. I'll help as much as I can. =D
FFT: Complete /
July 12, 2009, 04:47:01 pm
I'd love to help with Mercenaries, as well as any other projects going on!

Wow, I made a huge goof with Snake Carrier. For some reason, I confused Snake Carrier (another move Elidibus has) and Midgar Swarm. They're both wrong translations! The proper translation is Midgardsormr. My bad! XD

Spell Swords... did he even have quotes for them? Truthfully, I don't remember if he does or not. I may have missed them in the guide earlier (or the Qu_Marsh could've forgotten to put them in. He/she/it(?) forgot to put Odin in under Summon Magic, so it's possible that it was just an error on their part.

As far as how long it took to come up with them, it really took longer to find the Spell Quotes guide than it did to make them, lol. I'd say about 2-3 hours. I love the world of Ivalice, so the root of my Final Fantasy knowledge is in Ivalician Lore (/geek).

And finally, for Ramza's Ultima. I completely see what you mean by that quote. It especially represents his frame of mind when he's able to get Ultima (Chapter IV is the earliest he could get it, IIRC, since I don't think he could get it at Riovanes Roof), so I suggest instead:

Ultima: "Light of truth, cast aside illusion's deceit! Ultima!"
FFT: Complete /
July 12, 2009, 04:20:24 pm
So you guys don't mind that I completely made up new quotes? I thought for sure everyone would rather just have the quotes corrected for grammar and spelling's sake.

BTW, does anyone know off-hand if I'm missing any more enemy spells? I feel like I am, but those were the only ones listed in the guide.
FFT: Complete /
July 12, 2009, 03:57:40 pm
You may wish to change the quote for Firaga though, if you decide to use them. I dunno if you want a Kefka reference in your patch or not. XD
FFT: Complete /
July 12, 2009, 03:51:12 pm
Thanks for pointing out those errors, guys. I'll correct them on my computer. Even if they don't end up in this patch, there may be others who can use 'em, so it's all good! =D
FFT: Complete /
July 12, 2009, 02:45:49 pm
Wow, I'm flattered. I thought for sure I'd get chewed up for changing old classics. XD

FFT was my first Final Fantasy, so I'm just doing what I can to make it better. ;)

EDIT: BTW, the original spell quotes can be found in Qu_Marsh's guide at GameFAQs. Great resource, along with the Battle Mechanics Guide.
FFT: Complete /
July 12, 2009, 02:30:43 pm
Here goes!

Cure:      "Mending light, grace us with your salvation! Cure!"
Cura:      "O Shepard of the great heavens, guide us to Providence! Cura!"
Curaga:      "All wounds shall heal, all souls return to light! Curaga!"
Curaja:      "Salvation is nigh, have faith! Curaja!"
Raise:      "Shining luminescence, bestow life! Raise!"
Arise:      "May Light guide you respite from the Darkness of death! Arise!"
Reraise:      "Phoenix flame, bestow your blessing! Reraise!"
Regen:      "May your wounds wane with the Moon! Regen!"
Protect:      "Astral light, block evil might! Protect!"
Protectja:           "Palings of the Nether, I call upon thee! Protectja!"
Shell:      "Magickal spite, be parried by shining light! Shell!"
Shellja:      "No more Magick, no more despair! Shellja!"
Wall:              "Sacred Occurian palings, defend against tyranny! Wall!"
Esuna:      "Pure light, cleanse the soul! Esuna!"
Holy:              "Smiting light of the High Seraph, strike now! Holy!"

Fire:              "Incending rage, smite all who oppose! Fire!"
Fira:              "Drown in the sea of raging flame! Fira!"
Firaga:      "Run, run, or you'll be well done! Firaga!"
Firaja:      "Ardor of the Gigas, smite all! Firaja!"
Blizzard:           "Silent ice, scatter your cold daggers! Blizzard!"
Blizzara:      "Icy blades, drink upon the sin of heresy! Blizzara!"
Blizzaga:           "Cocytus of the Ninth Circle, come forth! Blizzaga!"
Blizzaja:      "Icy blade of the Corrupt, freeze the damned! Blizzaja!"
Thunder:           "Bolts of lightning, strip away all life! Thunder!"
Thundara:     "Skies of vengeance, come down and strike! Thundara!"
Thundaga:    "Godly anger, world of sin, crash down in fury! Thundaga!"
Thundaja:           "Bolts of the Wroth, end all life in a final judgment! Thundaja!"
Poison:      "Be injected with the filth-blood of the Impure! Poison!"
Frog:               "You shall wear a new fa├žade now! Frog!"
Death:      "Death Seraph, carve into this soul! Death!"
Flare:      "Cataclysmic inferno, erupt now! Flare!"

Haste:      "Time, grant upon us the speed of light! Haste!"
Hasteja:      "Time and space, bend to this our final will! Hasteja!"
Slow:      "Take rest, and give upon the worthy your kindness! Slow!"
Slowja:      "Will of the Nether, mire all dissidents! Slowja!"
Stop:      "Planar magicks, give us respite from judgment! Stop!"
Immobilize:   "Godly forces, suppress these our mortal enemies! Immobilize!"
Float:      "Be liberated from the land! Float!"
Reflect:      "Sacred light, deflect deadly magick! Reflect!"
Quick:      "Restore the timeline that we may know victory! Quick!"
Gravity:      "Oppressing stars, crush all who oppose! Gravity!"
Graviga:      "Hateful darkness of the vengeful Condemner, I beckon thee! Graviga!"
Meteor:      "The time of judgment has come... Judge-Sal, crash down! Meteor!"

Trepidation:           "Cowardly fools, your time is nigh! Trepidation!"
Repose:              "Find solace in the world of dreams! Repose!"
Umbra:              "Surrounded by the darkness... your despair shall grow! Umbra!"
Belief:              "There is more to this world than you see! Belief!"
Corruption:           "The flesh shall rot and the soul shall ache! Corruption!"
Quiescence:           "Be fearful... your voice is no more. Quiescence!"
Delirium:                    "Your mind toils for acuity, but none shall you have! Delirium!"
Harmony:                    "Your unyielding boons are no longer! Harmony!"
Hesitation:               "Be disabled by your own fears! Hesitation!"
Induration:       "An eternity is yours to ponder your sin! Induration!"
Disbelief:               "Your visage of false idols falls now! Disbelief!"
Invigoration:      "I am a thief of souls, and yours is mine! Invigoration!"
Empowerment:      "Your magick energy serves a new master now! Empowerment!"
Fervor:         "Reason with rage, judge with impulse! Fervor!"

Moogle:         "Kupo, pray help us! Kupo Anima!"
Shiva:         "Esper of the North Winds, freeze all! Diamond Dust!"
Ramuh:         "Esper of Raging Storms, impart thy help! Judgment Bolt!"
Ifrit:                 "Esper of Hellflames, scorch the enemy! Hellfire!"
Titan:         "Esper of Hallowed Earth, tear the heavens asunder! Gaia's Rage!"
Golem:         "Machination of rock and steel, guard us! Stone Wall!"
Leviathan:              "Lord of the Seas, drown them with watery fangs! Tidal Wave!"
Odin:         "Allfather, Ragnarok is come... charge! Zantetsuken!"
Bahamut:              "Dragon King, leave not a soul unburned! Mega Flare!"
Sylph:         "Faeries of the Wood, create an air of silence! Whisperwind!"
Faerie:         "Faerie of light, heal our wounds with purity! Healing Light!"
Lich:                 "Undead terror of the Void, create chaos! Dark Messenger!"
Salamander:      "Burning serpent, impart your flames to us! Burning Rain!"
Cyclops:         "Titan of the Occuria, collapse this world! Cyclops!"
Zodiark:         "Master of Precepts, end this world now! Final Eclipse!"

Heaven's Wrath:   "Holy thunder, crash down upon the wicked! Heaven's Wrath!"
Ashura:         "Flames, gather and destroy! Ashura!"
Adamantine Blade:   "Sacred blade, cleave a path to salvation! Adamantine Blade!"
Maelstrom:      "Watery prison, surge forth! Maelstrom!"
Celestial Void:      "All becomes naught after this evening bell! Celestial Void!"
Divinity:         "The word of the Gods is final... repent! Divinity!"

Hell's Wrath:      "Dark master, usurp the way to Hell! Hell's Wrath!"
Nether Ashura:      "Burning brimstone, ravage Ivalice with your flame! Nether Ashura!"
Nether Blade:      "The rivers shall run red with your blood! Nether Blade!"
Nether Maelstrom:   "Brine, surge forth with watery judgment! Nether Maelstrom!"
Corporeal Void:      "Blame yourself, or your non-existent God! Corporeal Void!"
Impiety:         "Believers, you stare at your demise! Impiety!"

Celestial Stasis:      "Stars, be trapped in an eternal stasis! Celestial Stasis!"

Ashura:         "Legendary blade, kill without mercy! Ashura!"
Kotetsu:         "Walkers of the Dark, gather here! Kotetsu!"
Osafune:         "Mist ridden sky, absorb magick power! Osafune!"
Murasame:      "No more innocent deaths... it ends here! Murasame!"
Ama-no-Murakumo:   "Those who know the Gods shall know peace! Ama-no-Murakumo!"
Kiyomori:              "Spirit of the Katana, pray, protect us! Kiyomori!"
Muramasa:      "Ensanguined Katana, curse those who defy! Muramasa!"
Kiku-ichimonji      "Brave sword spirit, blaze brightly! Kiku-ichimonji!"
Masamune:      "Sword of the Ronin, avenge your master! Masamune!"
Chirijiraden:      "Banishing blade, burn all and burn true! Chirijiraden!"

Pummel:         "I shall fight for justice, go, fists of fury! Pummel!"
Shockwave:      "The anger of the very earth itself in my arms! Shockwave!"
Doom Fist:              "A moment of pain... an eternity of rest! Doom Fist!"
Aurablast:              "My anger rises by the second! Aurablast!"
Judgment Blade:   "Your life is short... be buried! Judgment Blade!"
Cleansing Strike:   "The demons of Hell grow restless for your soul! Cleansing Strike!"
Northswain's Strike:   "The world itself shall bend to my will! Northswain's Strike!"
Hallowed Bolt:      "Spirits of the sky, rain down death! Hallowed Bolt!"
Divine Ruination:   "Your mind shall wither and your body shall yield! Divine Ruination!"

Shadowblade:      "I shall feast upon your flesh! Shadowblade!"
Duskblade:      "I have not yet supped... your soul shall do! Duskblade!"

Crush Armor:      "Armor won't keep your flesh untouched! Crush Armor!"
Crush Helm:      "Death rains upon you from all directions! Crush Helm!"
Crush Weapon:      "No arms, no chance for survival! Crush Weapon!"
Crush Accessory:   "Your trinkets do you no good here! Crush Accessory!"

Speedsap:              "Time, lag and aid us in this fight! Speedsap!"
Powersap:              "Be weakened by your sin! Powersap!"
Magicksap:      "Your studies are for naught! Magicksap!"
Mindsap:              "Dirge of wisdom, destroy all! Mindsap!"

Bio:                 "Drift into everlasting despair! Bio!"
Biora:         "Hexes and jinxes... all a gift from me! Biora!"
Bioga:         "Bid farewell to this mortal coil! Bioga!"

Unholy Darkness:   "Homicidal aurora, exude a dark aura! Unholy Darkness!"
Lifebreak:              "My pain shall be your pain! Lifebreak!"

Almagest:              "My spirit shall consume all! Almagest!"
Nanoflare:              "The door to power lies unopened... until now! Nanoflare!"
Ultima:         "All consuming light, envelop all! Ultima!"

Ague (Death Cold):     "The limbs grow heavy, lag! Ague!"
Darkness:                "To expect mercy from a foe... but none shall you have! Darkness!"
Bind (Spell):        "Bound to the shadows, death creeps closer! Bind!"
Nightmare:        "This is your final rest, drift into despair! Nightmare!"
Lose Voice (Aphonia?): "Know an eternity of silence! Aphonia!"
Fowlheart (Chicken Race):"Flee, and know the light of day once more! Fowlheart!"
Loss:                  "Unseeing, unthinking minds! Loss!"
Seal:                  "Ancient magicks, I call upon thee hence! Seal!"

Toadja:         "Of the lilies and the weeds, I morph you! Toadja!"
Flareja:         "Wretched Occuria, your reign ends here! Flareja!"
Gravija:         "Darkness, gather and purge all into the Void! Gravija!"
Confuseja:      "Obey the edict of the King of Madness! Confuseja!"
Sleepja:         "Night falls, and with it, death arises! Sleepja!"
Blindja:         "The light of Heaven has abandoned you! Blindja!"

Meltdown:              "This farce ends now! Meltdown!"
Quake:         "By my order, earth, tear all asunder! Quake!"
Tornado:              "Walker of the Wheel, our master awaits us! Tornado!"

Poisonous Frog:      "Those unaware of their true selves pity themselves! Poisonous Frog!"
Snake Carrier:      "Ecliptic skies, call forth true power! Snake Carrier!"

Ultima (2):              "Ancient seal of my slayer, be broken! Ultima!"
Disempower:      "Magick, cease your unyielding assault! Disempower!"
Return:         "Gods of time and tide, bequeath unto me! Return!"
Dispelja:         "Boons of light, falter before darkness and strife! Dispelja!"
Grand Cross:      "Give way to the Cataclysm! Grand Cross!"
Divine Ultima:      "All that was and all that shall ever be shall fall to naught! Divine Ultima!"
FFT: Complete /
July 12, 2009, 02:24:01 pm
I wish I could speak Japanese. XD

No, I used the quotes from Vanilla as a basis for SOME of the new quotes. I made up completely new quotes in the case of about 75% of the spells. I tried my best to retranslate the quotes in a way that fit the War of the Lions retranslation. I'll post the quotes as I have them retranslated (I know a few [probably most XD] of them need tweaking, but that can be done anytime), but you'll have to excuse any double posts. XD
FFT: Complete /
July 12, 2009, 07:45:23 am
I actually already finished most of the character-usable quotes yesterday (I was VERY bored XD) so I'll gladly post them if you guys want, since I know quite a few of them need some work. I was especially happy with my Time Magick quotes though.

EDIT: I guess I should clarify that I've retranslated the quotes already, but most of the quotes are completely new. They probably need to be shortened, too, to fit the text boxes. Also, note that the Japanese version of WOTL had quotes, they just didn't bother retranslating for the English version.

EDITRA: You can download the quotes here:

Beware, it's a .wps file (I have Word Processor, not Word) so I don't know if you'll be able to read it or not. XD
FFT: Complete /
July 11, 2009, 02:48:34 pm
Hey, if you're still interested in putting spell quotes in, I'll make some new lines for them. I have no clue how to hack, but I could give the new lines for you guys to put in.