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September 30, 2020, 05:10:11 am


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I see how it Works, thanks yall.
Version "457", I'm patching the WoTL USA clean ISO.

So early today I found the Issue, apparently each section has a limit, all I had to do is rewrite the text I wanted using the same or less space.
Using FFTac Editor , I'm facing this error after having to delete japanese characters in order to pass BOOT.5 and BOOT.7 erros, I've tried everything I found in the fórums still nothing.. Always this error pop up.
Yes, both has the same values, I will try to find another unused skill on my patch and try to change it, maybe its just how the power break Works. Ill post the results.

Edit 1: when I use no animations it will display only the first hit on the weapon strike.
Edit 2: I assume the problem is that every skill has a unchangeable animation, I tried with "plunder gil",  after copying every single atributes from "Divine Ruination" the animation still shows the little "dash" of steal skills, but this time there was no double damage display.
Edit 3: Works well with "shout", my problem is solve (kinda).

I'm editing the WoTL PAL iso, idk if that's the problem.

BTW do you mind telling me how the reaction skills work? If i set "Parry" as Innate and equip another skill that triggers with physical atacks, both will be calculed? 
I'm having some issues remaking skills, I'm trying to make a skill like Divine Ruination in the Rend Power slot, I checked everything that Divine Ruination have, still when my character cast the skill, the damage is dealt two times, first on the sword slash animation then after the skill animation, is it a known bug or I can't hard edit skills like that?

I'm looking to a simple patch that increases the random encounters difficulty and variety of enemies, (less monsters and more humans with a variety of classes), and also makes the main history fights harder, having the enemy's level and equips match my party level's.
I have tested some patches and all of them changes too much other mechanics, im looking for straight harder enemies. 

Sorry if this post isn't supposed to be here, just haven't found a better place to post it.

Thanks already and congratulations on this website, im a big fan of FFT and just recently found out that modding is possible.