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New Project Ideas / Re: FFT: Raison D'être
January 13, 2013, 01:50:15 am
Update: So, I totally messed up on my calculations involving random battles and included the Deep Dungeon by mistake. Random battles are 100% done now! I also included a Tonberry populated map! The only map to contain King Tonberry outside of the Deep Dungeon. =)
New Project Ideas / Re: FFT: Raison D'être
January 12, 2013, 12:01:13 am
Update: Okay folks, I've gotten over 50% done on random battles! Yay! Also, took some time to do some PR and made a video for everyone [on the original post]. Some notes though, because my computer sucks for recording - it does slow down a bit and the skill menus are a little glitched. Other than that, it works fine. =)

(Note: The game itself, while not being recorded, works perfectly.)
New Project Ideas / Re: FFT: Raison D'être
January 06, 2013, 02:13:48 pm
I wish I could, but I don't have the time, the knowledge base, or simply the knowledge to do any of that stuff ... so I'm focusing on doing things that haven't been done in a completed patch yet - adding fights that mimic player decisions or even trump them. Being able to see enemies with blade grasp, two swords, and move +3 on one unit coupled with Battle Skill and Punch Art or whatever. Chances are, I might comb back through the story battles with combinations I've specifically looked up on power-leveling threads/guides for FFT.

Like I'm fine giving away a hint of what I've done ... Miluda's second battle is really when you get a taste of what's to come. I've given her Holy Sword as a primary (mastered), and given her Mime level 8, so she's essentially unlocked every skill from every job. She also has more advanced items than you're given in stores. Algus is a bit worse, though without the aid of Holy Sword (since I've tried to keep it within the scope of the original story).
New Project Ideas / Re: FFT: Raison D'être
January 06, 2013, 12:47:01 pm
Making steady progress through the random battles - just got done with Barius Hill and added my first Tonberry to one of the random battles! Just like the unique enemy-only class, you'll only see Tonberries in Ch. 4. Other than that, I made a custom title screen for Raison D'être (seen up top)! :)
New Project Ideas / Re: FFT: Raison D'être
January 01, 2013, 02:13:18 pm
Sure, that's fine as long as I can receive it at a later time. :)
New Project Ideas / Re: FFT: Raison D'être
January 01, 2013, 01:33:05 pm
I'm officially putting Crossed Sword on hold for now and working on something a bit more practical ... as in, something that can be done and produced in a reasonable amount of time. As it stands right now, I do plan on returning to Crossed Swords, but at a later date. I still have all the files, texts, etc. saved for that patch. :)
New Project Ideas / FFT: Raison D'être
January 01, 2013, 12:40:13 pm

• Demo Video •

So here it is - this patch is designed to be a mixture between a balance patch and a challenging patch. It aims to keep as much of the spirit of Vanilla FFT while making it more challenging for those who've played it twenty, fifty, or even a hundred times over. Certain things we've come to expect from Vanilla FFT will remain the same, such as movements, accessories, etc, etc. However things such as speed growths, and running into boss-like enemies in the story that have player-combos in mind like having Move +3 or Counter Magic will also be common. If everything works out, the player will still be able to create silly combos of destruction, but the enemy will have it in equal measure.

Table of Contents

    • Already Made Changes

    • Planned Changes

    • Progress

Already Made Changes
∞ Story Battles ∞
• Scaled Story Battles to 2 levels per battle, meaning by the time you reach the Death City, the enemies are level 98-99.
• More use of the classes. You'll see Squires to Wizards in Ch. 1, Squires to Lancers in Ch. 2 & 3, and all classes in Ch. 4

∞ Random Battles ∞
• A lot more human enemies.
• At least one guest per random battle spot (out of possible 8-16 battle selections). Guests will start appearing in Ch. 2 or 3.
• Changed palettes specifically for random human enemies.
• Mini-bosses in Ch. 4

∞ Items ∞
• Palettes to 90% of the items have changed, to give a new fresh look to them.
• Nerfed Shields - highest PA is 40% (Escutcheon II) and highest MA is 40% (Aegis)
• Made all weapons and items available to the enemy, though rares will only be seen from levels 95-99.
• Chaos Blade is now at 28 WP and Javelin II is at 22 WP.
• Thief Hat & Secret Clothes have +1 speed instead of +2.
• Flame and Ice Shield are at equal power.

∞ Abilities ∞
• Made higher tier spells non-calculable.
• Set all action skills to 100% learn and rearranged skill lists for the enemy.
• Reduced Raise & Raise 2 to 25% and 50% respectfully.
• Reduced Demi & Demi 2 to 20% and 40%, and raised their accuracy a little.
• Reduced Life Drain to 20%.
• Added: Dead to Odin.
• Raised accuracy on Lich.
• Added MP Costs to Sword Skills.
• Lucavi status spells (like Chicken Race) now have a chance to miss.
• All percentage spells are dark elemental.
• Bad Breath now has the chance to inflict any negative status effect.
• Ice Breath can now inflict slow and Fire Breath can now inflict Stop, Don't Move, or Don't Act (Dragons only).
• Added Tonberry skills.
• Removed MP Switch, Blade Grasp, and Two Swords.
• Fairy now heals MP (MA*2)

∞ Jobs ∞
• Every human unit is put into three categories; light, medium, or heavy. This determines final speed (10 speed by level 99 is heavy while 12 speed by level 99 is light).

  • Heavy: Knight, Samurai, Summoner

  • Medium: Lancer, Time Mage, Wizard, Squire, Geomancer, Priest, Monk, Calculator, Mediator, Chemist, Bard, Ninja, Dancer

  • Light: Thief, Archer, Oracle

• Gained JP-Up is removed and becomes innate for all.
• Job Level requirements redone.

  • Level 2: 350 JP

  • Level 3: 700 JP

  • Level 4: 1,050 JP

  • Level 5: 1,400 JP

  • Level 6: 1,750 JP

  • Level 7: 2,100 JP

  • Level 8: 9,999 JP

• Dragons are made more deadly.
• This one, people will probably hate me for - Ramza's job has changed to a Sword Knight. (Note: If you can suggest a better job without it being a version of an Ubersquire, I'm all ears.)

  • Ramza's New Action List

  • Statis Sword: 12 MP, Ch. 1

  • Split Punch: 14 MP, Ch. 1

  • Crush Punch: 14 MP, Ch. 1

  • Wish: Ch. 1

  • Heaven's Grace: 12 MP, Heals HP (PA*3) MP (PA*3/2), Ch. 1

  • Accumulate: Ch. 1 (Might remove)

  • Knight's Guard: 12 MP, Adds Protect & Shell, Ch. 2 & 3

  • Shellburst Stab: 12 MP, Ch. 2 & 3

  • Crescent Blade: 16 MP, Damage + Inflict Stop, Don't Move, or Don't Act, Ch. 4

  • Hellcry Punch: 14 MP, Ch. 4

  • Ultima: Unchanged, Ch. 4, Learned

• Added Tonberries.
• Added two special classes (secret!).

∞ ASM ∞
Regain 10% MP per turn (testing)
• Good/Bad compact is +/- 6.25% and Best/Worst compact is +/- 12.5%
• Undead Revive with Max HP
• Random unit equipment is more selective (you'll see less of knights with linen robes in Ch. 2)
• Require Materia Blade -> Require Sword (not Knight Sword).
• Jump bonus applied to only spears.
• JP Scroll glitch fix v1.2
• Special characters can do propositions (testing)
• Mighty Sword has 60% chance to break equipment, does normal damage otherwise.
%HP formulas use Min(999,MaxHP)
• Solider Office can rename any unit (Testing)
• Undead receive 25% max HP damage from Phoenix Down
• Removal of permanent Faith/Brave alteration
• Global C-Ev
• Auto Potion ignores Potions & X-Potions

∞ Sprites ∞
• Changed 2nd palette (for random battles) to black (some red).

Planned Changes
∞ Story Battles ∞
• None at the moment.

∞ Random Battles ∞
• Large edit to Deep Dungeon.

∞ Items ∞
• None at the moment.

∞ Abilities ∞
• A look over monster abilities.

∞ Jobs ∞
• Add two unique jobs (a secret!) specifically for Deep Dungeon use.
• Improve Morbol monsters.
• Improve Behemoth monsters.
• Continue to tweak enemy-only classes.

∞ ASM ∞

∞ Sprites ∞
• Replace Calculator Sprite with Custom Enchanter Sprite.

Story: 78.8%
Random Battles: 100%

  • Fovoham Plains

  • Sweegy Woods

  • Zeklaus Desert

  • Lenalia Plateau

  • Mandalia Plains

  • Araguary Woods

  • Zirekile Falls

  • Barius Hill

  • Zigolis Swamp

  • Barius Valley

  • Grog Hill

  • Yuguo Woods

  • Doguola Pass

  • Finath River

  • Bed Desert

  • Germina Peak

  • Poeskas Lake

  • Dolbodar Swamp

  • Bevernia Volcano

Deep Dungeon Battles: 0%

  • N/A

Items: 100%
Abilities: 80%
Jobs: 80%
ASM: 90%

History Log
Janurary 1st, 2013: Original post made with current progress.
Janurary 1st, 2013: Edited Random Battles progress.
Janurary 3rd, 2013: Edited Job & Ability progress.
Janurary 4th, 2013: Custom Title Screen.
Janurary 13th, 2013: Random battles completed! Updated ability changes and started re-combing story battles.
Well, it'd be very much appreciated. Until this can be applied, I've removed Blade Grasp and MP Switch from the skillsets.
Clips from FFH Chat;

Quote12:04   Lydyn: While my mind is on ASM ... is there a way to keep the "old" blade grasp while nerfing the player version? I know somehow hacked the black support above Short Charge. Maybe copy/paste blade grasp (not sure if that's, that easy) onto it and then use ASM to nerf the default one?
12:04   Lydyn: someone*
12:05   fdc: Well, yeah, you can do that, but wouldn't someone notice?
12:05   fdc: I think an "easier" solution is to have it so immortal flagged units
12:05   fdc: get the boosted version
12:06   fdc: easier in the sense there's less assembly involved

Quote12:13   Lydyn: Regardless... would it be easy to ASM the immortal flag for multiple boosts? Like giving them the original blade grasp (while player can only guard against bladed weapons), original MP switch (while player takes spillover damage to HP), etc?
12:13   fdc: Yeah
12:13   fdc: just has to be done separately
12:13   fdc: but the check is the same either way.
12:13   Lydyn: So seperate ASM, but it'd result in the same thing?
12:14   fdc: Separate added ASM checks
12:14   fdc: one for each abilty in question
12:14   fdc: *ability
12:14   fdc: but conceptually not hard

The Request: So basically, I was hoping to catch someone's interest and request that when the immortal flag is checked in ENTD that it 'boosts' two skills, changing them from the modified version back to it's default vanilla version.
Modified MP Switch: Any excess damage from MP Switch no longer goes to waste. It will damage the target's HP if there is any excess.
EX: Attacker deals 150 damage, Defender has 50 MP. The Defender would lose 50 MP (all of it) then receive 100 Damage.
Modified Blade Grasp: Blade Grasp now blocks all sharp weapons (except axes and flails). Sharp weapons being anything with an edge, like swords, katanas, spears, etc. but no arrows/bullets.

So an example would be, I give an enemy Blade Grasp in the ENTD part of the patcher, so it blocks all sharp weapons (except axes and flails) until I check the immortal flag - now the enemy's Blade Grasp blocks all physical attacks like it did in the vanilla version of the game.
Okay, cool, but how do I get it for my own patch?

Edit: Decided against it due to the nature of my patch. Closed.
I would've sworn there was an ASM floating around that made it so you only earned one level per battle... but I've been searching for hours and haven't found it. If it hasn't been made at all, how hard would it be to do and would someone be willing to do it? I'll definitely be using it, but it's more or less for a personal patch I've been playing around with. Though I've been debating of releasing it once I have everything edited just in case someone else wants to mess around with it too.  :P
The Lounge / Re: CW Cheat, Custom Fireware, and PSP!
August 23, 2012, 12:37:18 pm
I really appreciate it. I got a bit lost. I had done it once, but someone stole my memory stick (found a way to do it without that pandora battery).
The Lounge / CW Cheat, Custom Fireware, and PSP!
August 19, 2012, 08:48:02 pm
I've been searching for hours on how to do any of this and the furthest I've gotten is that you need custom firmware to use both CW Cheat and the PSP ISO ... does anyone have any accurate information on the step-by-step process starting from 6.20 Firmware on the PSP 3000 (Slim) all the way to installing and running CW Cheat and PSP ISOs? Thanks.
Spriting / Re: Crossed Swords - Female Warrior Sprite
August 15, 2012, 01:47:19 pm
Quote from: Twinees on August 15, 2012, 04:03:03 am
I'm really sick, give me a break :P
There its all done.

What are you going to do portrait-wise?

Hey! =D I wasn't try to rush you or anything, I figured you were busy. =P I really appreciate it though. As for the portrait... uh... modified Miluda's portrait? I've never done a portrait before. I'll give it a go though!
Spriting / Re: Crossed Swords - Female Warrior Sprite
August 15, 2012, 12:02:57 am
It's in something like EVTRH or... whatever. I'm not sure the exact spelling.
Spriting / Re: Crossed Swords - Female Warrior Sprite
August 14, 2012, 02:16:59 pm
Oh cool! He did.. some of it, but not the entire sheet. Mostly just the attacking animations. Also, I believe the panels to the lower right (with her attacking) actually need the head. Like the one in Miluda's sprite sheet? I can do that though, or try anyways. I'm just not sure what to do with the rest of the animations - like when she gets damaged or knelling. Twins didn't do those and I'm just not good enough. Maybe I'll have to scrap it ... =/
Well, I don't have scythes and I've gotten rid of brave/faith altering all together as well. Otherwise it's an interesting idea, but we'll see. If it's anything, it'll be enemy-only.
Sure, go right ahead. ^^
Bracers of Timeflow? You get those in Chapter 2 ... and some of the advanced classes are likely to have access to a stop-adding ability. If anything, it works for enemies vs. Agrias' Heavenly Vortex. What I'll probably try and do is design at least one battle near the time you get those accessories that you would find it useful. I've yet to mess with the advanced classes though - probably Illusionist or Enchanter will be able to Stop.
I don't want to use the class as anything, is mainly why ... it'd throw the entire set-up into chaos, especially with those suggested abilities, I'm sorry to say. If I made a Freelancer class with those abilities, it'd definitely be one of the better classes and without an element? Also, no class is being given the ability to equip all weapons. My question to you is, why are you focused on trying to salvage the class? There's already 15 classes to choose from.

As for the armors, they're as finalized as far as I know ... I can't think of anything else to do with them. I'm avoiding any +Speed, +PA, +MA, +Move, +Jump from any item as to keep the classes balanced and fit as they are now. Those shields don't block earth (there's nothing listed in special), they just have those names because only earth-element classes can use them (warrior and knight). If anyone has any ideas for the shields or armors, let me know ... but I'm also trying to limit initial: [status] and too many immunities.