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PSX FFT Hacking / Stat Growth Idea
January 31, 2010, 08:52:34 pm
If you've paid any attention to the 1.3 forum lately, you'd have noticed the annoying Growths debate. This relates to that for FFT in general.

Now, while I was trying to make fun of the no-growth people, I thought of an idea that makes more sense.

Let's say you start the game with a character who has stats of something such as 39 HP, 19 MP, 7 PA, 4 MA, and 6 SP. Generics, on the other hand have 37 HP, 17 MP, 6 PA, 5 MA for Male, and 33 HP, 21 MP, 5 PA, and 6 MA for Female. I know this is usually accomplished through multipliers. The problem is, it's hard to make a character come into the game at Lvl1 to have those stats with 100 Growths in all areas, unless you change that with something like FFTastic. Also, even multipliers is how I plan on making this idea unique.

My idea is this. Generic units all start out with their base HP, MP, PA, MA, and SP values for Male and Female. Special characters have slight variations on those starting values, if they were to be level 1. They should have some physical differences, seeing as they are special, not a random generic.
On top of this, when a character changes class, they don't change their Stats. This means multipliers for all jobs are the same. So if they don't have different multipliers, then what makes them different? you say. They have growths according to their uses as a class. Let's say Knight is it's base Vanilla class with no Ruins. This is a class that is heavily close range combat, and doesn't use magic. As a result, it gets no MA growth, and very little(if any at all) MP growth, and it's Speed growth doesn't excel because it's weighed down with heavy armor. A Geomancer, on the other hand, uses it's magical abilities AND physical abilities. Since it can equip Axes, it must be pretty strong. It's PA grows at a nice rate, but it doesn't focus on it's close range, so it gets decent HP growth. Since it uses magic, it'll get a nice MA growth and pretty good MP growth, and it's SP growth won't be lowered. You can guess that a thief or Ninja will grow it's speed much faster, with less on it's PA and MA, while a Mage gets standard speed growth, and more MP/MA, less PA/HP depending on how active it is in using those stats.

Here's some examples for classes.
Time Mage: HP G 16/MP G 11/PA G 70/MA G 45/SP G 100
Ninja:         HP G 13/MP G  0/PA G 44/MA G 90/SP G 80
Samurai:     HP G 10/MP G 15/PA G 40/MA G 43/SP G 103
Wizard:       HP G 20/MP G 9/ PA G 80/MA G 37/SP G 100
Priest:        HP G 14/MP G 11/PA G 75/MA G 42/SP G 95
Lancer:      HP G   9/MP G  0/PA G 37/MA G   0/SP G 98
Mime:         How the hell should I know? What does a mime specialize in/not specialize in?

These are just some ideas.

The point of this is to not only make what jobs you pick strategic for abilities, but how you grow your character to be strategic as well. It doesn't make much sense that if I were to be relatively smart, and become a teacher, but decide to be a lumberjack and instantly get dumber because of what I do. Instead, my knowledge would grow faster, being a teacher, than as being a lumberjack, and conversely I'd get stronger being a lumberjack a ton of a lot faster than if I was a teacher.

I figure this would be a better place to bring up this idea than new projects, as I haven't even gotten started on this yet and have nothing to show.
Any criticism and other ideas would be appreciated(especially for the Mime), as I eventually want to do this as a project in the time to come. I might even decide to incorporate new jobs and stuff with this idea, and make something more of it than just a personal lolpatch thing.

tl;dr Summary: Make class changes not affect initial stats, but heavily impact stat growth through constant multipliers. Changing jobs shouldn't change a person's abilities, but using that class should change what they grow in and how fast. Suggestions appreciated. This will eventually be a serious project, but there's nothing to show as of yet.
Help! / Wind element balancing issue.
May 25, 2009, 01:51:54 pm
Ok, I'm trying to add wind elemental damage to Silf.

Problem is, all humans are extremely weak against wind, while most monsters are neutral to it. This is a problem since I can't figure out how to balance Silf so that it's normally as strong as Shiva or Ifrit, but doesn't 1HKO all human chars. I mean, it deals around 150 with 8MA*20..

Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks.
Archives / Heya
November 23, 2008, 10:02:31 pm
Hey everybody  :)