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Old Project Ideas / FFT: kind of
July 08, 2011, 02:28:51 am
Since most patches are moving too far afield of the original FFT, I proposed an idea for a patch in channel that is a very basic overhaul of FFT that only really includes the most essential fixes, balances and changes. Part of this idea is embracing the flaws of the game and not doing anything drastic like ripping out the calculator and shoving something else in. The goal is to make a slightly improved, but harder and more balanced game. Basically what 1.3 was supposed to be when it was first conceived. This thread is for discussing what the best, most essential changes, fixes and balances to the game would be without changing it too radically. My current list:

My list of important stuff:

Blade Grasp only vs blades
Text error correction
JP Scroll Glitch fix
Best Fit Glitch fix   
Global C.ev
25% PD undead
Weapon Guard innate all
Oil Fix
Broken equip buyback (if possible)
Controllable guests
Better br & fa for starting generics
Consolidated move-find (always get 1 item)
Enemy equips set or random (no "nothings")
Swordskill changes (MP/evadable)
Drain/%-based attack change (less damage to lucavi)
Charge skillset PA*WP+Y and MA*WP+Y (same sort of thing)?
More enemy unit variety (fewer battles made up of Wizards, Knights and Archers)
No perm br and fa changes
Special characters can do propositions
Mighty Sword hits monsters?
Death sentence ignores cancel: dead
Soldier office rename any unit
Formulas that use (MA+X)% become (MA*2+X)%? (MA is more important for status effect success)
Secret hunt not required for fur shop
party level cloud
Regen/Poison change (capped)
Party level story enemies
Gear scaled to story (Glain's ASM) (These last 2 are for added difficulty)
Remove Degenerators - FFMaster
Malak Formula Fix - FFMaster
Engineer learns equip gun
Swordskillers learn equip sword
AI cant learn skills that it can't use
Perhaps allow for Elemental to be evaded
Perhaps make Summon Magic do slightly less damage, but let it keep smart-targeting and instead boost other Faith-based magic.
Either completely kill Golem or let it add Protect.
If Knight gets ranged breaks, then it should be the stat breaks ala 1.3.
Knight's equipment breaks should become more likely hit, but should NOT become unable to be dodged.
Thief's equipment steals should become unavoidable.
Lessen the amount spells that Math Skill has access to.
Kill the CT Parameter.
Give Calculators better stats or, at least, close-to-average speed.
Make Speed Break/Speed Ruin add Slow or -20 CT if possible.
Make Speed Save add +CT rather than +Speed.
Kill all other speed-stat increasing or decreasing abilities like Cheer Song, Slow Dance and Ramza's Scream.
Kill Hamedo (turn Hamedo into firststrike?).
Separate MP switch and Move mp by gender
Cap WP for all weapons at 20.
Give Cloths less W-EV.
Give Aegis Shield less M-EV so it doesn't single-handedly shut down Magic with Abandon.
Strengthen weak weapon (types) that aren't Bags, specially (Long)Bows, Staves and maybe Rods.
Weaken all gender-exclusive equipment.
Make Knightswords and Katana's damage formula PA*WP.
Change or kill Level Blast and Please Eat. (Heh. Completely forgot about Please Eat.)
Fix AI flags on some skills

As for PA/MA/SP - Xifanie has a hack that buffs Maintenance to block breaks on these and puts an upper/lower cap on how much they can be boosted or broken.  For something meant to embrace vanilla's faults while making them less outright dumb, this seems perfect here - you can keep Accumulate, Yell, Speed Break, etc. in all their vanilla deliciousness while removing the cheesier strategies most of them created in one masterful stroke.

More dubious stuff:

100% knockback throw stone
Ranged knight breaks OR unevadable
Lower range Lancer jumps
Limited calc skillset
Nerfed Orlandu
Making a patch is probably not going to be a great deal of fun, especially if you want to create a new story and a new world. Here is where most patch ideas go wrong:

1) You have an elaborate fantasy world with a great story and a million characters. Who cares. Your lore isn't going to get a game made. 99% of making this world happen is event editing and other mindless drudgery. Can you edit events and are you willing to? Does your patch need ASM hacks and who is going to supply them? These are the relevant questions and until you can answer them, kindly keep your elf story to yourself.

2) Your idea is probably too big. I've said this before, but a lot of people around here don't seem to have much of a frame of reference outside of huge, bloated JRPGS. When the time comes to make a patch, people want to make something as large in scope as a normal JRPG because they don't have faith in the elegance of shorter stories or don't have the requisite experience with storytelling in other forms to realise that short, succinct stories can be better and more worthwhile than huge, bloated epics. Most people are not good writers, but many people want to make a game or a patch. Think small. Learn the art of being concise and removing elements from your story that are beloved but unnecessary.

Common counter arguments:

1) I'm working alone. Cut me some slack.
A: Working alone is only a big deal if your idea is beyond the capability of one person. You may love the idea you are working on, but it might not be a project you can complete. There will be other, smaller ideas that you love.

2) I'm doing it for fun.
A: I find it hard to believe people enjoy working on unfinishable projects. If you're throwing work at a project, that is work you are intending to drive the project towards completion. That is what you want. Don't then try to cop out of this by insinuating that finishing is optional. You want to finish, admit it. Then admit that your project is beyond your means.

3) Real life gets in the way.
A: It invariably does when you take on a project that requires 5 straight years of your life.

This is an article written by the creator of Spelunky about finishing games. Everyone needs to read it: http://makegames.tumblr.com/post/1136623767/finishing-a-game

"Writing your idea down is not starting the damn game. Writing a design document is not starting the damn game. Assembling a team is not starting the damn game. Even doing graphics or music is not starting the damn game. It's easy to confuse "preparing to start the damn game" with "starting the damn game". Just remember: a damn game can be played, and if you have not created something that can be played, it's not a damn game!"
Spam / The saddest thread
August 04, 2010, 01:54:16 pm

Quote from: "Voldemort"Hi all, I am a newcomer to this forum but FFT rules my spare time, I was raised with this game and love it to death.

I recently got nostalgic and got FFTA (the GBA version) to have some fun. Ended up running an Archer SSCC and put the videos on Youtube. I plan to make FFT Challenge videos there as well.

The most recent videos have commentary instead of music. The most recent video can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgC3J_hHZwY&fmt=6

If you are familiar with the game or just want to check the challenge out, all the videos can be found at:


Thanks guys.


Quote from: "Voldemort2"^ yeah ok

I spoke to Zodiac, I told him that I'm not coming back

later guys

enjoy 1.3

 :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:
The problem: Spriting is hard. Some people have the attention span to make an entire spritesheet but don't have the technical knowledge to make a sprite properly. A feeble attempt will taint an entire sheet. Other people can sprite well but aren't in the business of doing whole sheets. Neither of these people necessarily know how to make it work in game and no-one out of all 3 groups necessarily know how to make a portrait. My idea is to turn spriting into a mechanical process using all 4 people. No one person will have to do much work outside their competency and hopefully, not much work period.

Designer: Should be the person with the most solid technical knowledge on making a sprite look good. Designs the sprite alone or with input and creates the first 8 views. People ought to put the designer's work under high scrutiny and hold them to a very, very tough standard.

Assembler: Uses the designer's solid starting point to fill out the rest of the spritesheet. Tries not to piss off the closer too much.

Closer: Checks the sprite to make sure it works in-game and may be responsible for realigning or tweaking certain parts of the sheet so that it runs properly. Major fuckups (like an unusable palette), may have to be referred back to the Designer or Assembler.

Profiler: Does the portrait.

Bear in mind, no individual has to be assigned a life-long job in one of these groups. I just think this would be a fast way to get decent sprites out. It is also an opt-in proposal. People can still run their own spriting projects if they like. It is for this reason that people shouldn't hold back on the designer. It's your choice to put yourself up for this role so know your shit.
Bugs and Suggestions / PM attachments
August 31, 2009, 09:38:13 pm
They don't work. Please fix.
Spam / Callout #2: Kokojo: intolerant psychiatrist.
June 07, 2009, 01:24:42 am
Hey everybody. Welcome to my second callout thread entitled "Why can't we all just get along," starring Kokojo.

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<Tiger> Lasting dawn told me that kokojo but what is he basing himself in?
<Kokojo> the psychoanalysis I did of him and some people in the channel, and a lot of people on Newgrounds.

You could really let this speak for itself. A homophobic psychiatrist who cut his teeth at Newgrounds. I hope he has a big green tent over there like father mulcahy from M.A.S.H and when people get down from the endless stream of raccoons that need to be fired out of cannons and badgers to be beaten to death by big toy hammers, they can walk over and jam with him for a while.

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Spam / Browser games thread
May 11, 2009, 07:05:17 am
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Spam / What do you guys think of me...
April 30, 2009, 12:36:41 am
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Spriting / Random concept sprites
April 21, 2009, 03:56:05 am
Some stuff of mine

Several patches need new sprites and I propose everyone pitch in and make concept sprites like these from one or two angles. They don't take long at all (cut/copy and paste are your friends) and we could churn out huge numbers of them in no time.

Also looking for suggestions on what type of body should go with my mini behemoth head. Orlandu is just a placeholder.
Spam / Kethis
February 04, 2009, 11:58:23 pm
Is an exciting addition to the field of cognitive studies:

QuoteAn autoit script that hits a series of buttons in an infinite loop I personally do not consider cheating (in so long as you were the one who made the script). It is a completely mindless task that requires no mental capacity of any sort. An autoit script that is environmentally aware, such as entering a command dependent upon who's turn it is, is a form of virtual intelligence (VI), however timidly, and that is cheating. You are delegating the cognitive process, not the manual implementation, at that point.

Because entering a command depending on whose turn it is cannot possibly be formalised! Take that philosophy! I have successfully determined where mindless automation ends and intelligence begins!

He maybe be loquacious. Some may even say.....grandiloquent, but he has the utmost respect for your microcosm!
Quote...instead of attacking something that conflicts with their microcosm

Could say "forced" if he wanted to, but it just feels too synthetic
QuoteSo I abandoned the notion of limiting myself, and just speak naturally. Im sorry if some of you feel that it is synthetic

It's ok. The greats are behind him!
Quote"I am sorry to have wearied you with so long a letter but I did not have time to write you a short one" Blaise Pascal

You just can not make this shit up
QuoteIf a concept is universal, then can it said to be relevant to any individual, or is it merely an aspect of the environment? If we are all cheaters, then can that quality still be said to be distinctive to the players, or can it be abstracted away as a quality of the game? Is gravity a property of each baryon, or is it just the way that the universe is?

Quote"Kethis is a fucking faggot"- Blaise Pascal

His self-important verbosity isn't actually due to arrogance, it's merely to avoid the drudgery of being like other people.
QuoteAnd I don't come across as arrogant intentionally. I actually try to be humble, but without limiting myself to normality.

Kethis can we hear about your pontification for a moment?
QuoteMy pontification is exactingly specific

Ah. You see, I would have said it was specifically exacting.

If you'll remember, kethis is an enemy of normality but thankfully, due to his charitable nature, you can be too!
QuoteLots of people cant understand me when I speak without reservation. I encourage all of them to take steps to fix that, and will offer my aid in that regard.

This is where we can help each other. Everyone understands what you're saying, they just take issue with you deliberately obscuring your speech with pompous verbosity. But as we all know, it's only because of your humble desire to not be normal. "super-humbility" I call it.

QuoteIt is self obviating that personal communication outside of the explicit intent and context of a forum is a healthy component of its community

oooooh. A rare misstep. Better look up the word "obviating". But hey, you used it correctly for all I know because this sentence doesn't make a lick of sense. You could have said "communicating with each other outside of the forums is healthy for the community". Of course only I would put it that way, being a plebian drone.

QuoteI have copies of these letters, for I found means, during my residence in the hovel, to procure the implements of writing; and the letters were often in the hands of Felix or Agatha. Before I depart I will give them to you; they will prove the truth of my tale; but at present, as the sun is already far declined, I shall only have time to repeat the substance of them to you. Those who continue to see something negative or harmful in what I do are foolish in the extreme. They insist that I play by their rules simply because they chose those rules for themselves. I hold no expectation, have no condition, and impose no restrictions on what others can do (save harm others), and will not respond favorably to anyone who thinks that they know better then me what I should do. And those misguided few who think that it is their domain to choose what to /permit/ me to do (the difference here being that the fancy themselves having administrative control over me) will often be met with open hostility.
Spam / should jacob be banned?
January 05, 2009, 11:32:18 pm
pedo furry
PSX FFT Hacking / Minor Contribution!
July 04, 2008, 12:48:32 am
This might be a small help to people deciding on what effects they would like to use for new skills.

Most spells that only target 1 panel use effects that do not work properly when you try to set them to affect multiple panels. Usually what will happen is that the spell effect will show up for only one target, with damage numbers and/or status added, but no effect/damage/status added will show up for the other targets. They will still take the damage and status, you just won't see it unless you check them afterwards.

No, I have not fixed this.

All I did was make a note of the one-panel spell effects that WILL support being cast on multiple panels. The effect will repeat on all targets in the AOE and correctly show damage/status added. Some of these will not be surprising since they support being Math Skilled anyway:

-All 1-panel White Magic
-All 1-panel Black Magic
-All 1-panel Yin-Yang Magic
-Reflect, but not Quick

Now for some of the more interesting ones:

-All Mighty Sword skills
-Crush Punch
-Dark Sword and Night Sword
-Snake Carrier
-Magic Barrier
-Deathspell 2
-Shake Off
-Tail Swing
-White Talk Skill (very slow)

Split Punch will only show the spell effect for one target but will show damage numbers and status added for all targets. Same for Dark Holy and Climhazzard

The are possibly more to find.