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January 17, 2021, 04:26:41 am


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Quote from: Suco Quente on January 05, 2021, 07:30:33 pmI started playing this mod on new years eve, and have had a great time exploring this revisited classic. I thought it would be nice to share my experience so far.

INB4, I've never been a fan of hardmodes, those kind of mods looks time-consuming, stress-fueled and always failed me. Challenge must be on a strategic level, and the overall mechanics must not be exploitable to favor any sides, or give at least a slight advantage to the player, instead of some absurd difficulty spikes. Up to mid-chapter 3, Valeria 2.2 delivers an amazing experience, until I decided to grind for some abilities, oh boy, I fucked up trying to have Ramza master Samurai hahah

By grinding some, Ramza, Agrias and Mustadio and two generics got to level 30ish, below 35 for sure, but enough to bring me ruin from there on. The spike difficulty came to Luso's Zeklaus Desert battle. Dude, those Behemoths hit HARD. From there on I've had to save-scum every battle in order to achieve success and not frustrate myself by playing it. Riovanes Castle give some trouble also, Wiegraf wasn't as fear-inducing as he once was in vanilla all those years ago, but Belias and his gargoyles were a bigger threat, they nuked my more fragile members, while giving me less time to react.

So, after some insuccesses, I gave the documentation another good read, and by "exploiting" mediators Weaken, brought my whole team (even those who were far underleved) to level 20ish, Belias suddenly wasn't a threat anymore. But oh man how naive I was to forget about Marquis battle on the roof. Oof, he beat me hard, his Iaidos wipe Rapha in sometimes one to three hits, not considering the Ultima-nukers, insta-killing assassins, charming maids Elmdores assistants in the equation.

I just beat Fort Besselat, opening the hatches in game shows no respect to the astounding picture showed just after the battle. From Riovanes til now, save-scumming slowly became a win condition, and frustation started to hit me. Weaken abuse in order to keep every party member at level 25~ could not bring back fair fight (Meliadoul nukes hard) by itself, so spamming stop/stall became a rule to get me some good prizes (Worker 7 and his fear-inducing Hydras). Well, unfortunately I've lost some interest, even though I really would like to push it a bit further, up to Igros castle showdown, even finish the game without looting Midlight's Deep.

So, wrapping it up, my major complaints are:
- Difficulty progression. Getting some levels over the threshold punishes the player. As you've stated in documentation, balance here is a hard thing to achieve, but I hope that it may be achieved by tweaking other aspects of the game.

- Character progression. 700 to 1000 JP prices are far too expensive and will require grind, or else the player sacrifice some good spells along the way in order to get those higher JP costs abilities.

- Encourage player to get to the latter chapters more quickly without making the game easier. I really don't know how to approach this, but the more appealing characters with exclusive jobs (Bewoulf and Reis are AMAZING, Cloud really functions with CT reduced limits, even without Swiftness) are locked by the own game story. And by then, try to get some abilities for them forces the player to Weaken abuse once again.

Well, not all my thoughts about this amazing hack are cries over my inaptitude to plan accordingly, with mechanics in mind and everything else that is required to press onward. I really feel that a true fan of FFT did some great changes: Knights new kit, Archers as great debuffers, major balance over every class, removing the most broken dual-wielding combos, calculators being the most broken class final fantasy franchise has ever witnessed. Needed buffs were applied and giving purpose to needless and/or overshadowed items, well, about every touched mechanic is a good revamp to the vanilla formula, breathing more life to this game. You deserve every praise for your hard work. Really, you slapped some happy smiles on me, a rather vanilla player who was thisty for a good FFT mod.

Disclaimer: Sorry for the long post, and so sorry if something is ambiguous or hard to read, I'm not an english native-speaker and have been in touch with the language mainly through games.

Thank you for sharing your feedback. I understand that Luso's fight is one of highest difficulty jump and I used to have similar cases with some battles in vanilla like saving Agrias and Rapha. Dealing with NPC is always tricky.

At first release I thought using high speed Ninja job to cast Shell/Wall/Reflect on Luso will do but people still struggle a lot about it so I changed Luso's weapon to Defender with innate Shell to help with Gigaflare nerf.

Still, it's not proper way to make everyone enjoy this so I changed Gigaflare to have self range in developing 2.3 and believe this should address difficulty spike so far. It was close to completion but I have to visit my parents before releasing so I'll release it when I get back.

Wiegraf fight wasn't that hard to me during testing run but it's probably because I play with no grind run so it's around the same level as I play before so no difficulty spike on my part. Maybe it'll be harder on higher levels with limited gear which is one thing I feared about level scaling.

About Gargoyles part, I usually use one faster attacker to bait Gargoyles with Ramza spamming attack. Ninja with Equip Heavy Armor and Geomancer/Samurai with Blood Sword can work to sustain longer. Then spam Holy damage on Belias. You don't need to kill Gargoyles.

However, I also added Weaken so you can exploit weakening Ramza to nerf enemies level. This can reduce difficulty to make tough fights easier and you can grind him back later. I'm never a fan of over grind so players who prefer high level can adapt play style as you see fit.

Valeria 2 is the most ambitious update taking many aspects to realize my vision so it took so god damn long time to release 2.0 despite not having everything implemented. 2.3 Will cover remaining parts of Samurai job that you love so much with elemental attribute and some adjustments.

Getting level scaling done right for both no grind and over grind is impossible due to gear limitations. I put my best effort to change all equipment attributes for this feature that I one day hope to realzie and trust me this is a lot realistic and reasonable compared to others.

As for high JP cost spells, that's what you should plan on making party from beginning and special characters that join will have jobs unlocked to reduce grinding a bit. In my run I always plan about what these units plan to do in the end and make use of JP Boost during early stage for JP farming.

Once I can get good core abilities, I stopped using JP grind and enjoy the game with support skill that can help. I also have a run with Ramza as Samurai and duel fight can manage with Blood Sword with some support like White Magicks/Items/Auto Potion/Counter.

You can't expect 1500JP to be easily obtained like 500JP as that will break game balance. That's not possible unless I can somehow add job level requirements on skill. I also tried reducing JP cost but then player will abuse it and cheese content. Maybe I can rework strong summon with lower damage and add debuff with lower JP if you agree.

Anyway, there's a lot of exploits to learn high cost spells without JP farming. I sometimes learned higher tier spells from enemies and also cast on allies to teach each other too. You can grind generic through errands and crystalize them to learn or use confuse on them to cast spell on you to learn also.

Despite the options you can choose, please keep in mind that high level scaling isn't what the game was designed for and every high level scaling challenges will need strategies and plans for adjustments to play properly. With right abilities and team setup, you can make it and my is the most compromise one among them.

As for unique characters in chapter 4, It's not like I never considered it but they're really good with great items that come with too. Trying to make them join earlier with some hacks will result losing some items and make content with them too easy.

Maybe your first run isn't smooth enough but you can plan and try to learn new mechanics better and enjoy the second, third, or forth in future like when 2.3 comes out with changes that should work with you better.

To be honest, I'm still waiting for more feedback about the game so that I can see where other players see in different aspects. Level scaling is one thing I always feel it's not 100% done despite all the effort I prepared for years before implementing. But workaround I prepared should give some rooms and glad to see you used that. :)

P.S. I'm also vanilla fan trying a few mods and felt like they are not FFT I remembered and decided to make no grind run mod since I love FFT but hate grinding. I didn't expect simple no grind mod to progress this far lol.
Quote from: darkskyx on November 21, 2020, 08:47:10 pmThanks for your response. I can understand your changes, you did a good job in general, but I don't find interesing or fun the overall ideas of your project. I find other mods better at improving difficulty while maintaining a nice variety of strategies. I just had to say what I don't like at all about your project. I feel like I'm playing the way the hackmodder wants me to play, and I don't like that. Don't think that I don't like hard challenges or strategical planning, it's just a fact that you nerfed powercreeping on purpose because you don't like it. And it's fine, all kinds of mods should be out there. But I prefer the idea of nerfing and not just disable strategies. Have a nice day.

It's more like you have X play style and this mod doesn't allow you to play it the way you want to. That's fine. Just fine something else to enjoy. This mod doesn't have specific strategies to beat the game and many cleared it before. I only nerf power creep strategy for veterans who can appreciate the game as it should be. Powercreep is not strategy in my book sorry.
Help! / Re: How do I start with modhacking?
November 21, 2020, 07:42:45 am
Rather than add Crossbow on Thief, shouldn't you use Rquip Crossbow instead? There's a good reason why Thief doesn't have Crossbow. If you really want one, just use support skill to equip it.
Quote from: darkskyx on November 21, 2020, 03:06:21 amI spent 1 day playing this mod, I left it because it feels unbalanced and I want to share my experience:
From this mod I like the fact that that some units get free basic skills once you get them, less grinding is good. I like the fact that I can unlock geomancer early on (but that job stills feed underpowered to me). I like the black mage changes, they feel more balanced... But the mod is not on point. The heal changes are that bad that I got somehow stuck in a mission, and leveling up didn't make it better. It felt like a hard mode... Which is, because enemies level up as you are.

The most I hate from this mod are the heal changes, the white mage feels useless AF. If I have a white mage I want him/her to heal... Sometimes pots are not enough, you heal so low and even the heal misses. It would be good to (at least) make that basic cure on 1 unit not miss and don't add that "regen" thing. Just a heal for the early game.
I also dislike the remove Brave/faith manipulation thing. That's a good way to slowly increase yourself in the later stages. I'd prefer if it was nerfed to just 1 point but it should be still there. And well, let's now recap:

Basically, in the early game, your mod feels hard and fast, so I need to find the OP strats behind your changes, and the mod isn't fun that way. I feel like I'm against the clock, and the problem is the heal after all... I can't make use of Regen if I have 50 HP and enemies 2hit KO me. I'd fix that, and some buff on Geomancer damage wouldn't be that bad too ;)

P.S: You should get some ideas from the FFT Emergence mod, where the skills and the jobs are re-balanced, so some units won or losses skills.

Thank you for your feedback. It seems this mod isn't suitable for you because you seem to enjoy instant pacing type for fun factor rather than slow pacing with strategic planning. Revamping cure spells has been done for years and it works as intended.

Even First Aid which is actually self regen without HP can also work for Novice. Maybe you can observe how enemies play like casting First Aid/Cure and run away. Game is hard because enemies utilize changes I made better than you.

Also, you shouldn't rely on Cure that much in chapter 1. Potion should be more effective at first and it'll lose its usefulness over time while Cure spells will become more effective later with multi-target and higher percentage on higher HP.

Geomancer is actually very good for DPS after Ninja and Samurai. He can use magic efficiently and can equip sword to hit hard too. On top of that, he can equip stats boosting items in later chapters and his Geomancy deals more damage. I also use Geomancer as reliable tank with innate Lifefont + Regen casting Protection and become berserker instead.

I already offer so many options to choose and it seems you didn't even progress to unlock Summoner that can heal with fixed HP like original cure such as Moogle and Faerie. Monk can heal quite well with Chakra too.

What I'm trying to work on Valeria project is to make proper difficulty and progression without punishing and torture players like 1.3. It's still more challenging than vanilla and requires more than simple strategies and powercreep to work

If you find this Valeria being too hard and not fun enough to uncover strategies you can use to beat this game without grinding, maybe you'd better play with mods that allow power spike and simpler strategy to work with.

If you still have passion to git gud on my mod, you can check my YouTube videos from here so you can learn for references.

Quote from: JioCrestfall on October 22, 2020, 03:53:20 amHonestly, I think that was my fault for not thinking of using shell or reflect XD

Also about why I had to result to using savestates was I just use orator skill to entice one or three of them and let them kill each other and had ramza and another one of my tank to keep them at bay while the other speedy unit i had enticed said behemoths.

On the topic of changing something: I'm still unsure if the range of gigaflare needs to be changed as it was a bit overwhelming for me for me at the time, but actually had a way for me to survive the ordeal. If there were something to suggest is have at least one (or either of the two) holy knight / divine knight skill for T.G. Cid, i know he breaks the game at that point but if i were to add something for him probably, Judgement blade and Crush armor to go well with his shadow sword but that's still all you.

Last thing, I hope you can get dawnblade animation to show damage numbers (if ever that's on top priority or not). Anyways love the hack :3

I'm considering making Gigaflare with self range similar to 3 self big spells from lucavi boss. This should improve game balance and keep it enjoyable enough without nerfing damage/effect area. I tried to make Dawnblade showing number and stuff but I'm not very good with animation. I tried to put some numbers and make change of it but didn't work.

Quote from: takemura on October 31, 2020, 04:06:22 pmSo I played an earlier version of this mod and just found out that this has a new update and downloaded it.

I am a bit disappointed that mana font was taken away for other magic classes to learn, I always enjoyed to use that ability on other magic classes, I understand the reasoning behind removing it but I consider that other magic classes should have native mana font too like the mystic then.

MP Switch with Manafont is broken setup making mage tanking any damage for one turn at the cost of MP. It can be used on job without MP requirements for abuing free tank too so I removed MP switch until 2.0 with Manafont restrictions on Mystic.

Most people also ended up using mages will end up having MP Switch reaction, Swiftness or Arcane Strength support, and Manafont move. So, I want to make of obvious options to become job's unique skill instead. This will give spotlight to secondary options after being ignored for so long.
Quote from: JioCrestfall on October 16, 2020, 11:42:15 amI've been playing this for a week now and gotta say, pretty balanced overall; always had gripes with how the og got balanced. Anyway, I'm here to report that somehow with a sliver of luck I was able to finish the rescue luso mission and my god, I could not beat that without resorting to save states to 100 percent entice the behemoths. I could say that I probably did not think of a proper strategy for that (although i'm willing to hear any) but I couldn't and hoping this could be addressed soon :3

Nvm didn't see this was addressed mb :3

Thank you for your feedback. Have you tried Shell/Wall/Reflect abilities that can minimize damage taken from Gigaflare? Could you elaborate why it's so hard to beat this stage with savestate and your party level to fight it? I tested in normal no grind run so level isn't that high and I can beat it with those abilities.

I'll update 2.3 soon with this issue addressed better so your input is highly appreciated to see which direction I should take to make it easier for some players.

Quote from: Raijinili on October 16, 2020, 09:21:03 pmThat seems like something you need to do before the battle. You can end up with a team which can't safely hit.

If you want to make them a strategic enemy which is dangerous to attack, you might want to lower their HP, and maybe their threat level otherwise. I don't think it's thematically appropriate for squids, though.

I'm not sure whether Squids with Nature's Wrath will roll their Reaction twice. It's an oddity in vanilla.

By the way, here are the damage values per level for vanilla Pisco Demons (neutral Zodiac):
lv  min  max
 1   12   15
 2   15   18
 3   18   21
 4   18   21
 5   21   24
 6   21   36
 7   24   40
 8   27   40
 9   27   44
10   30   48
11   30   48
12   33   52
13   36   56
14   36   60
15   52   60
16   52   64
17   56   68
18   60   72
19   60   72
20   64   76
21   64  100
22   68  100
23   72  105
24   72  110
25   76  115
26   76  115
27   80  120
28   84  125
29   84  125
30   88  130
31   88  135
32   92  140
33  120  140
34  120  145
35  125  150
36  125  180
37  130  186
38  135  192
39  135  198
40  140  198
41  140  204
42  145  210
43  150  216
44  150  216
45  155  222
46  155  228
47  160  228
48  165  234
49  165  240
50  204  287
51  204  287
52  210  294
53  216  301
54  216  301
55  222  308
56  222  315
57  228  322
58  234  322
59  234  329
60  240  336
61  240  336
62  246  343
63  252  350
64  252  357
65  258  408
66  258  416
67  264  424
68  315  432
69  315  432
70  322  440
71  322  448
72  329  448
73  336  456
74  336  464
75  343  472
76  343  472
77  350  480
78  357  488
79  357  488
80  364  558
81  364  567
82  371  576
83  378  576
84  378  585
85  385  594
86  440  594
87  448  603
88  456  612
89  456  621
90  464  621
91  464  630
92  472  639
93  480  648
94  480  648
95  488  730
96  488  740
97  496  740
98  504  750
99  504  760

Nature's wrath will counter with Geomancer attack so it won't be that high. Most enemies will come with new reaction abilities too so it's more like some can be surprisingly harder to deal with and I believe this will make players appreciating reaction abilities better.

However, I must admit I didn't test this in level 99 since my mod is based on no grind run but this is manageable with party member using abilities that won't proc nature's wrath or just turn them to stone or dead. At least everyone should bring magic user to attack so that will do.
Quote from: Portalenthusiast on September 15, 2020, 10:06:13 pmIt isn't just the (rather unfair) difficulty of the Luso fight, it's the squid demons as well
their reaction ability, Nature's Wrath, is extremely overpowered. unless you OHKO them, your Unit is basically guarranteed to be OHKO'd themselves.

Behemoth having Counter is useful by default so I didn't change it. As for Squid demon, you can use attack that doesn't trigger reaction ability like Godspeed Strike from Archer or Agrias' skill for example. Other skills like Iaido and magic shouldn't trigger it too.

Quote from: lusciouspear on September 16, 2020, 11:07:08 amThanks for the tips, I will keep trying. I do think maybe 1-1 would help. Even with Shell, spongier units take 70-80 damage out of 110 HP so 2 hits will knock them out.

It's group of Behemoth fight so this kind of difficulty will give a bit of challenge. I'm also considering about trying to make it easier too if it's too hard for most people.
Quote from: Portalenthusiast on September 15, 2020, 02:07:35 amif you're giving monsters human abilities, you need to re-balance their magic stat. it is absolutely a must.
end game, squids can deal 999 damage with nature's wrath, necessitating a 1 hit KO

I didn't do that. I gave Monster extra ability from first tier by default So every Behemoth can use Gigaflare without using Novice's skill to unlock it. Only tier 2-3 requires one.

I also made several adjustments like reducing damage output, buff Luso HP and give him Defender with innate Shell to halve Gigaflare damage.

Luso fight is still significantly harder but doable with two main strategies. You can either use Shell or burst DPS to quickly finish them.
Quote from: lusciouspear on September 14, 2020, 01:20:51 amStill enjoying, but stuck on the Luso mission. Sometimes he dies before my first turn. Sometimes on my second. My party dies quickly after-- I can't seem to get Shell on them quick enough. Also reflect rings and the White Robe don't seem to help...thanks!

Gigaflare isn't reflectable like magic spell but you can use Maiden's Kiss from Items for immediate effect. Luso also equip Defender with innate shell status and I buffed his HP so he shouldn't go down easily.

Try to separate your group and make sure Gigaflare won't hit multiple units easily. Maybe I should consider changing it from 2-0 to 1-1 instead so it won't be too devastated.

Quote from: Nyzer on September 14, 2020, 02:16:49 amDon't know how I missed this, but no.

The kills are per unit, not party wide. As is the job Mastery.

Neither of those will be achieved from setting Cid to DK requirements in the Patcher, either.

I thought it'd make requirements met by default like mastered Knight/Black Mage. Guess I'll change job requirements to get lv.8 too then.
If unlock Dark Knight job before Cid joining, will Cid get that job too?
Quote from: ragnarok12 on August 22, 2020, 03:42:44 pmI tried applying 2.2 USA patch to my clean WotL (USA) iso and the slowdown fix works on PPSSPP but not on my actual PSP

I figured it out, I forgot I had applied the livepatch slowdown fix to my PSP and that was conflicting with this mod

Yeah this one requires clean ISO. :)

Quote from: lusciouspear on August 24, 2020, 11:32:50 amHi! Brand new to FFT, playing Valeria 2.2 on PPSSPP/Switch. This is impressive work. I'm on the third mission, I choose to "Save Agrath", and he goes and immediately gets himself killed before I even get a turn. Am I doing something wrong?

It's RNG and sometimes depends on your unit placement. If you place Chemist closer to Argath, he should try to retreat to backup line and you can save him. You can watch this Valeria 2.0 map for reference.


Quote from: Portalenthusiast on August 26, 2020, 07:25:48 amI'd like to report a problem with the ENTD data you've set up,
it doesn't seem like Cid gets the job Dark knight after he joins. could this have something to do with the requirement to kill 20 units, and master the jobs knight and black mage rather than just have them at a level? just postulating, curious if you could see what's up!

That might be the case. Maybe I should get Dark Knight job unlock requirements with Knight and Black Mage at level 8 too so at least you'll get something if you don't have Dark Knight job unlocked yet.
Quote from: Cypherusuh on July 27, 2020, 05:16:42 amI noticed that it's usually happens on Story Quest, although not all unit can't be enticed. Maybe some unit has hidden finger block?

Also, is it just me, or story quest' level adjustment is really brutal?
I got my knight 2-shotted from simple fire, and my mages sniped in 1 crit ._.
And monster-only run on this mod is pretty insane due to enemy thief's poach ability

Enemies' level will be slightly higher but shouldn't be that much. The problem is equipment on enemies will scale with their levels. So your equipment will be lower than them if you overgrind and there's Orator's weaken skill to reduce level.

Monster only run can be tough if you let thief finishing monster. I usually deal with thief first or disable them. There're tons of disable skill to make sure thief won't finish your monsters.
Dance and Song abilities can't be mimiced anymore. I tested Entice skill myself and it worked as Orator main job. Maybe you tried to use on beast outside main job.
FFT: WOTL Valeria 2.2 - More bugs fixed with some adjustments to improve new patches

Hi guys. It's been almost a month after version 2.1 update with some critical issues addressed and resolved. However, there's still one big bug remained that Dragoon doesn't have Ignore Elevation by default and now it's fixed in 2.2 release.

Another I forgot in previous update is adding magical evasion on Celestial Stasis ability. 35 + MA hit rate is still considered high so magical evasion will allow enemies with Shield equipped having some extra evasion for re-balance purposes.

After fixing remaining issues after 2.1, I observe changes I made since Valeria 2 and made some adjustments for better re-balance on some jobs taming OP stats down to more reasonable level and buff some stats to make some jobs performing better.

Summoner will hit harder with 135 MA Multiplier giving more reason to consider using slower mage as Halve MP is not as effective as Swiftness
Arcanist will have weaker MA Multipler but has HP and speed improved so Arcanist can act before Black Mage/Summoner
Orlandeau will no longer have massive HP bonus to keep Chant and Duskblade combo in more reasonable level
Luso will join with stats adjusted as Delita in chapter 4 for more offensive tank role
HP/MP Multiplier of various jobs are adjusted accordingly to new changes in Valeria 2 update

-Changed Celestial Stasis to use magical evasion in calculation
-Changed Death's ability name to Doom with corrected description
-Decreased HP Multiplier on Geomancer job (110 -> 100)
-Decreased HP Multiplier on Sword Saint job (150 -> 125)
-Decreased MA Multiplier on Arcanist job (135 -> 125)
-Decreased MP Multiplier on Bard job (70 -> 75)
-Decreased MP Multiplier on Game Hunter job (105 -> 100)
-Decreased MP Multiplier on Samurai job (90 -> 80)
-Fixed Dragoon job not having Ignore Elevation as an innate ability
-Increased HP Multiplier on Arcanist job (65 -> 75)
-Increased HP Multiplier on Bard job (65 -> 75)
-Increased HP Multiplier on Dancer job (70 -> 85)
-Increased HP Multiplier on Game Hunter job (120 -> 140)
-Increased HP Multiplier on Ninja job (70 -> 75)
-Increased MA Multiplier on Summoner job (130 -> 135)
-Increased MP Multiplier on Ranger job (70 -> 75)
-Increased MP Multiplier on Geomancer job (95 -> 100)
-Increased PA Multiplier on Game Hunter job (110 -> 120)
-Increased Speed Multiplier on Arcanist job (90 -> 95)

FFT: WotL - Valeria 2.2 (PSP USA) - https://www.mediafire.com/file/spbd6lwwln5c738
FFT: WotL - Valeria 2.2 (PSP EUR) - https://www.mediafire.com/file/e6k5cr1hg0y7y1g

As some people still struggle in Luso fight with Behemoth casting Gigaflare instead of close range attack, Luso now has Defender that will halve magical damage and has higher HP and hit stronger enough to breeze through the fight now.

In my testing days, I used Ninja throwing Maiden Blessing or use Wall to pass this fight but it seems to be too specific to clear so I hope you will be able to enjoy Valeria 2 update without high difficulty spike now.
Yes. This is WOTL PSP version. There's both USA and EUR version too. :)
Quote from: azavier on May 30, 2020, 06:20:36 pmWhat skills did you give gor Valmafra ? Or are they new abilities

She gets skillset from Cletienne with abilities based on multiplayer mission. Her stats are average but having Manafont+Swiftness passive will make her a great utility unit.
After big update with version 2.0, it seems some changes related to adding new monster abilities raised the difficulty in some battles too much. In Luso fight, I can use fast acting Ninja with speed bonus equipment throwing Shell to protect Luso.

However, it seems to be too forced and I don't believe in battle design to win with only one forced strategy too. So, I changed Luso's weapon to Defender which has Shell equip status and nerf Gigaflare to have around 70% damage instead.

I felt Gigaflare used by Arcanist being too powerful for a while with wide range, no MP cost, and instant cast. So this will be a good opportunity to re-balance Gigaflare as I hope for. I also nerfed damage Geomancy abilities a little.

It seems status buff/debuff in -ja tier abilities have a bit too long CT. Some of them are slower than original first tier abilities so I decreased CT a bit more to make them becoming more viable for situation that requires urgency.

Some also requested to nerf Monk's offensive damage buff a bit like Aura Blast but Brawler is no longer learnable so it can be weak without buff on other jobs. So I reverted PA Multiplier buff back older 1.5 version.

After playing for a while, it seems Samurai's early abilities are buffed way too high for starting out so I toned down power scaling a bit to match with level progression better to reduce power spike.

Since Defender is now equipped on Luso by default and Zalbagg fight will be in very late game, I changed reward from defeating possessed Zalbagg to Kaiser Shield instead. I hope you haven't reached this part yet.

After looking around for a bit, I also made some adjustments I forgot to do such as changing Death ability to have Doom effect with higher hit rate instead. White Staff will serve its purpose with Doom status being more active now.

Besides Death ability, I also nerfed hit rate of Burial and Reraise a bit as they don't have evasion. They still have considerbly high hit rate. I also added magical evasion on Samurai/Arcanist's offensive abilities for re-balance purposes also.

-Added magical evasion on Gigaflare/Nanoflare/Migardsormr and Samurai's offensive abilities
-Changed Death ability to inflict Doom status with hit rate increased (120 -> 140)
-Changed Luso's starting weapon to be Defender
-Changed Stall and Beg back to defaults with 5% bonus instead of 10% with magical evasion
-Changed War Trophy reward from defeating Zalbagg to Kaiser Shield
-Decreased CT of Protectja/Shellja/Hasteja/Slowja abilities (3 -> 2)
-Decreased damage factor of Ama-no-Murakumo ability (27 -> 24)
-Decreased damage factor of Ashura ability (16 -> 14)
-Decreased damage factor of Monk's offensive abilities by 1
-Decreased damage factor of Geomancer's abilities (8 -> 7)
-Decreased damage factor of Gigaflare ability (7 -> 5)
-Decreased damage factor of Kotetsu ability (21 -> 18)
-Decreased damage factor of Muramasa ability (32 -> 30)
-Decreased hit rate of Burial ability (65 -> 55)
-Decreased hit rate of Reraise ability (200 -> 180)
-Decreased PA Multiplier on Monk job (130 -> 125)
-Fixed Ranger's job and abilities description to show content in dialogue properly
-Increased Vertical Tolerance of Cyclone ability (1 -> 3)

FFT: WotL - Valeria 2.1 (Info) -  https://www.mediafire.com/file/vl9y0dfl1p89w6t
FFT: WotL - Valeria 2.1 (PSP USA) - https://www.mediafire.com/file/jq5uh8n0k2eovph
FFT: WotL - Valeria 2.1 (PSP EUR) - https://www.mediafire.com/file/uortcuozhvps3p5

Version 2.0 was a bit pressed on time and the was released before finishing all adjustments. This 2.1 release will cover missing parts I wanted to adjust before and fix some issues with 2.0 update.
Quote from: yamtaro on May 19, 2020, 07:05:29 pmHoly fuck yes. Took me a min to comment but just wanted to say I've been waiting for this, refreshing this page every morning. Easily the best FFT mod for those coming back after many years, looking to re-experience the base game. It's as though windows X took the original work of the developers and completed the loose ends present in the design of the original game. Many common balance issues or underdeveloped ideas present in the original FFT have been addressed. A very satisfying mod to play and  deserves more praise than it's received thus far.

Thank you. Considering this is like over 20 years old game, it's quite amazing to have a few people keeping this game alive. I hope you'll enjoy Valeria 2.0 and feel free to share feedback with this release for future updates. :)
Thanks but it will exceed maximum text limit if I add those so they can read text file release for more details.
The wait is over. Valeria 2.0 is finally ready for release. There's a lot of new changes and improvements since version 1.5.3 so I recommend you guys to read the topic again to understand new changes better. Here's changelog for version 2.0 since I can no longer add this in main topic anymore.

-Added Arcane Defense as an innate ability to Agrias' Holy Knight job
-Added bonus +1 MA to Platinum Dagger
-Added bonus +2 MA to Materia Blade and Artemis Bow
-Added bonus +1 PA to Orichalhum Dirk and Gastrophetes
-Added Brawler as an innate ability to Ramza's Mercenary and Balthier's Sky Pirate job
-Added Concentration as an innate ability to Thief and Luso's Game Hunter job
-Added Defense Boost as an innate ability to Beowulf's Templar job
-Added Doublehand as an innate ability to Ramza's Heretic and Cid's Sword Saint job
-Added Dual Wield as an innate ability to Meliadoul's Divine Knight job
-Added equip status "Regen" to Murasame and Healing Staff as starting status
-Added First Strike reaction ability back to Samurai
-Added Halve MP as an innate ability to Rapha's Skyseer job
-Added Mana Shield ability back to Time Mage
-Added new character Valmafra to join together with Orlandeau with equipment from brave story and Arcanist level 1 unlocked
-Added Swiftness as an innate ability to Marach's Netherseer job
-Added Tame as an innate ability to Mustadio's Machinist job
-Added Weaken ability to Speechcraft skill set decrease target's level with hit rate 50% + MA and add magical evasion
-Changed Ama-no-Murakumo to perform single target attack on effect area 4, damage factor (PA+27)/2 * MA
-Changed Aim scaling with charge time from 1-8 and power from 3-12
-Changed Arcanist's job ability from Defense Boost/Arcane Defense to Teleport
-Changed Archer's job name to Ranger and can equip Knife
-Changed Ashura to perform linear attack with effect area 5, damage factor (PA+16)/2 * MA
-Changed bonus (+1 PA -> +1 Speed) to Air Knife
-Changed Bow's weapon power scaling during chapter progression (1/2/3/4 -> 0/1/1/2)
-Changed chance to inflict status (Stone -> Slow) of Gravija ability
-Changed Chirijiraden as a war trophy from defeating Adremmelech
-Changed Chirijiraden to perform fire elemental single target attack based on weapon range, damage factor (PA+48)/2 * MA
-Changed Defender's to be equipped on enemy level 50
-Changed equipment and abilities of Ramza/Agrias/Gaffgarion in opening battle to be more challenging
-Changed Iaido's abilities to hit both enemies/allies
-Changed Judgement Blade to have Vertical Tolerance added with Vertical increased (0 -> 1)
-Changed Kiyomori to inflict both Protect/Shell status on self
-Changed Kiku-ichimonij to have damage factor (PA+28)/2 * MA, MP cost 16
-Changed Kotetsu to perform dark elemental attack on range 1, effect area 2, vertical 3, damage factor (PA+21)/2 * MA
-Changed Masamune to inflict both Regen/Haste status on self
-Changed Meditate ability to Banish dealing light damage with attack power 16, effect area 0, vertical 0, MP cost 8, CT 3, and JP Cost 300
-Changed monster's abilities to have 3 abilities at least and first tier won't need Beastmaster to unlock extra ability
-Changed monster's reaction ability in Chocobo family to Cup of Life
-Changed monster's reaction ability in Goblin family to Counter tackle
-Changed monster's reaction ability in Bomb family to Critical: Quick
-Changed monster's reaction ability in Piscodaemon family to Nature's Wrath
-Changed monster's reaction ability in Skeleton family to Soulbind
-Changed monster's reaction ability in Ghoul family to Magick Counter
-Changed monster's reaction ability in Jura Aevis family to Vigilance
-Changed monster's reaction ability in Pig family to Critical: Recover HP
-Changed monster's reaction ability in Dryad family to Mana Shield
-Changed monster's reaction ability in Wisenkin family to Bonecrusher
-Changed monster's reaction ability in Malboro family to Regenerate
-Changed monster's reaction ability in Dragon family to Dragonheart
-Changed Murasame to restore 35% of HP, remove Blind/Silence/Poison status on self
-Changed Muramasa to damage factor (PA+32)/2 * MA, have MP cost 20
-Changed number of ticks duration for Blind/Silence status (0 -> 48)
-Changed number of ticks duration for Chicken status (0 -> 16)
-Changed number of ticks duration for Wall status (12 -> 16)
-Changed Onion Knight to learn Doublehand or Dual Wield only after mastered
-Changed Orlandeau's unlocked job to Dark Knight level 1 when joining
-Changed Osafune to damage (30+MA) enemy's MP percentage as a single unit with effect area 4
-Changed one enemy in Zalbagg fight to Dark Knight giving Defender as a war trophy reward after defeating Zalbagg
-Changed Rend Magick to inflict Silence status with physical evadeable hit rate 65% + MA
-Changed Rend Power to Rend Vision inflicting Blind status with physical evadeable hit rate 55% + MA
-Changed Rend Speed to Rend Action cancelling Defending, Charging, and Performing status with physical evadeable hit rate 55% + MA
-Changed Shout to Dawnblade dealing damage similar to Holy Knight ability with damage factor 4, Range 3, Vertical 3, Vertical Tolerance added, and has chance to inflict Blind status
-Changed story battles to have enemy's level scale non-aggressively with party
-Changed Ultima ability with better animation and use faith based magic formula with damage factor 25
-Changed Weapon Strike ability to "Bravely Charge" that has physical evadable 50% + MA hit rate to inflict Chicken status forcing target to retreat at range 1
-Decreased CT of Climhazzard ability (7 -> 5)
-Decreased CT of Crush abilities by 1
-Decreased CT of Gravity ability (6 -> 5)
-Decreased CT of Graviga ability (10 -> 8)
-Decreased CT of Meteorain ability (8 -> 6)
-Decreased CT of Omnislash ability (10 -> 8)
-Decreased damage factor of Cherry Blossom ability (32 -> 30), decreased CT (15 -> 10), and increased JP cost (1000 -> 1200)
-Decreased damage factor of Gravity ability (35 -> 25) but add chance to inflict Slow status
-Decreased damage factor of Graviga ability (65 -> 50) but add chance to inflict Slow status
-Decreased damage factor of Hallowed Bolt ability (3 -> 2), Range decreased (3 -> 2), Vertical increased (1 -> 2) and Vertical Tolerance added
-Decreased Evasion on Dragoon job (15 -> 10)
-Decreased Evasion on Samurai job (20 -> 15)
-Decreased Cure spells' hit rate scaling (200/220/240/255 -> 180/200/220/240)
-Decreased hit rate of Enlighten ability (90 -> 50) and add magical evasion
-Decreased hit rate of Intimidate ability (90 -> 50) and add magical evasion
-Decreased hit rate of Leg Shot/Arm Shot abilities (65 -> 55), use MA as extra hit rate and add physical evasion
-Decreased HP Growth on Ranger job (10 -> 11)
-Decreased HP Growth on Ninja job (12 -> 13)
-Decreased HP Multiplier on Knight job (125 -> 120)
-Decreased MA Multiplier on Time Mage job (135 -> 125)
-Decreased MP Growth on Summoner job (8 -> 9)
-Decreased number of ticks duration for Regen status (48 -> 32)
-Decreased PA Growth on Ninja job (43 -> 45)
-Decreased PA Multiplier on Worker 8 job (142 -> 140)
-Decreased Range of Duskblade ability (3 -> 2)
-Decreased Range of Shadowblade ability (3 -> 2)
-Decreased weapon range of gun (8 -> 6)
-Fixed Cyclone ability not having vertical tolerance applied correctly
-Fixed Huntcraft's learnable abilities to work properly on Onion Knight job
-Fixed Rapha and Marach not joining with Black Mage and Knight job level 8 unlocked
-Increased Chaos Blade's weapon power (18 -> 21)
-Increased CT of Protect/Shell/Haste/Slow abilities (4 -> 5) and Protectja/Shellja/Hasteja/Slowja abilities (2 -> 3)
-Increased damage factor of Aurablast ability (4 -> 5)
-Increased damage factor of Cyclone ability (2 -> 3)
-Increased damage factor of Empowerment ability (33 -> 35) and hit rate (160 -> 180)
-Increased damage factor of Meteor ability (45 -> 50)
-Increased damage factor of Pummel ability (2 -> 3)
-Increased damage factor of Rush ability (0 -> 2)
-Increased damage factor of Shockwave ability (2 -> 3)
-Increased healing factor of Chakra ability (4 -> 5)
-Increased hit rate of Beg ability (90 -> 100) and add magical evasion
-Increased hit rate of Condemn ability (30 -> 40) and add magical evasion
-Increased hit rate of Delirium ability (130 -> 150)
-Increased hit rate of Entice ability (20 -> 30) and add magical evasion
-Increased hit rate of Insult ability (40 -> 50) and add magical evasion
-Increased hit rate of Invigoration ability (160 -> 170)
-Increased hit rate of Mimic Darlavon ability (40 -> 50) and add magical evasion
-Increased hit rate of Stall ability (30 -> 40) and add magical evasion
-Increased hit rate of Trepidation ability (140 -> 160)
-Increased HP Growth on Byblos job (6 -> 5)
-Increased HP Growth on Ramza's CH4 Heretic job (10 -> 9)
-Increased HP Growth on Thief job (11 -> 10)
-Increased HP Growth on Samurai job (11 -> 10)
-Increased HP Multiplier on Worker 8 job (115 -> 120)
-Increased HP Multiplier on Samurai job (80 -> 85)
-Increased Hunting Bow's weapon power (7 -> 8)
-Increased Evasion on Ninja job (15 -> 20)
-Increased JP cost of Holy ability (500 -> 600)
-Increased MA Growth on Ninja job (53 -> 52)
-Increased MA Growth on Ramza's CH2-3 Mercenary job (46 -> 45)
-Increased MA Growth on Ramza's CH4 Heretic job (45 -> 42)
-Increased MA Multiplier on Arcanist job (125 -> 135)
-Increased MA Multiplier on Orator job (100 -> 105)
-Increased Move on Fell Knight job (3 -> 4)
-Increased MP Growth on Mystic job (10 -> 8)
-Increased MP Growth on Samurai job (13 -> 12)
-Increased MP Multiplier on Ninja job (50 -> 60)
-Increased MP Multiplier on Orator job (70 -> 75)
-Increased PA Multiplier on Monk job (125 -> 130)
-Increased PA Multiplier on Ninja job (100 -> 110)
-Increased PA Multiplier on Samurai job (120 -> 125)
-Increased Speed Multiplier on Byblos job (104 -> 105)
-Moved Archer's Bane from Ranger to Monk job
-Moved Belief and Disbelief abilities from Mystic to Orator with 0 CT/MP Cost and have 50 + MA hit rate
-Moved Cup of Life from Arcanist to Summoner job
-Moved Flare from Black Mage to Arcanist with JP cost decreased (1000 -> 800)
-Moved Lifefont from Monk to Geomancer job as an innate ability and unlearnable
-Moved Soulbind back to Arcanist
-Moved Unholy Darkness from Arcanist to Black Mage with learn rate 50%, status infliction removed, CT decreased (7 -> 6), and JP cost increased (400 -> 800)
-Removed Brawler as learnable ability from Monk
-Removed Concentration as learnable ability from Mimic
-Removed CT of Holy Sword abilities and element atttribute so that AI will still use these abilities on unit with Chameleon Robe
-Removed Defend from Special character's innate ability
-Removed Doublehand as learnable ability from Samurai
-Removed Dual Wield as learnable ability from Ninja
-Removed Halve MP as learnable ability from Summoner
-Removed JP cost of Beowulf's Blind ability and Cloud's Brave Slash ability
-Removed Manafont as learnable ability from Mystic
-Removed Swiftness as learnable ability from Time Mage
-Reverted Antidote item and Salve ability back to default removing Oil status removal
-Reverted Auto-Potion ability moving back from Orator to Chemist
-Reverted Bow's weapon range increment (6 -> 5)
-Reverted Gastrophetes's weapon power (9 -> 10)
-Reverted MA Multiplier on Black Mage job (140 -> 150)
-Updated Ramza's jobs description and removed Axe from equippable weapon