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Quote from: Aiolon on June 12, 2018, 04:00:09 pm
haha, thanks for the random kisses and sorry for the late reply. Im checking the thread constantly but somehow i missed your post :s

as for the magus ramza i prefered to discard the idea due to the very large amount of magic user jobs in the game.
having ramza as a mage was an interesting concept but the more i played the game the more i realized i was very very biased with magic to the point where i was making the main character a magic user too.

i originally planned to make 2 versions of the game, 1 with warrior ramza and another one with magus but due to a lot of changes and heavy mistakes (losing my databases being one of them) i prefer to not touch skillsets until the game is complete.

however~ if i were to make magus ramza like the one i made in the first super beta demo years ago then it would be pretty simple since all it does is taking different magic spells from all the magic jobs and honestly thats not very creative.
I will look into the posibility to do that for an alternative version and maybe make some new spells while im at it.
but i have to finish the final version first and that is probably going to take some time.

slowly but surely~

IMO.... Maybe you could make Ramza as a hybrid class if making 2 versions is too rough. Anyway, I LOVE your ideas.
Keep up the good work!
Yes, I've been using v3.0. Have no idea why it's not working.....
Anyway, thank you for trying to help me out! Have a nice day, mate!
Here's the example. Nope, it's a clean file, snatched from Emuparadise.
Yes, I can. Before patching CCP2, I resize FFT file in Shishi. Then patch with CCP2.
Without doing so, I can't seem to patch CCP2. I tried many times, but always ended up wasting 2 hours for that.
I used PPF-O-Matic.
About sprite that bugs.....
Literally every generics... except for female squire.
And sprite in panther & cockatrice slots.
Quote from: Aiolon on January 19, 2018, 10:10:42 pm
what do you mean with "crashed"? im aware its not posible to open celdia's mod in shishi so thats not the way to "steal" the sprites if thats what you want to do. dont know if someone has them but...
if you are that desperate then you can try to open the patched iso using CDmage and extract the sprites by yourself.

"Crashed" like the file is broken. Looks weird when attacking, walking, casting or even flying.
It's possible to open in Shishi. Before patching .ppf, I resized fft rom in Shishi (481) and then patch normally.
Without resizing first, I can't seem to be able to patch .ppf. Took me about 2 hours and cannot patch.
I already tried CDmage too. Still look weird and glitchy....
I just want to play it smoothly. That's all!
Sprite crashed badly! I can only find some of them in the forum.
If anybody has all completed sprites of CCP2, please send it to me.
This patch is crazy fun, but with all these crashed sprite make it all weird!

Thank you in advance!
FFT: Complete / Re: Tester's Report: Text
January 15, 2018, 03:07:03 am
Sorry for necroposting. I have some questions.
1.Ability quote always goes away right after the last letter pops up, so I can't read the whole text. I wonder if anyone know how to fix this.
2.It is not like this in FFT vanilla, right? I kinda remember that ability quote will not go away if I did not press O.

Sorry about my English that might make you confuse and thank you too. :D
Quote from: Zeke_Aileron on November 21, 2017, 03:09:18 pm
Empty folder...? it's a .xdelta file in the zip folder, and i haven't took it out at all i think... well not yet until i update it to the next version of the patch at a later date, so it should still be there to download normally... :?

I download it one more time and it still contains nothing in the folder. Do you have a mirror link? I'm dying to see Tactician in action!
This is very interesting! I love the idea of giving Luso his exclusive class. I really want to test it out, but I think there is something wrong with the file. Every time I downloaded it, there was nothing but an empty folder. I do not know if you took it out or whatever. Haha.
Help! / Re: Need help with fixing rom
July 10, 2016, 11:06:11 am
Quote from: Argy on July 10, 2016, 09:05:18 am
Try this...
Open up your your .fftext. On the TEXT tab, scroll down to BOOT.BIN[28E5EC], then go change the top bar to 4: Battle Messeges, then scroll down to No 61 it should read
{0xE1} disappeared, leaving{Newline}  behind a crystal. Change disappeared, leaving to .... and that my friend should end your woes on the above subject.

Cheers Argy

Hi Argy.
I've tried that and it's failed T^T.
I think I'll leave the text origin from now on.

Anyway, thanks a lot for you advice!


Asian friend of yours
Help! / Need help with fixing rom
July 10, 2016, 05:00:55 am
Hello everyone!
I'm new here and needed some helps from you guys.

My FFT WOTL crashed every single time that my enemy turns into crystal/chest. PPSSPP will shutting down and it's kinds suck.
I've edited things, but don't know if that is what makes the game crashed.
Here what I've edited...
- Texts (FFTactext) Only names and descriptions of jobs and skill sets.
- Sprites (ShiShi) Only Chap2-4 Ramza.
- Many more (FFTPatcher)
          - Swords are not required to use sword skill
          - Bump up Ramza's, Agrias's stat and all the bosses
          - Gave Ramza a new skill set and added new skills for Agrias
          - Added some reward items for some battle.
          - Made Fell Swords can be wielded with single hand
And I also edit save with LionEditor (Increase Brave, Faith and also change my character names)
If there are something that I shouldn't edit (or if I edit that it will make the game crashes) ,please let me know.
Thanks in advance. : )
PS. Sorry for bad English. (It's not my mother tongue) ^^