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Spriting / Human Gilgamesh attempt
Yesterday at 01:04:21 pm
Every now and then I still peak at sprites and try to imagine if I could pull something off that I would really like to do.  I was kicking around some possible sprites and decided I would try to make a human sheet Gilgamesh.  Firstly, I didn't think it was worth it without at least 4 arms.  Also, there are many iterations of Gilgamesh to choose from.  Initially I thought about making the typical samurai style Gilgamesh.  That would be more difficult to my eye and feels a little over done.  I went with the more middle eastern style FF8 Gilgamesh.

I used parts from monk (big 'ol pants), Zalbag arms, Miroshi Beshima's Minwu sprite, and Zozma's Berserker chest.

This is still pretty rough, but I was happy to see that the concept could be pulled of. It completely fills the max height of the sprite sheet, so about as tall as Ganondorf or Garland.  Figure I'm going to put a real belt on there and maybe that head puff thing.  Probably will actually have the upper arm in co-ordination with the lower arms but probably limit the range of motion for both sets.

I'm open to suggestions.  Really hoping I don't hit any super difficult snags.
Holy crap!  That looks amazing! Doing some damn fine work over here!
That's pretty cool Valkirst.  I'm always excited to see some work getting done in the sprite section.
I have to ask Ansehelm, what kind of sprite are you using for your mountable mini-dragons?  Years ago I started to work on "dragons" using the chocobo sheet and never finished it.
Such an awesome tool to begin a new mod Elric!  Great work!
I hate to tell you Linken, but you are running into the limits of what I had completed in this mod.  The Shogun battle is the end of the story battles/scenes on the release.  Neither the deep dungeon nor the Nelveska temple cycle were completed. 

The Myolnir was purposely intended to be one haded only and a few text issues need to be fixed with item descriptions. 

I'll give you a holler when I inevitably screw up again Elric!  Most the issues noted above are due to incompletion.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: ASM Requests
September 10, 2019, 04:16:13 pm
I'm using .491 shishi and maybe I missed something but not the item sheet but the weapon sheet.  I'm sure editing this will change it.
Awesome! Your my hero Valkirst!  I might just have to throw this into a battle just to see it in action!
Works in Progress / status update
August 17, 2019, 05:12:44 pm
I hadn't posted in quite a while on this thread, so I thought it might be worth saying that this mod is still living. 

I have most the chapter 4 skeleton in place but need to actually create the events themselves.  Most of that is thankfully sketched out with dialogue and such in a big 'ole game notebook of mine.

This mod really keeps getting an update delay due to me pursuing quality as opposed to completion.  Having what is essentially an alternate universe makes it a little difficult to feel fresh enough.
Mostly I've been focusing on editing as much of the commonly heard music selections.  I've been playing around a bit with some of the maps- I backed off creating a bridge falling event at the waterfall because I would have to redo several events and randoms there.  Lately I've been changing up some events in the second chapter to introduce some nice twists into that part of the story.

Hopefully, I wont see too many issues that need addressed in chapters 3/4 and in a month or so I'll be pushing ahead again!
That midi-editor is pretty cool.  I don't have a midi device for it to play on, but it is very useful for me to see what the actual instruments are and what order they play in.  This makes it much easier to edit the tunes where the converter made a terrible instrument choice.  It's still a little annoying that some songs call for instruments that simply aren't in found in the games selection.

:D You've got me having a lot more fun with importing music. When I have a couple more I really like I will post them here.
Damn Valkirst, I assumed the front and back attacks would mirror as opposed to using different frames on that energy ball.  This sprite is still really awesome!
 :oops: Damn Sorry Nyzer.  I just peeked through all my old inbox messages and couldn't find an answer.  I might take a look at my old hard drive tomorrow and see if I can find something.  I can't exactly recall how I got my dungeon lit up but I'll peak around.  I feel like the maps I posted are at least part of the puzzle.
I've only played with the lighting in Ganesha once or twice before.  Anyway I believe that Xifanie (I think? Maybe Emmy) gave me a copy of the deep dungeon maps with the lights turned on a couple years ago.  I simply imported them and then changed the maps to the 2nd state in the Attackout editor and got perfectly lit up dd maps.  I don't have the sprite issue that you detailed.  How that was accomplished you probably know better than I. 

Anyway.... Here are some maps.
I've enjoyed the tracks that you have shared Basil.  I honestly only got 8 or 9 adjusted to a level I found satisfactory.  I pretty much stopped playing with the converter once I had covered the random battles songs and a small handful more.  Mostly I just focused on battle themed songs, because that's where most time is spent in this game.   

The size of converted songs is the real killer for me.  Perhaps I could adjust some of the sizes using Xifanie's Iso and I just don't have a good enough grasp of it.   Something that I would like to do is change up a few of the songs that have incredibly small sizes.  Music#27 is the world map song.  That thing is like 1.5 freaking kilobytes!  The roster screen music is like 2.8K.  I almost never find a song that converts that small!  Typically I convert a song with midi->smd and then grab my hex editor, pull the relevant data and paste it into a new file to check the real size of a song and rarely do I find songs under 6K.

I feel like being able to change some of the itty bitty tunes that see the most use would go a really long way towards making a mod feel fresh.  I feel like the Jot5 modders probably feel the same.

Anyway, here is what I think is the best of my tunes.  They are marked where I replaced original tracks.  I don't have the pure converter data just on hand because I usually have to get each song a few listens and tweak it with a hex editor.  I could pull that up if someone really wants it.

I rather enjoy battle on the big bridge/Gilgamesh and the atma weapon song from ff6 (I think it is decisive battle).  Atma's theme is actually my ringtone on my phone! Huge impression on my childhood!   

Edit:  I almost triple posted, but I wanted to note that I tried again to mess with the sizes of songs with the iso editor and this time did it without borking my file.  Slightly increased the size of song 27 and decreased 28.  I now have to find a tiny little song to replace the shop song, but a success!

Nice Basil!  You surely had to adjust the song speed on at least some of these.  I was curious how frequently you had to pick new instruments with a hex editor on these songs.  I would often be purposefully choosing songs that were appropriately themed to increase the chances that the converter would kick out something usable. 
Thanks for the kind word Basil!  Music converting is a neglected aspect of fft modding.  It is very much a pain most of the time.  I would love to hear some more tracks that you have done.  I really should up load the better sounding tracks that I have done (I'm pretty sure I have a few I haven't bothered with).  Honestly I really haven't uploaded them because there seemed to be a lack of interest.
Spriting / Re: We need MOAR Monsters
June 13, 2019, 12:52:59 pm
Oh, weird.  Where does it get funky for you?  You probably know excel better than I do, so I assume that you enter the file location fine and enable/run the macro (on my old excel version it is found under the view tab).  When I run it, I get the weird run-time error '1004'.  Excel tries to tell me that the mid to smd xls can not be found and then I hit end.

I close the excel sheet without saving and in the same folder as my mid-smd excel sheet an xml  sheet called MUSIC99 is created. (the default might be MUSIC## something else)

Certain midi files have not worked for me and they can definitely be too big of a file to be processed.
 :o  Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees... I kept staring inside literal boxes thinking "of course you have to put something in there"
That does look pretty cool valk.  The Altima 1 sheet has cool possibilities but weird limits-particularly the weapon attack frames.  Among other things, I hate that it forces a mirror two hand attack.   I thought I would make a suggestion on the attack frames because I have considered this unfortunate dilemma before. 

The spot that is usually the mirrored dagger spins around a central spot (roughly the cross guard) and you could do a couple things with that.  You might be able to have the orbs start closer the center and spread out over the first couple of frames (sequentially it goes in an order 1-5 and then repeats a few).  On the other hand, you could have the orbs actually start small on the first 1-4 frames and then keep it at that new max size.   I have a picture below to demonstrate.  I believe the pattern goes something 1-8 then repeats but doesn't go back below 5 until the last/finished attack frame.

I marked the original dagger locations with w# marks
Spriting / Re: We need MOAR Monsters
June 12, 2019, 08:13:16 pm
Thanks for the comments guys.  I actually forgot about the critical/dead frames and started messing with something else!

QuoteNow if only I could get you to do that tutorial on replacing music 

I need to try out a mic on my computer that I've never used.  I feel like I could make a passable tutorial as a video.  Honestly, I have a limited ear for music and I'm sure others could do a better job if I laid it out.