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November 30, 2023, 10:15:32 am


Use of ePSXe before 2.0 is highly discouraged. Mednafen, RetroArch, and Duckstation are recommended for playing/testing, pSX is recommended for debugging.

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The Lion War / Re: The Lion War 2.00 - DOWNLOAD HERE!!
September 17, 2021, 12:18:31 pm
Thank you Hacktics Team. You guys are FFT modding gods!

Also what perfect timing as I just finished a playthrough of WotL for the first time. Can't wait to try those rendezvous missions!
Completed Mods / Re: FFT: Spirit of '98
January 16, 2021, 05:25:42 am

I've started playing this mod recently and I noticed something that needs a quick fix right away...

So I tried doing the JP scroll glitch as a joke, and apparently it still works. Please sort it out when you got the chance.
Oh boi my excitement level just shot up to 9000 levels.

Thank you FFT Arena for this tournament where I can forget about all the stress in the world and just focus on AI mashing on each other.

Also, the stars are SUPER aligned for me this year. Which means some of your matches MIGHT end up being a Pokemon video.
Wow thanks Barren. I was feeling really down when I thought that registrations are already closed until I saw your post. I'm glad you extended. Suddenly I just felt the urge to join and I really want to join this tournament. Time to work those spreadsheets
Hmmmmmmmmmm? A new AI Tournament? Cool!

I dunno if I can make a team because now I'm very rusty in team building and haven't touched those spreadsheets in a long time. But we'll see. Skiploom may or may not join.
Ok so I tried playing this patch on pSX. The mod is both fun and challenging. It's a nice patch for those like me who haven't played FFT in awhile. 

In Chapter 2, I found this in Lionel Castle...

The ghoul there has the glitchy sprite. It didn't bother the whole game though, unless you press start while it is teleporting. Then all the bad stuff will happen after you win the battle. The GUI texts will be broken, and your formation screen will have some bad surprises waiting for you. Did this happen to others?

I'm finishing chapter 3 now and will let you know if other stuff like this happen.
Hey a new FFT mod! Gonna give this a try. Just now I've been itching for some Final Fantasy.

I noticed in the first post that this has only been tested on epsxe. Did anyone try this mod on pSX v.1.13? Because if no one did then I'll check if it will run smoothly without crashes and black screens.
Spam / Re: It has happened (13th zodiac)
September 30, 2016, 04:09:37 am
Taurus and scorpio are polarities. And despite the two signs being opposites they have a chance to become the best partners for each other.

In FFT words, Taurus & Scorpio = best compat
Spam / Re: It has happened (13th zodiac)
September 29, 2016, 09:47:08 pm
I've heard about this new sign. And for me personally I'm not in favor of this change. A part of me always enjoyed the zodiac as having only 12 signs. I may have to adjust to the new setup since it is expected for virgos to be mutable.

Oh wait I'm supposed to be a Leo now :(
It's a girl? No worries. In fact it adds a nice ring to it considering its color.

I hope it continues to grow and would stay in your roster without ever evolving (<< asking for too much). I know it really doesn't suit as a long term companion because it's not fully evolved, cannot learn HM moves, and has 5 weaknesses. Please bear with it. Thank you for showing me my favorite pokemon ever. 

One more thing: Keep it out of Ice types ;)
Great! Can't wait to see it!
I'm glad you liked it Barren, thanks! I figured that I wanted to do a different style for the video since we are on Swiss style so I went for an ending that would reflect this type of tournament. Where both teams battle for the wins instead of a battle to the death. At least that's what I think. HA I'm putting too much thought into this.

A shiny Hoppip named after me? I would like that! So will you evolve it to Skiploom or all the way to Jumpluff? Because keeping it as a Skiploom from Lv 27 onwards will be a big responsibility (Pressing B everytime it levels up).
Bad news and Good News:

I want to explain my situation if it is okay. I can't make the animations like I used to because it's been a busy couple of months lately (I'm studying abroad). Not only that, even if I tried all my tools/materials are scattered everywhere (Powerpoint I use is from someone else's laptop, Video conversion I can only do in school because there's Adobe Premiere in most of the computers, and if I want to upload it I can only do it at home because school internet is sooo slow. So in other words, home and school have to work together if I want to get even one video done. The stars are there, but not totally aligning...

I hope you enjoy this video  :mrgreen:

Match 59 - synth vs Barren (How it Ended)


The Reaction abilities for my priests actually worked for a reason? I still cannot believe the meatbone slash just triggered out of nowhere. And the Piety, I never realized that it's the perfect reaction for innocent proc.

And wow, 23% Petrify hits.
Hmm skiploom wants to comment too

Long match, an entertaining standoff as both teams refuse to back down. I really like Dokurider's team here with all that Bizen boat that acts offensively on enemies and heals on allies. Not only that, that Magic Song will only put the team's MA up the roof! Brilliant! Your team is so good that even the berserk archer joined on your side LOL. It is on this match where you will see the disadvantage of a berserked ranged unit explained in 2 rounds.

R1 = Dat potion exchange between the chemist and the mime. What an amazing moment right there. A sharp and sexy move.
R2 = The berserk archer's misses are too much to bear. He likes to miss his shots doesn't he? Just when you thought he finally has that vantage point, he creates a miracle and continues to miss.

After watching your match, two things were in my head:
- if the archer wasn't berserk, what could have happened?
- I hope I don't get to face Doku's team. low faith + projectile guard + holy absorb? The exact countermeasures needed for team skiploom. Dw6561, if you are reading this, please cheer for this team. He may be the one that will make me pay for the destruction of your team and hopefully, let you go of your grudge :)

Another entertaining standoff. Great show of force on both teams. It's really interesting to see how Rouroni's team managed to pull those reversals on R2 & R3.  It's a great demonstration of resilience.

Holy shit what did I just build?

I only came up with this team on one night and did not test it on Arena even ONCE. Because back then my only concern was submitting on time. And after seeing them perform... I only hope dw6561 can forgive me.

Also, why is my team color blue? That's not the color I asked for back then. That being said, can you please do one thing and keep it blue! I seem to like this color better now.
OMG I am in the first four matches! Now I can't contain my excitement.

It's heartwarming to know that you are anticipating for my animations. I didn't want to admit this but the truth is...

I cannot create videos at the moment. Because as of now I have no access to a powerful pc, adobe premiere, and my beloved Powerpoint. Plus it's been a busy life for me nowadays. I wasn't even planning on joining this season but thanks to a friend who reached out I'm back here again!

When the stars align again someday, I promise to provide animation gifts again ;)
This is it, this is it!

Have fun and good luck in the tournament everybody!
FFT Arena / Re: FFT Arena Season 5 Registration
August 27, 2016, 04:49:34 am
Quote from: CT5Holy on August 27, 2016, 12:53:16 am
skiploom - nothing's changed in terms of teambuilding! Just take a look at the master guide and start teambuilding!

Thanks for the info CT5Holy.

All righty then, to MS Excel!!!!
FFT Arena / Re: FFT Arena Season 5 Registration
August 27, 2016, 12:32:16 am
Ohhhh no I'm about to miss out on my favorite AI tournament!

Did any rules for team building change? Any JP restrictions and limits for equip and abilities? I want to know the conditions so I can make a team on time.