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New Project Ideas / Re: Final Fantasy, Monster Hunts
November 21, 2015, 11:20:56 pm
again thank you guys for the encouragement, I have watched the community dwindle, I thought the site would be shut down at a few points (no offense). I have watched with awesome lurker status as 1.3 (don't hit me), Mercenaries, FFT+, CCP, and many other memorable patches started and progressed then faded or were absorbed into new works. The sheer dedication of the core group of mods, and contributors is impressive. I have always wanted to help, but for one reason or the other never felt like or had time to learn.  I hold no delusions that FFT: (Something to do with monsters) will be as grandiose as JoT5 but I hope that it will be at least a tolerable patch and offer a unique look how one of our favorite enemies from FFT legacy has affected the world after Ramza, and maybe how he continues to affect the world, after his downfall.

I see why most patches fail or never get started now  :shock:

Learning to event has been fun, but somehow I think I have made the entire process harder than it needs to be lol. Elric's tutorials are great and have helped a lot. Actually got a decent idea of how the first event would look today, (KINDA EPIC). Got a case of the warm and fuzzes when I completed it too. I bow to anyone who manages to find time to do anything with FFT, the time I have put in just getting through the tutorials has put off a few people I know.

So, tentatively I am going to aim for before the end of the year, having my first 3 events done,and having a vid of them up for your viewing pleasure.
New Project Ideas / Re: Romantic patch anyone?
November 17, 2015, 01:36:22 pm
OMG, it's Rosario Vampire!

And Ultra yea the monster patch will have a good view into relationships of your party, there will be a husband,wife and boyfriend/girlfriend, and then a odd Balathier/Fran relationship. I will also explore a Father/Son and I am considering a adoption my accident of a child who will be part of your party (She will be a badass)
New Project Ideas / Re: Final Fantasy, Monster Hunts
November 16, 2015, 05:49:13 pm
Thanks for the encouragement.  I am learning to event, but between being a caretaker and a student and small business owner it is hard to sit down and learn anything properly. I am hoping I can cast Galaxy Stop and just chill for a few weeks.  :roll:
New Project Ideas / Re: Romantic patch anyone?
November 15, 2015, 10:46:06 am
This could be a interesting patch then, lots of ways to work around established relationships, My patch will feature a woman forced into the slave trade and "rescued" by a man whom she joins the party with.
New Project Ideas / Re: Romantic patch anyone?
November 15, 2015, 06:43:50 am
Nah, just give him an android, he could "TINKER" with
New Project Ideas / Re: Romantic patch anyone?
November 15, 2015, 05:35:04 am
Well Ramza/Alma would make a interesting mix, but Ramza is too protective over her, he would never do anything to her. Even if he broke past the bro/sis barrier. I think Ramza/Mustuido/Agrias would be the best compromise, you know the churchie ones have the biggest kinks.
New Project Ideas / Re: Romantic patch anyone?
November 14, 2015, 08:36:35 pm
En Garde, sir Elric, * Draws my Kora.   I sought  your help, because your prowess in eventing is known far and wide. I eagerly await your work on JOT5, but forgive the student for seeking a master. 

Theatrics aside, I have seen some of your events, just never in actual gameplay
New Project Ideas / Re: Romantic patch anyone?
November 14, 2015, 08:23:08 pm
Cough* well I was on a hiatus from FFT when it comes out.
New Project Ideas / Re: Romantic patch anyone?
November 14, 2015, 08:15:45 pm
I said it, everyone knows Ramza would take Musty in a fight, he has Worker 8 on command. Won't be any phoenix downs this time.
New Project Ideas / Re: Romantic patch anyone?
November 14, 2015, 07:26:32 pm
I wonder if you had this on hand just for this situation :shock:

I think Toshiko's idea girl is puuuurrrrfect
New Project Ideas / Re: Romantic patch anyone?
November 14, 2015, 07:18:40 pm
Lol, so a nun might be on my "List". Who doesn't want to know whats under the habit?
New Project Ideas / Re: Romantic patch anyone?
November 14, 2015, 07:08:30 pm
Beside a few fanboy fantasies, Agrias would have to take my top spot,who wouldn't fall for the best holy woman in the land?
New Project Ideas / Re: Final Fantasy, Monster Hunts
November 14, 2015, 06:45:54 pm
I have the first chapter planned out, pending a more experienced editors overview. Monster Hunts will be featured heavily featured in my patch, they will both be a plot point to move the story and side missions. I hope to replace the rumors function for this.

As far as the fur shop, I am looking at the synth shop for that, I don't know exactly what I will do with it yet, but I think since hunts are a focal point, the fur shop will become a VERY important part of the game.

Thanks for the praise, I really liked how my chemist evolved too, I played with so many ideas for items, but these are the ones that won out in the end. With the Inquisitor, it will be a strong class, but it will have low hp and low mp and mediocre speed as a counterbalance. I want this class to cause a little bit of dread and I promise the party will have a counter to their abilities, if they take advantage of it. But to balance it as a generic some testing will be needed. The goal was to provide the player with the same abilities of a knight and mediator for stats since I both classes saw changes. JP is still up in the air, I am a fan of low JP cost in patches, and the overall difficulty for my patch will be considerably higher than vanilla. Almost every event fight will have a difficulty similar to some of the boss fights from vanilla. 
New Project Ideas / Re: Final Fantasy, Monster Hunts
November 13, 2015, 09:39:52 pm
All the Final Fantasy where actually the inspiration for a lot of idea's some are more blatant than others some are subtle. For the samurai I actually played around with both idea's but I settled on giving them 2 hands as an innate, so that other classes can use katanas as one handed weapons. 

I would like to change transparent to be useful to AI as well as the player. Make it a 100% miss, until they perform an action.

The magical classes aren't finished yet, White,Black, Time Mages and Oracle still need a revamp. I feel like there is room for a lot of overlap with the magical classes, I really want to avoid that.

But I will post my work on Chemist, Mediators, Bards/Dancer, and Calculators


Chemist really didn't need much of a change, items got a rework but the class stayed the same

Potion,Hi, X
Ether, Hi
Clarity - Vial of purified water - Cancels Berserk, Charm, Confuse
Panacea - Cancels Poison, Blind, Silence, Sleep, Stone, Don't Act/Move
Basilisk oil - Inflicts Don't Act, Don't Move
Sleeping Tonic - Inflicts Sleep
Bacchus Wine - Inflicts Berserk
Mafungus Extract - Inflicts Poison
Love Potion No.9 - Inflicts Charm
Pepper Oil - Inflicts Silence, Blind
Phoenix Down - Cancel Dead

Mediators - Inquisitors

Magical Bounty hunters, they use their magic restraint magic to limit targets stats and movements

Equips - Guns, Knives, Hats, Clothes, Robes, Accessories 

Skill - Restraint
Bind Movement - Stop
Bind Strength - Pa -1
Bind Speed - Sp -1
Bind Magic - Ma -1
Bind Spirit - Fa -5
Bind Courage - Br -5
Bind Spell - Cancel Reflect, Haste, Regen, Reraise, Protect, Shell

Bard + Dancer - Combined into Performer

I always felt like Bard and Dancers where great classes, but they were very situation and useless to the AI, my goal was to change that and I drew inspiration from previous games version of the Bard.

Traveler trained in the art of song, can cause chaos in or rally troops to their sides. All of their abilities affect the area around them. Hits both enemies and allies.

Equips Harp, Knives, Hats, Clothes, Robe, Accessories

Skill - Song
Lullaby - Sleep
Round -  Confuse, Berserk
Dirge - Doom
Chant - Haste
Madrigal - Protect, Shell
Hymn - Restore Mp
Verve - Restore HP

Calculator - Seer   

What to do with the most hated/loved class in FFT? Well instead of doing what everyone else did and slap the Lvl 2 spells on it, I decided to try something different.

Seers use a unique form of magic, that requires no MP and has crazy short cast times, because they only have to say a single word, for their effects.

Equip - Book, Staff, Wand, Hat, Clothes, Robe, Accessories

Skill - Speak
Power Word - Pain - Damage
Power Word - Fear - Straight to Chicken Status (testing needed)
Power Word - Stone - Petrify
Power Word - Miss - Blind
Power Word - Quiet - Silence
Power Word - Wall - Protect, Shell
Power Word - Life - Cancel Dead
Power Word - Null - Reflect
New Project Ideas / Re: Final Fantasy, Monster Hunts
November 12, 2015, 02:28:26 pm
Alright, since my last post I have been learning to event, and with some difficulty with time I hope to have it mastered sometime in the near future.........*crosses fingers*. :lol:

I wanted to give everyone a glimpse into what I am planning by previewing the classes. I have pushed to rework most of the classes and moved skills around multiple times thanks to learning exactly how much a pain in the ass hard coded slots are. :mad: But I hope you will enjoy the class changes I have planed and hopefully you can offer ideas for some I haven't changed.

I'll start with the physical classes and post the magical classes next.

Squire > Solider
Solider's use their weapons in the most basic of way targeting equipment and limbs to weaken targets,  Essentially a less powerful knight these units will make the brunt of early human enemies and be the generic starting class

Equips Swords, Great Swords, Shields, Helm, Armor, Robes, and Accessories

Skills : Battle Skills
Break Helm
Break Armor
Break Shield
Break Weapon
Break Arm
Break Leg

Monks - Lvl 3 Solider
Monks only saw changes in base stats, and gained the ability to equip robes
Martial Arts lost secret fist but gained :
Gut Punch - Cancels Charge, Performing, Defend

Lancers > Dragoon - Lvl 3 Monk and Solider
Another class that saw no changes other than stats and name change.

Knight > Marauder - Lvl 3 Solider, Monk, Dragoon
Since solider's took over the knights role, knights became sometime new. Similar to the berserk of old, marauders channel their strength into their weapons and draw strength from the berserk status.

Equips Axes, Flails, Swords, Great Swords, Helms, Armor, Assc

Skills : Rage
Blood Lust - Pa +1, self inflict Berserk. Even though I loved doing it, spaming accumulate and scream is a thing of the past, at least until later in the game.
Wild Swing - A powerful skill that can deal a little damage or massive
Mad Rush - Charges a target, causes damage and knockback
Crushing Blow -A more restrained form of Wild Swing, hits for less max damage, but always deals a moderate amount.
Vengeance - A marauders best skill, as they get closer to death, the more damage it deals, DMG = CasMax Hp-Cur Hp

Archer > Ranger - Lvl 3 Solider
Rangers are a dual class, taking part of the archers and mediators place. Rangers specialize in ranged combat and taming wild beast.

Equips - Bows, Crossbows, Hat, Clothes, Accessories

Skills : Survival
Tame - Turns enemy monster into ally - Adds Traitor which only affects monster now, thieves really need a good workout anyway
Rations - A quick meal always helps even the weariest warriors, a quick but weaker targeted heal
Knockout - Uses a coated weapon to put an target to sleep
Addle - Adds a hallucinogen to a weapon, causing the target to become confused
Poison - A poisoned weapon is always a great way to weaken a target before attacking.

Thief- Lvl 3 Solider, Ranger
Did these guys really need much of a change? Adjusted stats and removed Steal Exp, how did that work anyway :lol:.
Pending further testing,Thieves gained:
Stretch - Sp +1, chance for a cramp and a Don't Move Status

Geomancer- Assassin - Lvl 3 Solider, Ranger,Thief
I see this class always appearing in patches, this is my take on the classic class

Equips - Bows, Knives, Crossbows, Hats, Clothes, Accessories

Skills : Assassinate
Smoke Bomb - Self Transparent
Blackout - Targeted strike, affecting vision and inflicting Blind
Spinal Tap - Target the spine, inflicting pain and stop
Last Breath - A risky shot, misses often but can kill almost any target, inflicts Dead
Warp Strike - Uses unknown magic to stop a target from moving next, inflicts CT 000
Execute - Assassins strongest attack, years of training have trained their bodies and minds to inflict the most damage, every strike adding to the last. Dmg = Tar Max Hp - Cur Hp

Ninja - Lvl 3 Solider, Ranger, Thief, Assassin
A favorite from vanilla, not changed yet due to hard coding on job and throw
Considered moving throw to a unique character and giving ninja ninjitsu skill set
Skills- ?

Samurai - Lvl 3 Solider, Monk, Dragoon, Marauder
Gained the Two Hands, Why didn't they have this in the first place? Adjusted skills and stats. Saw no major changes otherwise
The Lounge / Re: Hey y'all
November 02, 2015, 08:35:11 pm
I missed those links this entire time ..........

I'm stuck on an iPad until my DC port board comes in for my Asus, stupid 1500 dollar paperweight. I might try irissi when that comes in, been thinking of dual booting Ubuntu again anyway.
The Lounge / Re: Hey y'all
November 02, 2015, 05:50:23 pm
Thanks Jumza and Elric, you definitely see me in the help section lol, I'll try out chat, do y'all use a client or is it we based? hopefully I can get at least descent with my events.
The Lounge / Hey y'all
November 02, 2015, 01:04:52 pm
Hey everyone here at Hackticsks, my name is Shane or Kib what ever makes you feel more warm and cozy inside. I live in the backwoods of Virginia, I've even married for 4years and I was in the Air Force for nearly as long. I've been around Hackticsks for along time and I'm currently learning to be a eventer though it's a lot tricker than I imagined  :shock:.  I'm teaching myself the basics while working on a patch, that if it gets past the hobby phase I'll share for testing. If you have any questions about who I am I can sum it up in one class, I'm a engineer, I will learn how to build it faster,stronger, and cooler every chance I get and the proceeded crush a goblin with my new invention  :mrgreen:

Help! / Re: Modifying abilities and skillsets
November 02, 2015, 12:53:37 pm
Thanks Xifanie, I thought these were the answers I would get but, I was hoping jump had a work around  :cry:

I would love to help test, especially since it will help with my own patch, but between caring for my elderly grandmother, trying the be a college student after 8years out of school, and my wife already wanting to kill me for making my patch I doubt I could help much :D but I will say as I learn more about modding our beloved game, I will be glad to get more involved in testing and helping with other patches. Jot5 already has one of the big things I want to learn for my patch(monster hunts). But enough prattling, the point is, Though I don't have a lot of time, I want to learn, I want to help, and I'be been visiting this site for probably 10 years, and I doubt I'll be going anywhere anytime soon.
Help! / Modifying abilities and skillsets
November 02, 2015, 12:20:25 pm
I'm sure this has been answered and I think I've saw this answered once before but I cannot find the answer now. I checked the wiki, but I might have overlooked or misread the information there. But I digress and let's get on with the questions.

1. Can the geomancy skills(hell ivy, torrent) be edited and placed in a non hard coded skillsets (i.e. Mettle)

2. Will jump skills function when placed outside of the jump skillset?

3. Are the talk skill affects hard coded to the skill slot ( I.e. Threaten will always effect brave level)