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April 16, 2024, 12:35:20 pm


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Using tutorials posted by Celdia (http://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=6702.0) and Jon (http://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=9266.20) I was able to successfully replace Rad (aka Ladd) and Lavian/Alicia with unique jobs, battle sprites and formation sprites.

There are End Game Spoilers in this tutorial.

I'll write up a more in depth tutorial if there is interest and no issue with building on the work of Celdia and Job.

  • Back up your ISO! Give it a sensible name and date.  It's much easier and faster to keep track of and rollback to a single ISO then several different .bmp, .bin, .fftpatch files.  Backup your save games as well. Use a 7zip archive if space is an issue, as you can hold several ISO files and keep the size to around 600MB.

  • Select/create the new sprite sets for Rad/Lavian/Alicia.  Understand there is a game code limitation that prevents having three unique sprites displaying during the Orbonne battle for Rad, Lavian and Alicia.  I worked around this by giving Lavian and Alicia the same sprite. I also read somewhere that turning Fukes the Chemist into a Archer could fix this issue as well.

    I used the Paladins by Lijj and Twinees: http://ffhacktics.com/sprites.php#spr20

  • GraphicsGale: Create a Formation Sprite (Unit.bin) and Portrait (Wildface.bin) for your new units.

  • CDMage: Extract Unit.bin and Wildface.bin

  • FFTEVGRP: Import new Formation and Portrait Sprites for Rad/Lavian/Alicia using FFTEVGRP.  Simon is listed as #0A, Balmafula #12.  Save Unit.Bin, Wildface.Bin and Wildface.Bin

  • CDMage: Import the modified Unit.Bin, Wildface.Bin and Wildface.Bin

  • ShishiSpriteEditor: Export Simon and Balmafula sprite sets and Import those over Celia (Never Used) and Lede (Never Used).  Celia and Lede are listed as #39 and #3A in ShiShi.  Simon and Balmafula are Type 2, as are Celia and Lede, verify the checkboxes for sprites #39 and #3A are set to Type 2.

  • ShishiSpriteEditor: Import new sprite sets for Rad/Lavian/Alicia over Simon and Balmafula's original sprite sets.  Simon is listed as #12, and Balmafula #20 in Shishi.  The Paladin sprites I used were Type 1, so I made sure both Type 1 checkboxes were checked for sprites #12 and #20.

  • FFTPatcher -Update ENTD: Update every instance of Simon, Balmafula, Radd, Alicia and Lavian. This is a good time to make a backup patch file if you're into that.    Here are the instances I can find:

    • 100 Start of Game Inside Orbonne - Simon, Rad (Unique Animation) (Tested)

    • 110 Orbonne Monastery (Chapter 2) - Simon, Rad (Joins), Alicia (Joins), Lavian (Joins) (Tested)

    • 183 Orbonne Monastery - Rad (In Battle), Alicia (In Battle), Lavian (In Battle) (Tested)

    • 134 Ending - Cemetery - Balmafula (x2)

    • 13B Goltana throwing Cid in Prison - Balmafula

    • 13D Orlandu Joining You - Balmafula (Tested, occurs after opening Bethla's Sluice)

    • 1C3 Assassination of Goltana - Balmafula

Use the following list as a template to help remember what needs to be changed in the ENTD.  This may vary based on exactly what you are planning to change.

Sprite Set: #3A
Job does not need to be changed.

Sprite Set: #13 Simon
Job: #13 Bishop

Alicia & Lavian
Sprite Set: #21 Balmafula
Job: #21 Arc Witch

Sprite Set: #3B
Job does not need to be changed.

For having such a trivial role in the story Balmafula is present at a lot critical points in the plot! She also has a lot of unique animations and I haven't been able to test them all. Rad has a unique animation at the very start of the game when he bows before Ovelia.  If you change his sprite in Event 100 every new game will start with a non-crashing visual glitch.  You can avoid t Simon has a collection of getting stabbed and bleeding all over the place animations that I wasn't able to locate in the ENTD during the raid on Orbonne by Wiegraf and Izlude.

This is a good time to save your patch and update your ISO and test.  If you need saved games this is reputable: http://fantasyanime.com/finalfantasy/fftactics/fftactics_saves.htm

Everything else is pretty straight forward from here:

  • FFTPatcher - Jobs & Skillsets: Build the new job and skillsets over #13 Bishop and #21 Arc Witch.  You do not need to point at the Bishop and Arc Witch's original skillsets.

  • FFTactext: I like to make notes of all the things that need/needed textual updates.

  • Test and Backup: I make use of downloaded saved games to jump around the campaign and test the different ENTDs.  You can start a New Game to quickly test the first event battle, Simon, Rad, Alicia and Lavian are right there.  You will need to save your game after defeating Algus between Chapter 1 and 2 so you want to recruit a fresh Alicia, Rad and Lavian into your party for testing purposes.

    Now is a good time to backup your ISO again and clean up all your stray files.  Either archive or delete all the stray .bmps and .bins leftover from the process.  Use good descriptive file names!

Good luck![/list]