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January 28, 2022, 05:46:48 am


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This Week in Hacktics - The weekly Roundup from the Community

Started by Akashachi, January 14, 2022, 06:35:30 pm


Due to popular demand, this post from the discord channel is also here, mirrored on the Forums, but exclusively with Forum news.

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From January 8th to January 15th:

Daykeras has recently posted his translation for the War of the Lions spell quotes. So now you can add the spell quotes back when modding the WotL PSP release by using Valhalla Tools!


@CONMAN recently shared his Zozo map, including a video demonstration that has also been shared on the discord as well! Can't wait to see what is coming next for Souls of Destiny!


@Eurystheus keep working hard on his Eurystheus Patch for The Lion War! Many small updates from JP adjustments to bugfixes and minor tweaks. The mod author is pretty receptive to feedback, so let him know on the forums or on the discord if you end playing it (which you should, as endorsed by this unbiased announcer!)


@Puppy is working hard on keeping his Second Read mod free of bugs by making updates as soon as they show up. You can also keep updated to the news on the mod on his channel #second-read on the discord server.

The mod author is also working hard on his rework version titled Second Read Hardcover, so don't forget to follow his updates!


  • Modding version: PSX & WotL


From January 16th to January 23rd:

@Nyzer has recently posted an eventing tutorial, with many details on how to create your own events using his latest Agrias Motherfucking Oaks event as an example. Definitely worth checking it out!


@Celdia decided to share her ASM for Modifying Female-Only Equipment on Celdia's XML Storage. Now you can yourself add your own Ribbon wearing males on your mods!


@Orkney rewrote a routine that allows you to hack a saving place in SCUS!


@Celdia keeps updating her Honored mod, mostly bugfixes recently, but a huge content patch is coming soon!


@Eurystheus also updated his mod, with more bugfixes and minor adjustments. As a new modder is amazing all the content he keeps pumping! You should definitely check this mod out if you got the time!


@CONMAN announced a new update for his Souls of Destiny mod is on it's way. Currently he already worked on fixes for major bugs from the previous release, while adding and updating new maps. Souls of Destiny is one of the most recent story mods our community got and is very fun to play!


@Kokojo finally announced officially the return of Call of Power: Remake. This time the mod will feature a world map, a revamped story, new classes and sprites and a complete rework of the weapons and magic system triangle! As one of the greatest mods our community has ever produced we are all excited to see how it will shapes out and to finally play the new version!

  • Modding version: PSX & WotL