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The Lion War v2.021 Eurystheus mod (the lion war psx patch)

Started by Eurystheus, January 04, 2022, 05:36:21 am


January 04, 2022, 05:36:21 am Last Edit: January 18, 2022, 12:51:07 pm by Eurystheus Reason: Found some bugs creating a newer version
Hello everyone, I'm new to the whole mod scene. I've developed a version of the FFT TLW (PSX Mod) with new classes and as well as new abilities. I'm posting it here for now, as it's a beta, I still need to finish all of the text in the game for the areas that I modded. For now, as a work in progress, the mod and the abilities work.
Please message me if something is not working or is broken, as I'm actively working on it and any info on bugs would be a giant help!
Thank you for your feedback and enjoy!
Side note: I want to thank anyones assets I used and the Lion war team as well, without them this mod would not be possible.
Classes- (All classes have Gain JP UP)
Squire= Recruit
Knight (Recruit Lvl 2)
Archer= Outlaw (Recruit Lvl 2)
Monk= Fighter (Knight Lvl 3)
Priest= Inquisitor (Wizard Lvl 5, Sage Lvl 4)
Wizard (Chemist Lvl 2)
Timemage= Sage (Wizard Lvl 3)
Summoner (Sage Lvl 3)
Thief= Sniper (Outlaw Lvl 3, Hunter Lvl 5)
Mediator= Hunter (Outlaw Lvl 3)
Oracle= Spirit Bender (Knight Lvl 4, Fighter Lvl 3)
Geomancer (Outlaw Lvl 3, Knight Lvl 3)
Lancer= Dragoon (Outlaw Lvl 3, Hunter Lvl 3)
Samurai= Sword Master (Knight Lvl 4, Outlaw Lvl 3, Fighter Lvl 5, Hunter Lvl 3, Dragoon Lvl 3)
Ninja (Kinght Lvl 3, Outlaw Lvl 5, Fighter Lvl 3, Hunter Lvl 3, Geomancer Lvl 3)
Calc= Chronomancer (Inquisitor Lvl 6)
Bard= Dark Templar (Knight Lvl 4, Outlaw Lvl 5, Fighter Lvl 5, Hunter Lvl 3, Geomancer Lvl 3, Dragoon Lvl 3)
Dancer= Valkyrie (Knight Lvl 6, Fighter Lvl 6, Spirit Bender Lvl 6)
Mime (Recruit Lvl 8, Knight Lvl 6, Outlaw Lvl 8, Fighter Lvl 6, Hunter Lvl 6, Spirit Bender Lvl 6, Dragoon Lvl 4)
Dark Knight (Knight Lvl 8, Wizard Lvl 8, 10 Kills)
Recruit- Innate (Equip Change)
Throw Stone
Wish= Blood Healing
Head Break
Armor Break
Shield Break
Weapon Break
Counter Tackle
Equip Axe
Move +1
Jump +1

Chemist=Same Innate (Throw Item, Defend, Move-Find Item)

Knight- Innate (Defend)
Accumulate= Battle Spirit
Bio(3)= First aid
Confuse= Head Trauma
Sleep= Concusive Strike
Bio2(2)= Corrosive Slash
Bio2(3)= Air Slash
Bio2(4)= Flame Strike
Equip Armor
Equip Shield
Equip Sword
Defense UP

Outlaw- Innate (Defend, Monster Talk)
Gil Taking
Steal Heart
Steal Helmet
Steal Armor
Steal Shield
Steal Weapon
Steal Accessory
Steal Exp
Finger Guard
Gilgame Heart
Equip Crossbow
Monster Skill
Move +2

Fighter- Innate (Martial Arts, Half Earth, Can equip mace (replaces rods))
Spin Fist
Repeating Fist
Wave Fist
Earth Slash
Magic Break
Speed Break
Power Break
Mind Break
Stigma Magic
Martial Arts
Move-HP up
Jump +2

Inquisitor- Innate (Half Holy & Dark)
Faith= Healing Light
Silence= Blinding Light
Zombie= Searing Light
Protect 2
Shell 2
Don't Act= Holy Barrier
Innocent= Judgement Slam
Berserk= Righteous Fury
Holy= God's Wraith
MA Save
Magic Def Up

Wizard- Innate (Can equip books)
Absorb Used MP
Magic Att UP

Sage- Innate (can equip books and poles, start w/shell)
Cure 3
Cure 4
Raise 2
Fire 3&4
Bolt 3&4
Ice  3&4
Pray Faith= Dark Holy
Doubt Faith = Flare 2
Counter Magic
Short Charge
Move-MP UP
Teleport 2

Summoner= Same Innate (can equip books and poles, Move-MP UP) except
Polka Polka= Titan
Disillusion= Lich
Nameless Dance= Griffin's Wind
Face Up
MP Restore
Half of MP

Sniper- Innate (Defend, Start w/Transparent)
Blind= Blinding Shot
Silence song= Magic Seal
Paralyze= Disarming Shot
Spell Absorb= Crippling Shot
Sleep= Knockout Bullet
Petrify= Sealing Shot
Confusion song= Memory Wiper
Life Drain= Vital Shot
Speed Save
Arrow Guard
Equip Gun

Hunter- Innate (Monster Talk & Skill, Secret Hunt)
Death Sentence
Mimic Daravon
Blind= Fire Arrow
Aspel= Explosive Arrow
Drain= Charged Arrow
Critical Quick
Monster Talk
Secret Hunt
Move-Get JP

Spirit Bender- Innate (Martial Arts, Move-HP UP)
Chicken= Soul Stun
Despair= Spirit Vortex
Break= Deathly Wail
Bio3 (2)= Spirit Drain
Heaven's Bolt Back= Healing Spirit
Asura Back= Jealous Spirit
Space Storage Back= Dark Fist
HP Restore
Any Weather
Move in Water

Geomancer= Same, Innate (Half all elements except Dark & Holy)

Dragoon- Innate (Defend)
Frog= Fire Breath
Zombie= Ice Breath
Dispel Magic= Thunder Breath
Slow 2= Vapor Breath
Poison= Acid Breath
Bio (2)= Holy Breath

Sword Master= Same, Innate (Start W/Protect)
Katana break chance= 10% (Assorted ASM)

Ninja- Innate (Two Sword, Walk on Water)
Angel Song= Thunder Soul
Life Song= Aqua Soul
Cheer Song= Ice Soul
Battle Song= Wind Soul
Magic Song= Fire Soul
Nameless Song= Magic Soul
Last Song= Chaos Soul
Shadow Stitch
Stop Bracelet
Sunken State
Two Swords
Move +3

Chronomancer-  Innate (Move-MP UP)
Haste 2
Don't Move
Heaven Thunder= Chrono Trigger
Asura= Speed Blade
Space Storage= Reality Slash
Damage Split

Dark Templar- Innate (Move-HP UP, Walk On Water, Move On Lava, Half Dark)
Loss Voice= Demon Sword
Loss= Death Sword
Spell= Eternal Ordeal
Death Cold= Lich Blade
Death= Dammed Soul
Bio3 (3)= Dark Flame
MP Switch
Weapon Guard
Walk on Water

Valkyrie- Innate (Fly, Ignore Height, Start w/Regen)
Witch Hunt= Flame Spear
Wiznaibus= Viking's Defense
Slow Dance= Thunder Spear
Titan= Giant's Stomp
Lich= Hades Strike
Odin= Odin's Wraith
A Save
Brave Up
Ignore Height

And more abilities to discover
Longbows now have 6 range
I have adjusted crossbows as well to deal more damage
Materia Blade= Sacred Blade (Rare)
Sleep Sword= Blessed Blade (Rare)
I have adjusted swords (includes a short sword now as the beginning sword)
New starting spear called wooden spear
Rods= Maces
All armors, shields, helmets, and hats have changed slightly
Defender now gives Start w/Protect & Shell
Most battles have been checked and balanced with accordance to changes in overall jobs.
Elements do matter. You'll find that many bosses, monsters, and enemies have some new resistances along with weaknesses.
Most monsters in the game now have a new ability
Cloud will now join at party lvl

TBC (Busy this week so will try to get it done as fast as possible as far as the changelog)

-All of the QOL mods for TLW are in it already (for more info go to the link down below)

-V11.2 Is a complete rebuild of the mod hoping to fix issues (left OutlawF alone for now will release newer sprite with next update), Also some changes have been made to AI in hopes of also making them smarter in fights. Now it has all completed text for skills on base classes (and now monsters)
Credits for the TLW Staff,

Attack.out Rebuild, Spreadsheet & GUI
Worldmap Rebuild
WotL Event Additions & Fixes
Mod Organization
Vanilla Event Fixes and Jumps
ASM Setup, Application & Testing
Sound Novel fixes and Implimentation

Initial Attack.out Rebuild, Spreadsheet & GUI
Initial Worldmap Rebuild
Sidequest Changes & WotL Implimentation

ASM - Altima Teleport
ASM - Event Instruction Upgrade Hack
ASM - Extra Abilities Effects Hack
ASM - Map 120 Edits
ASM - Unit Restriction & Guests in Randoms
New Game Plus Work (not yet complete)
Squashing some bugs

De-WotLize Dialogue in WotL Event Ports
Translated & Fixed Sound Novel Images
Title Screen & Lead-in frames from WotL Movie to Title Screen

ASM - Rumor Edits
ASM - ARH Lite - TLW Edition

ASM - 1E4 & 1E5 Become Adeptness & Sturdy
ASM - Barrage & Weapon Strike Rewrite
ASM - Extra Generic Class

ASM - Bravestory Fix
ASM - UWEntries

Sprite Fixes & Edits

New Ashley Riot Sprite

WotL Opening & Intro Movie Ports

WotL Event Fixes

Allowing merge of her ISIA patch for Consolidation.

Several event fixes.

  • Modding version: PSX & WotL
I still hope for the day FFT 2 comes out
  • Discord username: Eurystheus


  • Modding version: WotL


you can just use the vanilla bin (FFT psx bin) and then patch it with the Lion War v2.021 Eurystheus mod v3(SE).ppf
  • Modding version: PSX & WotL
I still hope for the day FFT 2 comes out
  • Discord username: Eurystheus


I would love to see some screenshots of some of the things you've done!
  • Modding version: PSX & WotL
  • Discord username: Sdub


Hello everyone after doing some more play testing I found it needed more balancing so I am putting the definite version up top.
Re:Sdub I will definitely get some screenshots uploaded here soon highlighting some of the changes
  • Modding version: PSX & WotL
I still hope for the day FFT 2 comes out
  • Discord username: Eurystheus


Hey I just finished chapter 1 of your mod and so far I've enjoyed it, the sprite changes are nice and the starting classes getting much more abilities makes them less boring early game.

The one standout of the starters is wizard, them having access to many priest support spells while also having their high MA and spells makes them pretty cracked, both on your side and the enemies, trying to one round Miluda and Algus when their wizards are healing and shelling/protecting them can make the battle a tug of war which has its upsides and downsides. Of course you can always just grind if this bothers the player.

Now I'll list some stuff that I think should be looked at, and afterwards some minor nitpicks that aren't a big deal but could be changed.

-Many description's still use the vanilla description, this isn't to big a deal with stuff like leather hat, which descript says +5 to HP but its actually +8 to HP but then the short sword says 8 WP while broad sword says 4 WP so at a glance so I think short sword > broad sword, but actually short sword is 4 WP where broad sword is actually 5 WP.

-Head trauma for the knight has to be cast at weapon range but if the knight moves out of range after charging with ta melee weapon they can still bonk the enemy when out of range, strangely concussive strike seems to work fine though despite being similar

-The male hunter uses the male bard sprite and when he shoots a long bow the sprite gets a little stretched, I can't say I've ever put equip bow on a bard ever so idk if this is even on you lmao.

-spirit bender's description fails to display when viewed from the learn list, the description works fine on the change class screen though.

-Sage uses the time mage class description but doesn't have to many elements of a time mage, they seem more like an arch wizard so they'd benefit from a description change.

-On the first battle of chapter 2 in dortor trade city agria's sprite is messed up, her idle, move and cutscene sprite  fail to load and her portrait is gafgarion's with a few messed up colors, she briefly appears on attack and hurt animations before disappearing back into the void.


-the intro battle, Ramza's job class is "Noble" despite being a mercenary.

-The grey clothes on Ramza during chapter 1 seems off to me. It makes him look more like a commoner then a noble, I think purple would have been a good fit, as purple is often associated with royalty. I like the black armor as a merc though.

- enemy male recruits + outlaws look very similar at a glance it can be hard to tell them apart, on player side this isn't an issue as your recruit has white armor and outlaws have black leather, but enemy both are a similar green and their heads look similar.

-Due to many innates its hard to keep track of them, I'd like them listed on class descriptions, I believe Jot5 and monster tactics did this.

- Ramza's class during chapter is 2 is "Heretic" but he's not a heretic yet, I think "Mercenary" would fit better, some mods change him from: Noble/Cadet > Mercenary/sellsword > Heretic.

I don't make mods so I can't comment from experience but for one of your first mods I think you did quite well and I'll keep playing.

Emulator used was epsxe.
  • Modding version: PSX


I've updated my mod with some suggestions you said. The weapon and equipment text should be updated, the hunter should be fixed now, Ramza's job text is updated along with a switch to the purp clothes in chapter 1 instead (Actual do like it more than grey), the innates should be on the base job's texts, the knight ability should be fixed but not sure, and Agrias sprite being messed up in Chpt 2 battle I think I fixed it (too many sprites it appears was the problem), I also don't know about the spirit bender problem will have to investigate further
  • Modding version: PSX & WotL
I still hope for the day FFT 2 comes out
  • Discord username: Eurystheus


Just finished chapter 2 here are my notes:

-many spell flavor texts don't match up with the spell once its cast, Ramza's Blade burst has him say the spell quote for Foxbird and holy knights holy flame has them say the spell quote for Confuse2 there's prob more I haven't seen yet.

-Many spell descriptions are vanilla one's that don't match up with the new ability its been replaced by, Ramza's Soul breaker ability has the description of the oracle's spell that makes the victim go berserk, and sage's dark holy has the description for oracle's faith skill.

-After learning Fire arrow on Hunter it fails to show up in battle as if it wasn't learned yet.

-I noticed your updating the formation portraits, I didn't remark on it before cause you verified your working on in on disc but I'll go through some that aren't working or bugged:
  -Male recruit is bugged, female doesn't show
  -Both outlaws don't
  -Male chemist doesn't, female maybe, hard to tell
  -Both Fighter's don't
  -Male Geomancer doesn't, Female does
  -Male inquisitor unsure, Female doesn't show
  -Male Dragoon unsure, Female doesn't show
Not that every portrait is fine in battle

-During the Chapter 2 Slums battle, right before you recruit Mustadio, there are 2 snipers who have sprites missing, Its the same issue Agrias had during the first Chapter 2 battle that you fixed so whatever you did there I assume you just repeat that.

-The Knights Acid blade never applies poison, and the damage number's display twice.

There's just two nitpicks I have that you don't have to change if you do not want to:

-The Female Geomancer sprite is the Female Knight sprite from Jot5, this seems off to me as Geomancers don't wear plate they are usually just wearing cloth, the male Geomancer is also similar

-Why does Mustadio have Gained jp up as a learnable skill at 9999 jp? I personally think its funny but someone might be annoyed that it blocks them from getting the star on his class if they learned everything on him and master his class.

the spirt bender problem is the class description under learn to view select a unit on the formation go Ability > Learn and when the list of jobs come up you can read descriptions, spirit benders won't show the Sage has lines striking through it now.
  • Modding version: PSX


Hey I just finished chapter 3, I'll compile stuff I noticed again, let me know if I'm clogging this thread and should PM you instead or if your fine with me posting here.


-None of the dragoon's breaths do any damage or effects at all.
-Some of spirit breakers abilities don't show up after learned (Ex: Soul Stun)
-Female outlaws have a black box around their model during battle (enemy ones atleast confirmed).
-Ninja's shinobi arts are completely scuffed, if they are the first to go it randomly picks any ability in the game and casts it (think metronome from pokemon) then it becomes the same ability the last ally cast, so if the turn order is Mustadio > Ninja  and Mustadio Arm Aim's, then Ninja's X soul becomes arm aim for that turn if its used.
-The Gust Ai (The red ghost) is bugged, it moves but never acts.
-The Ashley fight. It's been years since I touched that game but the Ashley replacement doesn't look like Ashley Riot to me, he has the moves but the sprite doesn't appear to be him but his name is still Ashley, If you're aware of this and will plan to change him you can ignore this.
- Wizard Staff, Red Shoes, Wizard Robe and Holy mither are all items geared for casters but instead of +1 MA they give +1 to PA, this hurts them as PA units get to enjoy Power sleeve and twist headband which are +2 PA.
- Aegis Shield is also +1 to PA instead of +1 MA making it more attractive to Knights, Dark Knights, Dragoons, Ramza and the special knight characters, but hurts Geo's and maybe sword masters and inquisitors, It's your call to either keep it this way or return to how it was but w/e you do can you change its description to match.
-Juravis (Bird monsters) are immune to wind element attacks rather then taking half damage (windslash bow was used in scenario).
-Male Sword Master has a different portrait in formation screen and battle.

Stuff I don't understand/ could be bugs or could be intended but description doesn't match
-Inquisitor's move God wrath's doesn't effect monsters
-Holy Knights Holy smite can apply sleep or death (the death part seems redundant, Agrias already has crush punch and Dammed soul which already have Death procs)
-Mustadio has Ramza's ubersquire moves; Blood healing, Encourage, Rally troop and Heal on one hand it doesn't really fit Mustadio, on the other hand it makes him a really good support unit and I like Mustadio and have him on main roster so I'm not complaining.
-Holy Knight's Flame sword is weapon element, not fire. This could be intended but I feel like you wanted it to be fire as you're committing to a 1 range attack over ranged moves like stasis sword, lightning stab or dammed soul.

Despite all the bugs I'm running into (Don't sweat it its work in progress) I'm still enjoying the mod keep up the good work.

  • Modding version: PSX


Again thank you for trying my mod even with all the bugs and everything this newest version will hopefully fix all the problems mentioned above.
-Mustadio having ubersquire moves was intentional as I thought it would give him more use case.

-I changed the Ashely Riot sprite cause I'm not a fan of the sprite so in it's place is The Wanderer

-I changed the wizard staff and stuff back as it was not intentional

-Changed the outlaw again to a better sprite so hopefully no box now

Also, I rebuilt the mod in hopes to clear up any problems. Hope it works better and not worse :)
  • Modding version: PSX & WotL
I still hope for the day FFT 2 comes out
  • Discord username: Eurystheus


Hello everyone again I've released a new version 11.2 and have made updates to the text of all the monsters so that you can see innates and weaknesses
Other changes
-Added a new ability to wizard so now they'll have one strong spell

-Many of the monsters felt weak so they have also been changed to fit with the class and item changes

-Maces have been changed to have little bit more damage

-Will investigate further but for now Knight, Inquisitor, and Chronomancer some abilities require sword it's not intended but attempts at fixes have broken the game so for now if they disappear from the skillslot in battle it's cause you don't have a sword equip

Thank you for playing the mod I really appreciate it.     
  • Modding version: PSX & WotL
I still hope for the day FFT 2 comes out
  • Discord username: Eurystheus


I have finished the game outside of the DD and Aliste fights, the mod plays quite well now with only a few bugs but none super disruptive.

-Dark templar sprite seems unfinished, its lighting seems off and the model stretches and breaks during half its animations (critical animation and lvl up jump animation are biggest offenders)
-First aid, acid blade and flame blade from the knight job have strange scaling, either it's using MA over PA or not factoring in weapon damage, and first aid just heals like 3% of units hp.
-God's fury displays it has a vertical of 1 but will not damage units 1 height above caster.
-Dark templar's eternal ordeal is underwhelming, it does pitiful damage compared to their other abilites, maybe it's not factoring in PA/MA or weapon damage? also it says it applies confusion but it does not.
-Rafa's Diamond Sword ability just has her using basic attack, at range, 5 times, while its powerful the animation is really basic.
-Checking the description for sacred sword in the formation menu causes all text to glitch out, it's fixed upon exiting the menu but I can never look at its stats.
-Damage split does not split the damage by 50% it's splitting by 25%, if this is intended ignore this.
-Dark knight's can use all 5 of their job abilities, regardless if they are learned or not.
-Beowulf's judgement ability has "Frog"'s ability description.
-Defender does not state it gives wielder protect and defend.
-Power Sword state's it gives PA+2, but it only gives 1 PA.
-I can't confirm this 100% but something feels weird with ramza's soul breaker ability, it doesn't req a weapon, *feels* like it doesn't factor in PA (midnight sword averages 450, where as SB is almost always hovering between 140-150), and the recoil ramza takes is always 10.
-Female sword master's portrait in formation and battle is different.
  • Modding version: PSX