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January 28, 2022, 07:27:33 am


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cursor memory

Started by LV99 Vivi, October 11, 2021, 04:16:12 pm

LV99 Vivi

idk if its possible but...

in other FF games it was always an option but imo this is the game that needed it the most.
have it so the act menu keeps your cursor position saved for next turn like it does when backing out of a sub menu or back to main battle menu in the vanilla game.

TLDR: if anything i would at least like to know if a button could be dedicated to auto selecting wait then you pick the way ur facing.
so itd be menu pops up->square->dpad direction->confirm.

anyway heres the full spiel:
the problem is it gets tedious to select some options sometimes especially if its just stone or phoenix down or especially selecting a spell in math skill even if its just CT 5/4 holy. [tbh im mostly talking about grinding here but would be good in normal gameplay too]

to compensate for this memory option you could make square or triangle act as picking the common/top option in a menu for example:
[] or /_\  auto picks 'wait' when in the main battle menu. also make it so [] or /_\ button auto picks 'attack' when in the act menu and maybe it goes to the top option without confirming it for sub menus. you would still have the old way it would just be a different button.

*could maybe even have the whole idea flipped where the game behaves normally but square makes it auto confirm the option you picked last turn

You could have an option where using [] or /_\ to select an option does or doesnt affect the memory selection so you could pick
act->black magic->bolt 2 one turn and next turn if you just kept pressing confirm button after 'act' it would do the same thing again but you could press [] or /_\ and it would auto confirm on 'attack' instead but next turn would still be set up for bolt 2 if confirm was pressed after 'act'

i still think the default position for the cursor in the first battle menu should be 'move' unless people figure that its good to have it based on memory also. i figure it would affect my muscle memory too much tho where as having a dedicated wait button or attack button given the context i think would make the game more playable to me since i beat it fully like once month for 10 years and always thought how i could make even just the menus smoother.

i jsut want to throw this out there and maybe someone could think of something cool to do with it.
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