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August 04, 2021, 08:49:58 pm


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Damned, I hope this is fixable, I'm kinda curious how your hack plays.
Okay just did that and it worked, now I just gotta play it .


And finally one question...

Can we still do some stupid shit with human ?

Like the dual frenzy illusionist,  or the elementalist parivir ?

Just asking that because people seems on edge about some combo with hume in this game, while I never see anyone complaining about bloodprice dualcasting summoners...
I tried FFTA2 us rom and Eu rom ...
 Im using the Final Fantasy Tactics A2 - A Clan's Journey v0.94.xdelta.zip file
So when I try to patch the thing, it tells me

] An error has occurred: xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT

Anyone knows how to fix this ?

hmm its true that the AI make archer moove really too close of my melee char ^^'
@ Ethereal Embrace if i read corectly your post, you 're sayin that in the vanilla game :

Parivir were broken because they has no mp cost  x 2 damage elemental ability that could apply debuff on enemy, and i'm on your side there.

But for u the parivir i suggest is unbalanced too? wich is for remind :

a Parivir without debuffing ability and without any utility ability (nor range damage ability) with no mp cost x 1.5 Elemental damage ability would be unfair because of the backdraft Fighter's ability ? then just buff it !

At last i want to say a word about vanilla parivir: they were broken as hell with their kit who has utility, ranged damging ability etc ...

But what i want for a rebalanced Parivir to be is :

an Elemental Melee Striker who isn't outdamaged by a Dual welding melee paladin and that's all i want .(Sequentia/Fallen angel OP ...)
that look cool, and thks to mind my opinion ^^.
@ Eternal well thks for quick reply but "soften up enemy's defenses" is a saboteur work, and since the soldier is already an excellent saboteur with the rebalanced gauge it would be redundant(and i dont even talk about ninja), and as i said in my previous post :

For me a parivir isn't a saboteur but an elemental striker, so i don't care if they dont have any utility ability in their moveset, but they deserve at least the right of striking elemental and harder than a dual welding paladin :P
well hi all, im new to this forum but not totally from ffta2 so i hope i can have some use to those who still work on this game.

Well i see that the change you've made intend to stop no-braining broken combo wich were allowed with ability like doublecast, frenzy wich is is just good to me.
But now they are few general change that bother me : you 've made the healing stuff harder to deliver, and i can understand that it make the game harder, but that's just my opinion, i think you ve overdone it for the white mage:

raise cost set to 20 and reraise to 50 when you know you start with 0 mp and you gain 8 mp per turn(if i remember corectly)
it's basicly mean that my white mage is gonna do nothing for at least 7 turns to cast a single reraise and im forgeting halve mp ability on purpose

then moving to the thing that bother me the most :

parivir: each of ELEMENTAL blade do now NORMAL damage ...
well now why would i choose to have a parivir in my team?
For his negative buff ability ? no ninja have ranged one,
for the double atack technique ? rather Dual welding, for the wind slash at melee range ... you get the idea
i know Parivir ability need to be nerfed but that's not the good direction (to me),
i mean a low defense magic resistance stat class like him aren't mean to inflict bad status to ennemies ! But trully to hit them the harder they can.
A change to make the parivir still viable would be to set his elemental damage to 1.5 instead of 2 and remove the debuff chance, so that even with geomancy it will deal only x 3 damage

If i were agresive here it's just that ffta2 parivir class was my favorite so i apologise already.

PS. Im delight that this game exist still in the heart of other ppl like yourself, and even if you would ignore my opinion i still support your project and wish you good luck !

PSS. sorry for my bad english it is not my native langage :p