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June 16, 2021, 03:51:52 am


Use of ePSXe before 2.0 is highly discouraged. Mednafen/RetroArch is recommended for playing/testing, pSX is recommended for debugging.

Final Fantasy Tactics: Kind Of PSP (Current Version: 2.6)

Started by Eternal248, April 21, 2012, 08:53:46 pm


Hi Eternal.
I'm playing your patch now. Its really good. The changes you made increased the difficulty maintaining the  fun. The only disappointment for me was Reis.
But thats because I really hoped you changed her skills the same way as Ramza but make them work on her. After all, she is dragon too. But that is only something I wanted. So thank you very much for this great patch. And I have some questions:

I am in the Limberry Castle Inner Court ( the battle against Deathknight Argath) and I was trying to make Agrias learning Darkness Skill from the cristalized Dark knight here ( She has already unlocked this job, but without anything learned.Not even the zero JP cost). But the option to learning skill never appears, only the healing HP and Mp. I abused savestate, taking turns between to crystals and nothing of learning skill, only healing. I tried with other characters to learning skills of differents jobs but still the same result. So I supose this is intentional. These crystals are only for healing. Or am I really unlucky?

In the last battle in the " The Haunted Mine" side quest, I found a Zeus Mace, but Reis died. And in the subsequent attempts, I was struggle trying to keep her alive. So when I finally got to win, I forgot to take the treasures. So the question is:
      What else has in this battle besides the Zeus Mace and if I will get another chance get them?

The speed of some skill in the skill window menu differs from the speed showing in the select button help message. The magics in the monsters attack options window (but that, I think, is because the monsters attacks options window have a format standardized, so every skill put there will have a standardized description) and some spells/summon skills(Titan,Bahamut,Odin,Leviathan, Faerie,Curaga and I think all the spells with speed 34 in the select button help message the speed showed is 33). But none of this has big impact in my game.

So thank you again for your work. Bye.

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Hey Eternal,

Great job on such a fantastic patch and mod as a whole. I created an account just to ask how are Onion Knights inteded to level up with EXP if Bequeath Bacon no longer grants EXP? I really love the rework, especially being able to use Ultima with a generic unit. Looking so forward to 3.0!
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Just started playing, those thunder-proof boots are everywhere  :shock:
Got my ass kicked a few times at random encounters (damn reviving chocobos and healing panthers and weapon-breaking goblins), but i'm adapting.

Are the Move-Find Item spots still the same?

I was wondering if you could give the modified Level Growths for the Generic classes (in numbers)? Would help choosing how to level up.

Thanks for the mod, gonna try this challenge.

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Sorry for the double post, but how do i get JP for the Onion Knight abilities? They wont gain them using anything, jobs wont increase it either, i'm confused.

Also, i've just gotten Luso and tried to teach him Twister, but none of the Behemoth monsters have it, even with Secret Ability, the three of them will learn Almagest.
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Hello there, I love this mod, it makes the game more challenging while allowing us to obtain the multiplayer items all in the story mode.

However, the Fell Swords were removed.  Is there any plans to ever add them back in?

I've always wanted to collect all of those Fell Swords, even if you nerf their stats and abilities.

Thank you.
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Hi, I'd just like to ask if Hi-Ethers are supposed to sell for 10000? It seems like a huge boost to funds.
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