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June 12, 2021, 02:01:58 pm


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SOR- Classes

Started by SentinalBlade, September 03, 2009, 12:59:50 pm


September 05, 2009, 11:30:43 pm #20 Last Edit: December 31, 1969, 07:00:00 pm by SilvasRuin
Death and Decay had nothing to do with my lich question, actually.  It was the ties to the ice element that got me wondering, because as far as I can tell, only WC has had liches all aligned with ice.  In other settings I'm aware of, they are necromancers who turned their art on themselves to achieve greater power, understanding, or some form of immortality; no elemental alignments necessary.

Making a job both weak to and resist the same element makes it neutral, right?  It would be nice if it made it 75% or something.  That would help the latter two have a more even spread for elemental resists.  I doubt that's doable.  As for trying to balance resists, it just isn't going to be done.  Well... if you nix my last two suggestions and you make them Water + Ice and Wind + Bolt, you might could keep the same basic concepts going with a small amount of skill shifting, and that would produce the following for resists:

Water + Ice
Half: Water and Ice
Weak: Bolt and Fire

Wind + Bolt
Half: Wind and Bolt
Weak: Ice and Earth

Total:  (Assuming Dark/Holy mix jobs have 2 weaknesses each, not 1)
2 Holy weaknesses
2 Dark weaknesses
2 Fire weaknesses
2 Earth weaknesses
1 Water weakness
1 Wind weakness
1 Bolt weakness
1 Ice weakness

Hm...  The extra weaknesses coincide with what Lich and Apostle would be good against, element-wise.  Ah, that's why!  The Holy + Ice female exclusive is what gives Lich its extra advantages and the Dark + Bolt male exclusive is what gives Apostle its extra advantages.  That means only half of the enemies for either given extra set of weaknesses have the potential to actually create those weaknesses at any given time.  Basically, those extra weaknesses shouldn't turn up all THAT often.  You're going to get uneven numbers no matter what you do.  My plans so far have favored making the male and female exclusives the source of the unevenness every time, to reduce how often such unevenness actually has an affect on things.  I wound up stumbling across it this time by fluke, but that's what I suggest.  It's as even as I think it is possible with these two jobs included in the patch.

If you like that spread, I'll look into making suggestions on how to set up the two that will change from the previous concepts.


September 14, 2009, 03:48:06 am #21 Last Edit: December 31, 1969, 07:00:00 pm by SentinalBlade
In lue of the recent progress on skillsets, but the fact taht im utterly stuck out of my fucking mind, i can easily recycle an idea from the last revision.

Using the samurai as a base class, we can tweak the skillset in a way. He would still have to use items(HAVE to), but his skills could be elemental....

Any suggestions on this one? i am taking the Fire Lich idea, nand the Boreal, scrapping Storm Mistress in place of Holy + Ice the new elemental line up is:

Dark + Lightning (Male Exclusive)
Dark + Fire
Holy + Earth
Holy + Ice(Female Exclusive)
Wind + Ice
Water + Earth

I have no idea what to do for the samurai element. And i have no idea what to do about Water + Earth.

One thing i could do, is just screw trying to fix the skillset bug for now, and just make some extra "special units" meaning, i remove one of the dual elements(because im using squire as the place to put Pyro Blade for now).Make 10 people join you, each one having dual elements that aren't able to fit on the job wheel.

Its kind of a crap solution, but i can set enemy jobs to the same jobs that would take the base class slot(squire).

In essence, lose one dual element on the job wheel, gain 5 dual element specials at the start of the game.

Thoughts guys? it really seems like a good idea, since the job wheel is so limited anyways, its better than not having those classes at all. right?

EDIT: it was made clear to me i need to explain this better.

I have 14 classes right now. This would make it 13
You start with 10 Specials
Each 2 specials will get a unique skillset i'm unable to fit in, so thats 5 new classes
This brings our total to 18
They still get access to the job wheel, to the other 13 classes.
They would be immortal flagged, so you cant crystal/treasure them

The ONLY actual problem with this is sprites, they will have the same sprite, through out the entire game. Not to say that each of these units would get a special sprite all their own, but they wouldn't get to change it with the generic jobs.