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Could use a touch of help with LionEditor

Started by SPAZwazza, April 19, 2021, 10:46:55 pm


Hullo, all. Was having a spot of bother with LionEditor, unable to find a solution myself via Googling around, thought I'd ask here. I'm playing WoTL with PPSSPP version-...whatever the most current one is, I downloaded it today. I edited EncryptSave to False in PPSSPP.ini, saved, renamed FFTA.SYS to Lioneditor.bin, but Lioneditor won't open it.

When using Open, I navigate to the file, click Open and...nothing happens. The file browser window closes, but it doesn't load anything, all the boxes remain blank/greyed out. Open From Memory Stick doesn't do anything, selecting the ULUS10297FFT0000 folder where the file is located just gives me the "Invalid path" notification, "Selected path is not a Memory Stick."

Having already gotten my ISO patched with the slowdown remover and gotten my old FFTpatcher cheats loaded up, I'm 90% ready to actually play the game, so hitting a stumbling block at the 5 yard line here is rather frustrating. I just want to rename/edit the zodiac of a few units.
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May 03, 2021, 09:41:42 pm #1 Last Edit: May 03, 2021, 11:18:51 pm by LeetMiniWheat
The below steps are the only way I've been able to get LionEditor to work (tested on PSP-2000 and PSP-Go), it's a huge pain in the butt process but now am curious if such alternative ways are possible since PPSSPP cannot load .prx plugins and AFAIK using FFTSaveHook.prx is the only way. There's been discussions on PPSSPP forums about supporting .prx plugin loading and I've seen a few dead projects trying to port the decrypt/encrypt save thing to PC (which should be possible but is an odd squaresoft and/or sony format IIRC). Not sure if anyone actually finished one not requiring a PSP - especially due to popularity of Android/iOS save modding now.

  • Ensure FFTSaveHook.prx is enabled on your CFW modded PSP (if not, connect to computer and click top right icon in LionEditor and point it to your PSP. If PSP-Go ensure ONLY on ef0:\ not memory stick. If not working; check seplugins\GAME.txt is correct and all files exist only on ef0 (System Storage) - seplugins\FFTSaveHook.prx, wotl iso in ISO folder, and FFT saves in PSP\SAVEDATA - I never got it to work on memstick and duplicates cause confusion and other issues but not tried too hard)
  • Copy ULUS10297FFT0000 or ULES00850FFT0000 folder to PSP\SAVEDATA\ on PSP
  • Delete any existing "lioneditor.bin" files created with FFTSaveHook
  • Launch game on PSP, load a save, then quit game - this creates a lioneditor.bin file if none exist in folder. If not working, refer to step 1 and step 3
  • Connect PSP again, open US or open EU save in LionEditor and select root folder of PSP (or select ~\Documents\PPSSPP\ if you copy entire folder containing the decrypted "lioneditor.bin"
  • Make your changes in LionEditor, then save. If you edited save copied to PPSSPP folder, then copy entire folder back to PSP otherwise skip to next.
  • Load game on PSP, load save (it should be reading from lioneditor.bin here) then save game (here it should save to normal file and re-encrypt as usual).
  • Quit game, delete lioneditor.bin to avoid confusion. Now your saves should be modified and can be copied back to PC/PPSSPP. Rinse and repeat for further modifications.

One important thing to note is the prx plugin doesn't seem to overwrite files so you need to delete lioneditor.bin each time you edit save and re-encrypt by loading/saving game, I recommend "CMFileManager PSP" for quick filesystem access otherwise you need to plug PSP into PC just to delete stupid file if you forgot something before creating decrypted save. Sometimes I wish there was a a LionEditor homebrew app for PSP CFW like the iOS one, since this is long and tedious but not worth anyone's time due to dead platform and PSX being preferred modding version (though most large mods don't work in POPS when converted to a ps1classics style eboot.pbp - only mods that work as intended on real original PS1 hardware, but this is off topic; not related to LionEditor).

Other notes:
-Stat editing doesn't seem to work properly, as well as changing level doesn't change stats properly.
-Rearranging formation is prone to enormous bugs, however you CAN often bring back a dead/crystalized character back with checkbox if slot wasn't filled/overwritten (this might be just copying char from another save slot, which seems OK if its a direct copy NOT over another character who filled that slot already)
-If you're looking to add a special char it's best to edit a ENTD in FFTPatcher and have them officially "Join after event", otherwise it's not always correct and/or they get added to weird spots in formation and/or ability quotes don't work and other weird stuff.
-LionEditor is buggy/quirky but does seemingly work OK for a lot of stuff like changing equipment, changing zodiac sign (like making Ramza Serpentarius sign), adding 20 kills required for DK, adding items to inventory (including multiplayer-only and poach-only items), changing gill, changing time played (99.9hr max time on saves gets annoying), and a few other things like adding JP and skills (though best to add JP and learn skills in-game manually) but beware it can break your saves, glue your cat to the rug and possibly burn your house down.
-For equipment I recommend adding desired equipment to inventory rather than directly editing the character's equipped items due to possible stat miscalculations but I've not checked this, since the game _usually_ recalculates properly upon loading an equip-edited character.
-Another annoying thing to note about skills is you can't learn or de-learn any skill slots that aren't in vanilla-wotl if you're playing a mod (technically this should be possible with minor code modification but LionEditor is hardcoded with vanilla skills/skill slots for each job, I wish it had 16 ability checkboxes and 6 R/S/M checkboxes for every job since they go by slot number anyways). I only noticed how annoying this is when playing Emergence and everyone was throwing stones (Stone is ability slot 15 on almost every job in Emergence), reminded me of snowball fight in FFTA

ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR SAVES!!!! It's very easy to break things (winrar preset with date appended to archive name comes in handy).
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