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June 15, 2021, 12:12:31 am


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FRAME.BIN Editor v1.02 & Tutorial

Started by Elric, July 16, 2020, 07:08:16 am


July 16, 2020, 07:08:16 am Last Edit: July 20, 2020, 01:20:13 am by Elric
FRAME.BIN Editor 1.02 by Elric

So since there was not an existing FRAME.BIN editor or tutorial, now that we have a Shishi that can proper import and export the file, I figured I would take all the info we had on the site and create a easy to use spreadsheet that anyone can use to remap the locations of the status effects as well as a few other aspects of the FRAME.BIN.

This is in no way currently complete. There is a lot of data that is called from FRAME.BIN which I have not yet location, but as of now, this will cover all the status' as well as things like 2 Hands Only, Both Hands, etc.

So to start, if you open the workbook, the first thing you'll see is this:

Looking at this, everything should be fairly self explanatory, but lets go over a few cells anyway.

Status Example
Below, we see the status Berserk, copied from the Frame.bin editor

Here we can see a screencap of the Frame.bin in GraphicsGale, notice that Berserk is highlighted and we see the XX,YY axis, which is the location of the image on the sheet, followed by the Width and Height. Notice that these numbers match up to the above image as well.

It is really that simple.

Bonus & New Status
As a bonus though, I have also included the ability to add up to 6 new status, and a toggle for Frog, which normally is turned off in vanilla, thanks to RetroTypes and some extensive knowledge I got from his own thread on FRAME.BIN.

In the image here below, we see a drop down menu at the end of the row for Frog. Vanilla setting is 00, or change to 30 to activate the post-attack image for Frog.

In the image here below, we see a drop down menu at the end of the row for BLANK. Vanilla setting is 00, or change to 1E, 1F, 20, 21, 22, or 23 to set a new status. Remember you can only use each one once. To the right of that column, you can see the default skills that these would activate on, once turned on. You can find more info about this in RetroTypes thread HERE

Both Hands/2 Hands Only/Etc. Example
What...? You're still here? Oh right, we haven't covered the display images for 1 Hand Only, 2 Hands Only, Both Hands and 2 Swords... Well, this is where things get a bit tricky... I have been able to find and figure out some of the data here, but some doesn't quite make sense to me yet, and seem to require 2 or even 3 different bytes at once. So currently, some of the XX axis cannot be edited. There is also a drop down menu to help 2 Swords specifically, in order to change 3 words (2)(Sword)(s), into 1 word (Sword) and allowing you to then edit the width, of course this would assume that you want to change 2 swords to something that was instead, only 1 word.

So due to the above, you'll have to currently work with what we have, and if you are able to find anything new in regards to this, or any image on the FRAME.BIN sheet, that isn't covered here, feel free to post about it, and I'll make sure to get it added in.

As we see above, when you select No in the drop down menu, then it will remain 3 words, of which you can edit each to varying degrees. When you instead select Yes in the drop down menu, this will automatically zero out the hex for words 2 and 3, and make a change that allows the width of the first word (2) to be edited without any extra derpage.

Lastly, if this is the first spreadsheet hack you've ever used (I would be very very confused if that was somehow the case), once your edits are made, youll need to click on the XML tab on the bottom of the workbook, and copy Column A, from A1 all the way down through A272. Copy, and then paste this into a blank .xml file. Don't have a .xml? Sure you do, make a new notepad document, paste the contents mentioned above, save the file with whatever name you want, and change the extension from .txt to .xml. Place this into the xml folder of FFTP, and then patch it to your FFT image using orgASM.

the end
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