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Online Map Viewer

Started by mmatyas, July 07, 2020, 02:16:58 pm


Hello everyone! Recently I've started tinkering with this wonderful game, and now made a web-based map viewer for the PSX version. I had some troubles running map2gl on Linux, and was also curious about the various file formats the game uses, so I wanted to make a simple, cross platform and (hopefully) user friendly viewer.

You can find it here: mmatyas.github.io/fft/mapviewer. Give it a try!

How it works:

You will need the PSX disc in BIN format (but not in .ECM.BIN).

  • If you only have the physical disc, most CD writer programs can also create a backup from it into a CUE/BIN pair (eg. ImgBurn I think).
  • If you have an ECM.BIN file, you can use ECM Decompressor to uncompress it.

After that, just drag and drop the the disc file into the page and browse the maps!
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Holy moogle puffs that's impressive 😮
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Love that it reads from the image so you can view everything quickly + any custom maps you've made! Nice work!
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