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FFT Arena: Arrange Mode - New Format, Monsters Available

Started by saw2th, June 18, 2020, 09:12:47 pm


Hi everyone, I have a new format of FFT Arena available for play.

This mod is based off of the vanilla arena patch and serves more of a content hack with some rebalanced parameters for ai battle nuance. The original Hacktics Forum FFTArena is based off of the 1.3 hardtype mod, so this format's goal is to make most of the vanilla content available for battles, including monsters.

The rules have also been rebalanced for this format and differ from Vanilla Battles and original FFTArena.

These are the team guidelines & general changes from vanilla for this Arrange format:

-All original job titles & sprites are preserved, with reworked versions of original abilities/stats/rsm.
-All regular monsters are playable, including worker 8, apanda, demons, etc. with reworked attributes & skills.
-Each team cannot have more than one of the same Monster on their team.
-Each team is limited to no duplicates of any equipment, skill, or rsm. Multiple of the same primary job is still allowed.
-Serpentarius is not legal. Zodiac compat is the same as vanilla.
-Statuses have been reworked, some statuses have been changed to last on death or not count as a KO (such as blood suck).
-Fury is not implemented, and some weapons have their damage formula changed, which is denounced in the master guide.
-Each job can now only equip a few different types of accessory.
-Each job now has a bonus innate minor RSM that do not count towards your limit.
-Team units begin at 60/60 Brave & Faith, and brave/faith altering skills are legal.
-Teams are level 50.
-Job unlock cost is 250 each.
-JP Cap per unit is still 3000.

Please submit team list ideas in regular Memory Card Generator format. Once we have 8+ available teams, tournament-style video coverage will be possible.

Also, if you'd like to make a team format of all monsters, that is welcome for trying out all monster vs. monster teams.

Patch, Master Guide, and MCG linked below.

Any team submissions please post here, or you are welcome to direct message/email teams to me, or post in the linked discord server that I created for team lists. Any teams submitted will be updated onto the memory card generator for other users to play against.
  • Modding version: PSX


MCG updated with teams from Barren, Nomoment, Carvalho, and myself
  • Modding version: PSX