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June 14, 2021, 10:52:23 pm


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FFT - Game of Thrones Comparison

Started by PrometheusBR, April 18, 2020, 02:31:05 pm


April 18, 2020, 02:31:05 pm Last Edit: April 18, 2020, 03:46:46 pm by ZeroX
Hi Everyone, I love a Song of Ice and Fire almost as much as I do Final Fantasy Tactics.
I know I'm not the first point out but FFT shares more than a few narrative similarities with George RR Martin masterpiece.
Let's see some of'em.

The Kingdom:

Both Westeros and Ivalice were seven kingdoms prior to unification and remain as seven provincies.

In both worlds a prosperous kingdom was destroyed by a calamity that might have involved natural disaster or magical elements (Valyria/Murond)

In both worlds from the fall of ancient civilizations a important element of its culture was lost to time (Magic in Westeros, advanced technology in Ivalice).

The Previous War:

Both works start after the end of an important war that shaped the Kingdom (Robert's Rebellion/50 Years War

Ned Stark = Barbaneth Beoulve

Both Ned and Barbaneth die in the first book/chapter.

Both are recognized nationwide as one of the most honorable and righteous man the kingdom.

Both are great swordsman and war heroes that proved instrumental in the Previous war.
Both have several siblings, including adopted ones.

Both in contrast to their flawless reputation fathered bastard children who they protected.

Both died due to being betrayed.

The King's Death:

In both works, after the start of chapter 1, but before chapter 2, the King dies and this leads to a sucession war. Both dead kings were seen as weak incompetent.

The War of the Roses'esque War:

Most similarities between ASOIAF and FFT are due to the fact that both are inspired by England's War If the Roses.

In both ASOIAF and FFT the majority of the story takes place during a civil war that starts in chapter 2 (War of the Five Kings/ War of the Lions).

In both the civil war starts with the death of the previous king, and a sucession dispute ensues.

In both the rightful heir claim (Joffrey/Orinas) is disputed because rumors indicate that the heir was not fathered by the late king.

In both the queen's family (Lannisters/Largs) takes power in the first moment.

Both queens became incompetent rulers and are arrested during the war because of It (Cersei/Louveria).

In both one party is headed by the queen's house trying to secure the claim of a probably ilegitimate child, against a relative of the late king (Stannis/Goltanna).

In ASOIAF the northern Stark army crest has a white background and rebel against the southern Lannister army whose most prominent color is red.

In FFT the Order of the North Sky represent the White Lion and battles the Order of the Southern Sky, whose most prominent color is red.

In both the Church capitalizes on the peoples suffering from the war to rally their support.

In both the war is being secretly manipulated by a third party (Littlefinger/The Church).

The Secret War:

In both the civil war that rages the country is not the major threat, that one being the one presented by an ancient race of supernatural beings that were defeated in the past, but long forgotten. (Others/Lucavi).

In both cases the supernatural enemies can reanimate the dead.

In both cases the kingdom is oblivious to this real menace.

Ramza=Jon Snow

Both Jon and Ramza are the bastard child of the above mentioned praised honorable war hero, and are constantly compared to him.

Both have a very strong bond with a suster.

Both are very righteous, brave, with a strong sense of justice and do not discriminate people due to birth status. And skilled swordsman.

Both have been accused of being naive.

Both uncover the real supernatural threat and try to warn the world about it to little avail.


ASOIA doesn't have a Delita character, that being a sort of co-protagonist whose story is greatly intertwined with our hero protagonista.

But there's a Lot of similarities between Delita and minor character Littlefinger. Let's compare:

Both are lowborn characters that lived in a highborn enviroment. (Adopted by major houses).

Both suffered the greatest tragedy of their lives due tô the condition of being lowborn (LF had his heartbroken being forbidden to court the woman he loves and humiliated, Delita saw his sister slain, sacrificed for not being important enough).

But tragedies are related to a loss involving the most important woman of their lives.

But vowed to become powerful and change their lot in life.

But were sucessfull seizing positions of power due to years of preparation, through a séries of lies, betrayals, false alliances and even murder.

Extra: Incest?!

I was going to make a whole Cersei=Louveria paragraph, but most of their similarities are already where I pointed the civil war similarities.

One thing I was going to put there, is that I was pretty sure that the game hinted in some moment that Orinas could be the child of incest between Larg and Louveria, creating another major similarity with Cersei.

But Im not entirely sure of It, I dont remember exactly where I got this Idea from, and didn't find anything about it online.

So you guys enlighten me, is Orinas father, Duke Larg?

I'll point out more similarities If I remember.

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