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ISIA Base Patch (Inflict Status & Item Attribute Consolidation)

Started by Celdia, April 06, 2020, 06:21:41 pm


Heyla, folks. So this here is a quick rebirth of an old project that I thought I might dive into real quick to see how quickly I could get it updated using Xifanie's FFT Mod Helper (v 1.01) toolset. It even helpfully found a couple entries I'd missed so many years ago.

ISIA Base Patch

What Does This Do?

 This patch is intended to be used as a base patch for new PSX FFT patches that want all of the duplicate Inflict Statuses and Item Attributes from Vanilla cleaned up into single entries that are properly referenced by the skills, items, and etc. that need them.

How Do I Use This Patch?

 Included in the download are both .PPF and .FFTP files (use whichever you prefer, the end result should be the same) that can be directly applied to a CLEAN ISO before any other modifications for a new patch are made.


The only thing of note is that the Vanilla Inflict Status of "40 - None [Cancel: Petrify, Oil, Poison, Stop]" remains in the patch even though nothing uses that I.S. and it has been shuffled down to position 2B if for some reason you are looking for it. Replacing that shouldn't affect anything Vanilla.