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June 15, 2021, 12:37:12 am


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FFT Script Confusion... Inconsistency?

Started by Deverca, October 17, 2013, 12:08:59 am


October 17, 2013, 12:08:59 am Last Edit: October 17, 2013, 12:14:19 am by Deverca
I had a question on what everybody thought about this... In the story, when Vormav meets Barinten in Riovanes castle, Barinten calls out Izlude and Malak. Then Barinten tells Vormav that he has taken Taurus and Scorpio.  Then Vormav calls Izlude a fool and slaps him.

Now this must be a typo, correct?  For one thing, Barinten can't be holding Taurus and Scorpio: Ramza got Taurus from Mustadio and Scorpio from killing Quecklain, and to my knowledge, never lost them to the Temple Knights.  Barinten could have been bluffing to get a rise from Vormav, but Vormav obviously felt that it was Izlude's fault.  Vormav may have thought this were the case, if he knew Ramza had those stones and assumed Izlude had taken them back in Orbonne Monastery.  But Wiegraf had been possessed and returned to Vormav, and knew everything that had happened in Orbonne, so Vormav shouldn't have been confused about that. 

My guess was that Barinten was meant to say he had Virgo.  This would make sense, because Izlude was carrying Pisces and Virgo from Orbonne when he was ambushed by Malak.  He only had Pisces when he died, so it would hold that Malak had taken Virgo.  But then how did Vormav have Virgo when he found Alma?  Barinten had already escaped to the roof where he was killed by Elmdor.  I guess he had left the stone somewhere in the castle and Vormav had found it. 

One last question: Then what stone is Malak holding when the Barinten kills him?  After they fight Elmdor, Rafa revives him with it.  But which one?


Ramza gave Alma Scorpio and Taurus before going to the depths of Orbonne, to hold in safety in case he didn't come back. Alma got kidnapped by Izlude, transferring Scorpio and Taurus to Izlude. Izlude got kidnapped by Malak, transferring Scorpio and Taurus to Malak. Vormav likely slapped Izlude out of anger that he let himself get kidnapped.

I think it's presumed that it was Scorpio who revived Rafa.
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 :mrgreen: Oh that's right, I went back and looked at the game script again.  From the looks of things Ramza only gave one of the stones to Alma (He says "this stone", singular, and the color looks like Scorpio).  I mean, she could've already been holding Taurus I guess.

It still seems odd though, that Vormav would've taken Virgo from Izlude during the fight (slaughter) at Riovanes and not taken Pisces.  Not any stranger than Malak not finding Virgo or Pisces I suppose, except Malak might not have know what he was looking for.  Malak may have found Taurus and Scorpio right off the bat and assumed that's all there was.  Vormav definitely knew Izlude had Pisces.

I guess it wasn't an inconsistency, but not exactly airtight either...

Plan C

Sry to necro but I know this is over a year old and no one here probably cares anymore. But after the Orbonne events, if you were to check your Artifacts section under Brave Story, the Taurus and Scorpio stones will have disappeared as confirmation.