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Help! / FFT PSX FFTPatcher ruins my game
April 06, 2020, 12:26:09 pm
Hey guys! I'm new!

Anyway, onto my problem. So, I'm trying to essentially make Ramza a Holy Swordsman. I gave his Guts skill-set all the abilities that Orlando has. I also have him insane, well to me anyway, innate abilities 'cause I just want to make him a 1-man wrecking machine. Figured it'd be fun. Also, I changed the cachusha and ribbon from hair adornments to a helmet and hat respectively, and gave them insane buffs :P Now, I honestly thought that those changes were relatively minor, but when i finish it all and patch my ISO, that ISO is totally screwed. I don't know how to dissect what I need to change to fix everything.

Also, when I enter a battle (even though i didn't change any battles...at all), the sprites are totally messed and I just immediately lose right after the battle starts. I took a lot of screenshots, so sorry for that, but I figured I'd show exactly what I'm trying to do. Amazingly enough, these exact same changes works with WotL. WotL has hiccups with these changes, but the game runs fine and is perfectly playable. The sprites and text can be messed up but, still playable certainly. Hopefully people see this, I'm new to changing the game like this so I have no idea how these changes can alter the game so severely.