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Looks cool as heck. A few questions:

1. Will this be easily moddable (if at all)? It looks like it has a lot of room to build one's own ideas without having to negotiate with the limited space of a PSX rom, or jumping through a bunch of hoops to get everything to work properly.

2. The desert map you've shown is massive. Does this mean we can expect far more soldiers on the map? This is a very exciting thing to imagine.

3. How much of the story have you figured out?

And some feedback:

Your completed map looks very clean. So much so that the thought of seeing more has me pretty giddy. Imagining a significant number of units as I mentioned earlier makes me wonder at how something like a big castle battle would work, or just some sort of frontline clash. The roadside river map concept looks pretty cool also.

The classes are interesting, though in a game with this scale I think a few more wouldn't hurt. Take that with a grain of salt, though; I'm not much good at balancing gameplay myself.

The 3D character model business is certainly a concern, but not really a bad one. In my own opinion, they'd look great as long as you kept with the art style you've created thus far (though 3D sprites might fit better than models). A more modern take on FFT portraits would fit fantastically, I think. A UI similar to the one in the Tactics Ogre: LUCT remake with a more ye olde-ish flavour would fit very well with what you've made, or so I believe.

As for the camera angles, corners please at least this eye far more than a straight up square view. It might be worth it to make the maps rotate at 45 degrees per turn so that the player can decide which perspective they prefer to play at.

That all is just what I think, anyway! Either way, this looks super promising and exciting. I'm looking forward to playing it one day!
Recruitment / Offering: Writing Assistance!
August 23, 2018, 01:44:25 am
Hey there, FFHacktics! I've been poking around here for a little while now and it's some really cool stuff that you guys do. FFT is one of my favorite games and seeing such a devoted fan base is great! I've tried my hand at making a patch for the game based on information gathered on the forums, but sadly it's a tad too complicated and time-consuming for my efforts to amount to much of anything. That said, for those currently working on projects of their own, I have a skill to offer: writing!

I'm quite experienced in defining plot direction, character development, dialogue writing and other facets of a good story. I know, however, that if you've committed to a story patch you'll likely have a vision of your own already established; I can provide simple advice and guidance in such a case. Additionally, if you find yourself grasping at straws or unsure of where to advance a plot, I'm your guy. I can assist you in ensuring that your story is easy to follow and avoids any... confusing situations. Haha!

Besides story stuff, I can help out as a playtester or be somebody to bounce ideas off of, whatever's in my capacity to do.