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August 04, 2021, 08:57:01 pm


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Completed Mods / Re: FFT: Emergence (PSP)
June 07, 2020, 05:29:17 pm
Hi, I just wanted to write a quite note saying that I've moved onto other hacks, and am not checking this forum regularly anymore. If you want to reach me, please send me a private message on Romhacking.net. My username there is 'PowerPanda'.
Completed Mods / Re: FFT: Emergence (PSP)
April 18, 2020, 06:11:36 pm
You can find all of that info by loading the ISO into FFTPatcher. Lucavi HP was not touched.
Completed Mods / Re: FFT: Emergence (PSP)
April 15, 2020, 06:05:04 pm
Okay, I get it now. I was totally misinterpreting. Yes, Brawler is being blocked because the Archer/Soldier/Monk were all switched around. This was the only way, at the time, to sidestep around 2 issues:
1. The Charge ability only works when it's equipped to the Archer class.
2. At the time, there was no way around having to master the Soldier class to get the "Dark Knight". Since I changed the Dark Night to the Magus, that was no longer thematic.

So, Archers became Soldiers, Soldiers became Monks, and Monks became Archers. Hence, you can't equip Brawler to an Archer. I was not aware of that limitation before. I could fix it, but it would require extensive work, which I'm not willing to do at the moment. If I did anything new with Emergence, I would port it to the PSX version before continuing.

QuoteI just started playing your patch and so far I'm enjoying it. One thing I noticed is the class info spread sheet says def up is on Archer class, however in game I don't see it. Thanks for the patch looking forward to the next update
Ah, that is my mistake. "Concentration" on the Archers was suppposed to be swapped with "Defense Up" on the Lancers. I will release a 1.3.1 patch at some point to correct that, as well as correcting the formula for Astral Light so it is not subject to Magic Evasion.

EDIT: Patch uploaded.
Completed Mods / Re: FFT: Emergence (PSP)
April 14, 2020, 09:41:33 pm
Quote from: Raijinili on April 14, 2020, 03:36:21 pmAre you aware that Support-blocking in Vanilla is hardcoded and does not actually check what Innates the job has?

There might be an ASM hack for it, but it seems from your response that you aren't aware of such a hack.

I am not aware of it. Can you give me a quick explanation of what support-blocking is?
Completed Mods / Re: FFT: Emergence (PSP)
April 01, 2020, 12:40:09 pm
Quote from: Sieghart Wirsing on March 30, 2020, 09:31:46 amSo. Archers. The latest version of the patch changed their Innate to Defense Up, except... Nnnnot really? Because I can certainly equip Defense Up with that Innate all the same. So I was thinking up until two days ago that it was doubling the effects, until I found out that it's actually barring Brawler to be equipped due to "being the Innate" as the pop-up says, not Defense Up. What's happening in here?

No idea. I tested the Defense Up innate before releasing the patch, and confirmed that it was working for archers. My only though is that it might be an issue with the patching program? Monks in Emergence are job slot 4E, which in the vanilla game is Monk. Each job has 2 innate slots, and in the vanilla game, Brawler occupies slot 1 of job 4E, whereas in Emergence, Defense Up occupies slot 2. So it might be that the patch isn't properly clearing out slot 1? Again, I'm grasping at straws here. Can you open your ISO in FFTPatcher and let me know what you see for the innate abilities on Job 4E?
Completed Mods / Re: FFT: Emergence (PSP)
February 28, 2020, 10:31:51 am
Quote from: blood_falcon on February 14, 2020, 12:08:35 am@BleuVII

Can you somewhat increase the accuracy for Luso's Astrologer Tech? They are so low, even with Concentration being equipped

The formula for all of the Astral Magicks is
3D   Hit_(MA+X)% ME, X=75
This means that the Astrology commands will hit 75% of the time, plus your Magic Attack number. However, it is subject to the target's Magic Evasion. I felt that this was fair, since you were casting a variety of statuses on a group of foes at the same time. Note that the pre-attack screen will give you a much smaller percentage, as it's calculating the percentage of each status effect hitting, not the spell itself. (Also, sidenote: Astral Light should have Formula 41, which ignores Magic Evasion. That is a mistake, but not a big enough one to release a new patch for. If you have FFTPatcher, go ahead and make that change.)

The way to boost the effectiveness is to increase your Magick Attack, either through equipment or through the Orator's "Shout" ability. You can also have Luso learn the Wizard's "Magick Boost" reaction command, which will increase his MA when he is hit.

I tried to add an ability like "Focus" or "Rush" that lets you manually boost MA, but it wasn't possible at the time I made this mod. With the release of the Valhalla editor, it's now possible to add that ability, but
1. I have no ability slots left, and
2. I don't know where to put it. It makes sense to put it on the Wizard, but there are no ability slots left, and I'm not willing to sacrifice Watega or Darkness to add it there. If I could free up an ability, I could put it on the Mystic, swapping the Reaction Abilities "Magick Boost" and "Magick Counter" between the Wizard and Mystic. That would require some extensive playtesting though to make sure it maintains balance.

Also, Zero Charge is ability 01E3. The only thing you can edit about the ability is the number of JP it takes to learn it. It was actually built into the original FFT, but dummied out (aka, nobody could learn it).
Completed Mods / Re: FFT: Emergence (PSP)
February 13, 2020, 09:20:25 pm
Quote from: blood_falcon on February 12, 2020, 05:50:13 pm
Also, can you also add Celia and Lettie's skills like Suffocate, to any of the special class? such as Balthier in order to make him unique. Because he is still a carbon-copy of mixture of thief and Mustadio.

I am not going to do that, for balance reasons. Suffocate is a 100% KO... it's WAY too powerful for a player character, but perfect for a memorable boss. However, I'll give you the answer I give everyone who wants to make "just one change": download FFTPatcher, open up your ISO, and tinker to your heart's content! You can even release your tinkering as an addendum patch to Emergence if you feel it's worth it.

Also... I was surprised my ideas for Rapha and Marach worked so well. I don't think I ever took Marach out of my party once I got him, which is a sentence I NEVER thought I would type.
Completed Mods / Re: FFT: Emergence (PSP)
February 05, 2020, 09:11:34 pm
Quote from: travelgenes1989 on February 03, 2020, 03:48:46 pm
Is there anyway to get Gaffgarion to stop spamming Stone at Zeirchele Falls so I can actually learn some Dark Knight Ramza skills? He hasn't cast a single sword skill.

You cannot learn the Dark Knight skills at Zeirchele Falls, even if you CAN get him to cast them. Your first opportunity is at Golgollada Gallows.
War of the Lions Hacking / Re: ENTD issues
December 14, 2019, 09:11:45 am
I was able to use ENTD extensively on FFT: Emergence, so i know it works. I never messed with the "join after battle" flag though.
Hi guys, I just wanted to make a note of something here that took me about a month to troubleshoot and figure out.

Ability slot "00B8 - Infernal Strike" pulls double duty in the game. The ability data (ie - range, MP, formula) applies to Infernal Strike, but Infernal Strike's animation will always copy whatever you have in slot "00A4 - Duskblade". So if you change the animation for Duskblade, that will copy over to Infernal Strike. The animation slot for 00B8 is listed as "0C0 - Summon Angel", and it is the animation that Ultima uses for her movement. If you change this animation, the final battle will softlock when Ultima tries to move. From what I can tell, it's waiting to display the HP/MP damage, but since that value is null, it can't complete the animation.

The animation copying happens also with "002D - Sanguine Sword". That ability will use whatever you set as the animation for "00A5 - Shadowblade". The animation for 002D is "11F". I have not noticed any adverse effects from changing this, but to be safe you should probably leave it alone.
Completed Mods / Re: FFT: Emergence (PSP)
December 03, 2019, 03:51:47 pm
Quote from: Helbram on September 20, 2019, 04:36:06 pm
Hello lads, just want to thank you all for this amazing patch. But how do I make Gafgarion cast Dusk blade. He always seem to spam Shadow blade. Is there a method to trigger it?

Never responded to this on this forum. Gaffgarion will only cast Dusk Blade if you have mp-based damage-dealing spells equipped. The good news is that Ramza's "Spirit Blade" counts for this. If that's still not working for you, you need to get him down to the point where he can't use Shadow Blade (not enough MP), but he still has enough MP to use Dusk Blade. Based on the stats I gave him, that should happen naturally in the course of the Lionel Castle Gate fight. If it's not working, you can use Chakra (Monk), Refresh (Cleric), or an Ether (Chemist) to restore some HP to him. I will note that his AI is unchanged from the vanilla game. The only thing that's changed is the MP requirements for the Dark Knight skills.
Completed Mods / Re: FFT: Emergence (PSP)
December 03, 2019, 11:43:24 am
Thanks for the bug reporting guys. I have uploaded v1.3, which fixes the Luso battle and the final battle against Ultima. The last battle was tricky. It's because Ultima's teleport shares an ability slot with Dusk Blade (Enemy Version). As far as I know, it's the only time that animation is used outside of a cutscene. I had done my "database cleanup", and had set the animation on Dusk Blade to the same thing as Dusk Blade (Ally Version), which was an unnecessary change due to the way the enemy version is coded. So what happened is that Ultima would teleport, and the game would go into an infinite loop waiting to show the HP/MP damage.

I should also announce that I am working on FFT:E 2.0. ZZDD from Romhacking.net has finally cracked the code on PSP ASM hacking, and has created the utility Valhalla to apply ASM patches, as well as offer a more reliable utility for hacking the text of the PSP version. So, FFT:E will include:
*Removal of hardcoded requirements for the Magus (Dark Knight in the original). So no more 20-kill requirement!
*Arithmetician will be able to get spells from all classes, so the Bio line will show up.
*Addition of spell quotes back into the game.
*Novels translated and added.
*Support for the US ISO (FFT:E has been  EU only till now).
*Expansion of Treasure Hunter, Poaching, and ENTD data to include the PSP items.

I am setting NO release date for this, so don't wait on it to play Emergence. I am very happy with version 1.3, and would not have considered a 2.0 without the new utilities available. Saves will be compatible, and any changes added by 2.0 will be endgame-only changes.
Completed Mods / Re: FFT: Emergence (PSP)
November 21, 2019, 02:33:09 pm
Quote from: Amici on November 20, 2019, 08:21:32 pm
Hey any news on the next version? I love your hack, and I'm itching for a replay of FFT. Your edit is perfect for my purposes :D

Next version should be out by the end of the year. There's a new tool for the PSP version called Valhalla that should save me HOURS when compiling a new version, and I am meeting the creator of it to get a hands on tutorial of it though, as it's not the most user-friendly. With this new tool, I should be able to port my changes to the US version, fix the bug where the final battle crashes, remove the 20 kill requirement for the Magus, and more.
Completed Mods / Re: FFT: Emergence (PSP)
November 18, 2019, 06:20:52 pm
Quote from: PapaQuackers on October 27, 2019, 09:58:55 pm

Liking the mod so far, very early into it. Noticed a rather frustrating bug in my attempt to master Squire though. Water Animate appears on the skill list twice, and you can continually attempt to learn both skills but all it does is drain your skill points. I've inadvertently leveled it many times lol.

Thanks for bringing that up. That first one SHOULD be Fire Anima. I'm working on a v2.1 and will fix that.
Completed Mods / Re: FFT: Emergence (PSP)
October 15, 2019, 06:52:43 pm
Quote from: Helbram on September 20, 2019, 04:36:06 pm
Hello lads, just want to thank you all for this amazing patch. But how do I make Gafgarion cast Dusk blade. He always seem to spam Shadow blade. Is there a method to trigger it?

Gaffgarion will cast Dusk Blade when he is between 4-7MP. Tests of this battle had him getting there every time.

I'll look into High Seraph and the Behemoth Battle. I don't consciously remember editing the Behemoths's speed stat, and it didn't come up in either of my test plays. Luso's speed also did not change between v1.1 and v.2.0.
Completed Mods / Re: FFT: Emergence (PSP)
August 25, 2019, 12:48:44 am
Go for it Hiddenlineage. You should be able to open up the patched ISO in FFTPatcher. The section you're looking for is the "ENTD" data.
Completed Mods / Re: FFT: Emergence (PSP)
July 22, 2019, 03:01:02 pm
Quote from: Touchet on July 15, 2019, 10:48:26 pm
Hello Bleu! Thanks for the awesome mod. I had one tiny issue with the job tree. I was trying to unlock mime and your jobtree.jpg wasn't correct. It took me a little while but I found that lvl5 Lancer was still a requirement.

Just thought I'd let you know.

Thanks again!

Thanks Touchet. You are correct. I had flipped the job level requirements for Lancer/Thief and Samurai/Ninja. That has been corrected both in the patch and on the jobtree.jpg.

Anyway, Version 1.2 has been completed, and has been added to the first post. The high-level changes are:
*All known textual errors corrected
*All innate reaction abilities have been removed, due to popular demand
*A few abilities have been shuffled around between classes, and 4 more abilities have been added
And, the biggest change...
*Luso has been given a unique class based on the guest character Orran's "Astrology" abilities

Detailed changes:

*ISO has been rebuilt from scratch to correct all known item, tech, and help text errors.
*Text for PSP-only Rendesvous Reward items has been updated and corrected.
- Important Note: all of these items are dummied out in FFT: Emergence. The only way to gain them is to load a save file from another version of the game or hack your save file.
- Bags have replaced the items that replace them in Emergence (Fell Swords and Pistols).
- Should Bags be hacked into your game, they can only be equipped by Chemists, Orators, and Onion Knights.
- All other items have updated names and help text.

- 'Vanish' ability added.
- 'Float' upped to 150 JP.

- 'Firaja', 'Blizzaja', and 'Thundaja' reduced to 580 JP
- 'Dark' reduced to 600 JP

- 'Vanish' removed.
- 'Dispel' reduced to 200 JP, targeting limited to 1 tile
- New Ability 'Dispelja' added for 400 JP

- Innate ability changed from 'Vigilance' to 'Defense Up'

- Innate ability 'Reflexes' removed

- Innate ability changed from 'Absorb MP' to 'Manafont'

- 'Master Teleport' added as an Innate ability for Master Onion Knights
- 'Moogle Charm' removed

- 'Master Teleport' removed
- 'Celestial Stasis', 'Astral Light', and 'Grand Cross' removed
- New abilities 'Bio', 'Biora', and 'Bioga' added. These previously enemy-only abilities have had their status effects changed to be more fitting for a player character
- Now requires Lv.8 Soldier to unlock, in addition to Master Monk, Master Wizard, & 20 kills


- In addition to Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie, the other 3 generics have been given the static names of Dak, Sarah, and Ashley.

- No longer a copy of the Tengille Family's Arcane Knight class (aka Meliadoul's, Isilud's, and Folmarv's class)
- Gains 'Moogle Charm' from the Onion Knights, renamed to 'Montblanc'
- Borrows 'Quick'/'Stall' from the Squires, who retain their use.
- Gains 'Astral Light', 'Celestial Stasis', and 'Grand Cross' from the Maguses.
- All gained abilities have had their JP costs updated.

- All have gained the "Spirit Blade" ability

*Ch2 - Zierchele Falls - Archer corrected to be holding a bow.
*Midlight Deep 10 - Terminus - After beating the storyline battle, there are 4 special encounters in Terminus, inspired by the Rendesvous Battles. Each has a copy of a side character with a unique class, plus all 3 variations of the 4 strongest monster classes.
1. Reis and Dragons
2. Beowulf and Behemoths
3. Valmafra and Hydras. Valmafra has Cletienne's Magick set of Holy, Darkness, Luminaire, Flare, and Arise, with the Squire's "Red Magicks" as a secondary skillset.
4. Chocobos and Cloud. This has 1 black Chocobo named "Teioh" (party level +5) with 3 Yellow and 3 Red Chocobos for backup. Cloud cheats and uses the Onion Arts skillset as his secondary skill (Barrage).

===---===Version 1.1.1 to 1.2 Compatibility Notes===---===
Final Fantasy Tactics does not store abilities by their ID number. Rather, it stores them by slot. So, if one version of the game had the spells listed in the order of "Fire, Blizzard, Thunder", and you learned "Fire", the game doesn't actually store that you learned "Fire". It stores that you learned "Slot #1". If the next version had them ordered "Thunder, Fire, Blizzard", and you loaded your save file, you would know "Thunder" instead. This affects a few classes between 1.1.1 and 1.2.
*SQUIRE > Vanish has been added. As a result, all abilities except Chant, Salve, and Oil have been shifted down 1 slot.
* ENCHANTER > the slots for 'Vanish' and 'Dispel' have changed to 'Dispel' and 'Dispelja'.
* MAGUS > the slots for 'Astral Light', 'Celestial Stasis', and 'Grand Cross' have been replaced with 'Bio', 'Biora', and 'Bioga'. Master Teleport has been removed. There is no way to gain back the 3000 JP.
* ONION KNIGHT > 'Moogle Charm' has been removed.
* LUSO > Luso is totally different, but all abilities should map to a rough equivalent in terms of JP.
* AGRIAS, MELIADOUL, GAFFGARION > All abilities have shifted down by 1 slot.
Thanks for sharing. How did you do this?

QuoteFocus - MA+1 after charge time

It's one of the few things I wanted to do with my hack that I couldn't.
Completed Mods / Re: FFT: Emergence (PSP)
May 18, 2019, 04:17:46 pm
Quote from: Sieghart Wirsing on May 18, 2019, 09:06:47 am
Finaith sounds peachy. Make it challenging enough, like two yellow for support and two red for offense. I wanna savor the moment... :twisted:

Oh yeah, something I forgot to ask before. This game doesn't have an ice-variant for Hydra, right? Or a "Tri-Ice" of sorts that Reis can learn?

I forgot about this until I went in to look at my hack, but I have "ultimate" encounters in Midlight Deep 10 - Terminus. You can randomly get a battle with 7 monsters (all 3 types of 1 family) and 1 NPC with ??? stats. I've updated them to the following:
1. Dragons and Reis
2. Behemoths and Beowulf
3. Hydras and Valmafra. Valmafra has Cletienne's Magick set of Holy, Darkness, Luminaire, Flare, and Arise, with the Squire's "Red Magicks" as a secondary skillset.
4. Chocobos and Cloud. This has 1 black Chocobo named "Teioh" (party level +5) with 3 Yellow and 3 Red Chocobos for backup. Cloud cheats and uses the Onion Arts skillset as his secondary skill (Barrage and Moogle Charm).
Completed Mods / Re: FFT: Emergence (PSP)
May 14, 2019, 06:43:15 pm
Quote from: Sieghart Wirsing on May 12, 2019, 07:45:16 am
Eh I was half-expecting the multiplayer suggestion to be shot down. So I was thinking, would it be difficult to add the enemy teams used in these modes into the random encounter pool?

Main reason I keep suggesting this: I heard one of these teams is a flock of aggressive chocobo led by a black one named Teioh, as a reference to the same chocobo that was your biggest rival in the races from FF7's Gold Saucer. I wanna clobber him. I wanna have payback for all the frustration over the years losing to that freaking cheater specced with (player chocobo status)+20%, even when trespassing the max limit! :twisted:

Also hey, glad my suggestion worked so well! :D Got an ETA for that new version? Would the changes be too invasive to use on an ongoing save?

I can definitely add in a Chocobo-only encounter with a black Teioh. Where do you want it? I'm thinking either Mandalia Plains or Finaith Creek.

ETA is whenever I'm comfortable with it. You will be able to use your old saves, but you may have a wasted JP here and there. The way FFT stores abilities learned is by their slot. So if you learned slot 3 on one save file, you'll have slot 3 regardless of which ability it is. The major changes will be to the following:
Squires > Adding in the Vanish Spell, which shifts all of the Animas down one slot. They all cost 200JP though, so there is no JP loss.
Enchanters > The Vanish slot will become Dispel, and the Dispel slot will become Dispelga. Dispel costs only 100JP now, but only hits 1 square. Dispelga is 400JP, and hits a radius of 2 squares (total of 12 squares targeted).
Maguses > Celestial Statis, Astral Light, and Grand Cross are replaced with Bio, Biora, and Bioga. The bio line costs 730JP compared to 900JP for the Astral Magicks, so there is a net loss of 170JP if you've already learned them.
Luso > Completely changed.

The other main change is that all of the Squires you get at the beginning of the game have fixed names. Boys are Biggs, Wedge, and Dak (this is the name of an important NPC soldier from my ongoing FF6 hack). Girls are Jessie (FF7), Ashley (a nod to Ashley Riot), and Sarah (FF1 + a dozen cameos, one of the main characters from FF Dimensions).