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I make it short, all further infos can be found at Nexusmods. After some fiddling I managed to replace all 26 in-game music tracks from Fell Seal (v1.0.4) with a personal selection of FFT OST music (from the original OST) as WAV or OGG. The modification can be found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fellsealarbitersmark/mods/9

I have remembered FFHacktics (tried to make a German translation some years ago), cause Fell Seal might be the best paid FFT clone we have today on PC (spoiler: not as good as FFT), besides all the great FFT hacks from here and a few console/PC port/emulated games. The attached picture shows all of all replaced tracks.

My hope is, that someone finds this useful as well. I desperately wanted the great FFT music in Fell Seal after short time of playing and it took several attempts to do it. On Nexusmods you also find a short tutorial on how I did it (Fell Seal is made with Unity). I get goosebumps from those tracks and they remind me of the great time I had so far with the original FFT. I hope you too! =)
Hello again,

after the help from Xifanie I managed to insert the special German letters and could start translating. So far I have translated all "names" files, the battle menu (which is a bit bugged inside FFTactext, you have to copy out the text for editing), unexplored land & treasures, tutorial menus and almost! all other menus (bar etc.). Inside the WORLD.LZW > "24: Tavern text" is more than just the tavern text (menu for Brave story, map menu names for shop, bar etc.). All good by now, I can patch the ISO and it works in-game. Really great! ^^ I'm using the FFTPatcher_0.482v2 version and patch the PSX version.

But I stumbled on four translations problems. I have searched the forums and read a couple of threads, but no luck.

1.) I can't find the following soldier office & shop text with FFTactext:

000B-5002 Try it on Best fit Quit fitting Sell Fitting over
000B-5034 Sell equip Stock
000B-5045 Yes No
000B-504C O K N O
000B-5054 Buy Sell Leave store
000B-5069 Male fighter Female fighter Change name Leave store
000B-509D Hire Quit Check status
000B-50B4 Yes No Ask name again
000B-50CA Num
000B-50CE Quit No

This part can be found at the end of this list here.

2.) Directly after that, the letters for the naming screen can be found!

000B-5AF1 WXYZ
000B-5AF6 abcdefghijk
000B-5B02 lmnopqrstuv
000B-5B0E wxyz
000B-5B13 0123456789
000B-5B1E !?+/:!()"'

I can't seem to find those as well, but they would be very useful! I could add the special German umlauts at those spaces or rearrange the letters.

3.) The text for the Memory card screen won't change at all after editing. It stays at vanilla at the opening or after loading on the worldmap. I have edited the "CARD.OUT 1" and "Save Screen Text" via Quickedit.

4.) The main start menu text "New Game", "Continue", "Tutorial" & "Sound". They look like bitmap text, but the Shishi Editor and FFTactext doesn't show them. See 2nd post.

I know that there is many text left for translation, not to mention the Events and the bitmap texts. But first I want to translate all selectable menu options and on screen gui stuff.

Maybe someone knows where I have to look and can help me out here again. Any help is welcome! =)

BTW, is there any file which is used as a base by FFTactext, where I can add missing stuff or something like that? All those XML and INI files seem to be for FFTPatcher and FFTorgASM.
Hello all!

I'm trying to translate the PSX version to German and we have 7 special letters/umlauts: ö, Ö, ä, Ä, ü, Ü and ß in German (33 in total). My question is, because I found this nice thread here, which Japanese/Chinese characters can be replaced safely in the NTSC-U version? At all I need 7 unused letters/symbols for the German replacements.

And they need to be seen in the character naming window, of course (this one could be difficult, the existent ones are all needed). Plus how can I type/input them with FFTactex? As if I want to type one of those Japanese letters. Copying of Japanese is possible, of course direct inputs of German umlauts not. But I'm not sure which one is really used ingame and can be replaced, because some stuff like Names, important symbols etc. will not be changed in a translation. :/

I appreciate any help here, because I was so excited after I found all those great tools and now I'm getting a bit frustrated. Even after I have translated some stuff, ae for ä, ue for ü etc. is not the real thing. ^^