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Title: Changes not in 0.06
Post by: SentinalBlade on April 29, 2009, 06:41:42 pm
I decided a on separate topic. These are things not done yet.

Item Descriptions that tell what class can equip what. so far they are staying abreviatiosn for vanilla classes. if you go to the fitting room, you can see what equips what anyways. this is not a high priority

Tithin is halfway inserted...this is a high priority and will be in 0.07

Shadow Panther. sprite isnt even done yet, and neither is moveset.

Various descriptions of things. I may have skipped a few abilities or items by accident. if you see one, please tell me.

Job Descrptions and Skillset descriptions are not implemented.

Nevelska and Colliery sidequests are not implemented, neither are reis or beowulf or cloud. please refrain from doing these until i have a chance to mess with them. Id need to test them when i actually release them, so please dont do them so you can test them when they are finished.

Some New Accessories have odd side effects. this is most likely due to another item using that attribute, and i forgot to fix it. please inform me

Also inform me of any Enemies or Allies with the following classes/skillsets unlocked


There is no sprite portrait colors for the female Fear Monger

There are still hundreds of item changes to happen. and alot more move-find-item re-arrangements.

Some Monsters have not been fitted yet, these types are as follows;

Flotiball Family
Juravis Family
Uribo Family(tonberry sprite causes problems)
Woodman Family
Dragon Family
Hydra Family

I have plans for most of these, but lack sprite and moveset room. i plan to get at least half of these out of the way by 0.07

The battles in murond holy place that take place after you defeat rofel, have not been messed with yet. that means Altima is not fitted for SoR style fighting.