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Opinions requested. Do you prefer the original script or the WoTL script?

Started by Runeseeker, February 14, 2024, 12:12:26 am


I first played Tactics years ago and I fell in love with the story, but I never finished it until 2023. I really enjoy the game, I think it is the best Final Fantasy by far, but the original script, in my opinion, is dogwater. The translation errors and poor grammar soil an otherwise flawless story. Shortly after finishing the game, I found out about WoTL. I played it on PPSSPP with a slowdown fix mod and I fell in love all over again. The translator really outdid themselves with the old timey English script. I went on to find Elric's Lion War of The Lions, and I consider it to be the definitive edition of the game now. So, I'm wondering what you guys think. Do you prefer the original script, or the WoTL script?
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This is probably the one place on the Internet where people overall prefer the original PSX translation. I'd suggest asking the question in literally any other community that covers FFT!
  • Modding version: PSX
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Original script, hands down. There is a reason it's called The Lion War of the Lions, because it's a joke lol.

Also, while I thank you, it's not just mine, I had a whole team to create TLW and TLWotL alongside me.
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