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July 15, 2024, 06:55:17 am


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Event Nickname Helper

Started by Nyzer, December 16, 2023, 04:25:43 pm


December 16, 2023, 04:25:43 pm Last Edit: May 19, 2024, 10:57:19 pm by Nyzer
Through event editing, it's possible to give units custom unit nicknames on the fly - the equivalent of taking a unit to the soldier office and renaming them. They don't lose their base name/quote ID, but as far as the player's concerned, they go by their new nickname now. You can also do this with job nicknames, though these only last during battle, and using Select on them in the status screen will give the description according to the unit's Job ID. Still, if you're looking to make use of temporary nicknames for one-off units whose stats are never saved or whatever other shenanigans you can imagine, this does allow for some interesting possibilities. ArmoredKori uses it in her mod Unexplored to give the Ordallian units unique job nicknames to help them stand out as foreign versions of Ivalician units, for example.

They're a pain in the ass to fill out by hand, though, since you need to cross-check the Font page character by character while filling out each set of LUI and ADD commands while keeping in mind that the four bytes per set need to be filled in in reverse order compared to how the name will be read later, but the (up to) four sets themselves need to be in the correct order.

I got sick of doing it and decided just to make a spreadsheet to do it for me so I could C&P the commands I wanted and be done with it.

Note that since these commands include SaveAddress, you'll need to use the Event Instruction Upgrade Hack in order for this to work.

Edit: New update, including If commands after the UnitAddress so it won't try to save 16 bytes of data after not being able to find a unit with that ID.
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