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Big project! Wanted: People that fixes animations, balance, events... Everything

Started by darkskyx, September 09, 2023, 05:24:22 am


PSX Final Fantasy Tactics Dissidia 013 (Tredecim)

I recently talked to @djroomba to fix his PSX hackmod and I archieved it. Since I'm already in a project only by myself, I'm asking for help. He gave me permission to modify everything as I wish and I have all the files. This project feels like a beta and since I saw it I wanted to make it better.
This should be a BIG project. All the sprites from this Dissidia 013 (Tredecim) hackmod are variations of the sprites and some of them are very unique.

I want to expand the idea of this hackmod and truly make it memorable. New events, new battles and many more things.

This is his the topic of the hackmod. But I prefer you ask everything here. If I got some people I can start helping. I'm not going to finish that hackmod alone. I can offer all my experience from years of working on my hackmod, what can you offer?

Please, tell me if you want to help, your abilities in the hackmod creation and if you already have worked in another project.

If you have any doubts you can PM me, feel free to do it. Add me to my discord if you want, but I rarely use it since it is my 2nd account.


Basically I'd say we need:

1) ASMers (I think I can get around it with some help, so 1 people with some experience would do the trick)
2) Event Editors (1 or 2 people for this minimum, I'm not good at it - but I know how to use the tools in a basic way)
3) Balance/Mechanics (This is really necessary. I aim even for people without experience making mods but with good ideas. A good balancing is a lot of work. I'd say 3-5 people and maybe a Discord would be necessary so random people can give us ideas.)
4) Spriters (Sprites are less required since this project already has a good amount, but a decent spriter that fixes sprites and could do a few more would be required for this. I'm not good at sprites... duh.)
5) Graphic Editors (Fixing animations is important. I'm actually researching into fixing animations with AI. If it works, then maybe you wouldn't require experience at all, just knowledge with AI models/tools)
6) Writers (I can help for this since I am a writer myself, but it would depend on the scale of the project. I'd say 3 people.)
7) Testers (Once the game is good enough, beta testers will be required. I'm not sure how much people.)

I'd be the project leader. This is a project that maybe won't be done due to the number of people I need. And that's why I am basically asking for A LOT of help.
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Late reply, however, you cannot start a project with it in mind that you need other people to finish it.

You start the project, show you arw willing to put in the work and if people like it, they will accept requests for help.
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