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July 15, 2024, 08:29:55 am


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War of the Lions Tweak v2.52

Started by Tzepish, November 29, 2022, 02:53:23 am


Quote from: Tzepish on April 01, 2024, 02:14:39 pm* Add an extra unit or two to each battle, but somehow flag them to only show up on Hard mode (repurpose some unused flag to represent "hard mode only" unit)

I did this for Jot5. It's fairly easy in eventing. Just add a unit in every battle with the same Unit ID (such as xD0) that isn't set to be present, and add the following commands (whatever they are in WotL) to each battle:


You can also use the ChangeStats commands to do things like increase their Bravery or starting CT, or reduce your units' HP (by a flat amount).
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I would advise against reducing the amount of units that the player can bring into battle. General rule of fun increase of difficulty is to not take away things from the player (unless it just happens to be something absolutely broken, like TG Cid in the original release)
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May 21, 2024, 11:23:03 pm #122 Last Edit: May 22, 2024, 01:27:35 am by Blade12
Yo my dude love the mod, just a quick question: I wanted to edit my Ramza job name/description etc, in the FFTacText with the FFTpatcher (recent version).

It won't open the game ISO after I patched it with your Tweaks patch and the optional patches I used: A2 magic and Undead, it gives me this error/window pop up when I try to open it in the fftactext editor

"Error loading file: Value does not fall within the expectant range"

I open a previous backup fftext file from a previous unpatched/modded vanilla version I had before and patched a test patched/modded game iso backup of it and it opens fine but reverts the text back to vanilla wotl with some funny text results but I don't want that haha.

Just wondering what the fix is to open the patched/modded original copy as I am simply editing Ramza's job name/description etc, which you named to Cadet but I wanted to change it to my tastes.

-Also came across another game breaking issue when it comes to the FFTPatcher: After I patch the unpatched game ISO with your tweak patch, I can edit sprites and it doesn't break the game everything runs fine.

However, when I edit classes in the FFTPatcher to whatever I need lets say I wanna add Crush Armor ability to Ramza's Cadet class, I save the patch onto the ISO and when I reboot the game, the Cadet class is changed back to Squire but it messes up the text for items with random letters/numbers. My guess is I cannot edit what you have done on the patch and it simply breaks text, etc. Which is a shame as I do want to play this mod but I can't if adding in game abilities to Ramza's class breaks the game. -

The mod on its own works well even if you change sprites but editing classes or trying to edit job names is impossible unfortunately.

If you don't have an answer for a solution to this problem I am having, that is fine, I will play vanilla as it all works there which is good but it does get boring though playing vanilla.

Thanks for looking at my issue, if you wanna personal message on this feel free, I am pretty active.

Thanks for your time for reading my issue.
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I love your mod, but my god...  You ruined the Elmdore Limberry Castle fight.  It is nigh unplayable unless you just quick focus Elmdore himself.  It's boring now.  I get what your intent was, but it's ridiculously pointless now to even go through the motions of the fight.  Might as well have made it a cutscene.  Majorly disappointing.
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hi dude , i really loved ur mod , i thinking od modding it a litle for moore dificult , give moore skills for monsters and moore hp for then , i tryng to use ur mod as a base for my mod , then i learn what things like broken and stolen equips purschased on fur shop need ASM hack what only works for PSX , and i read yout modding tutorial ( i really thanks for u to share all your hardwork for the comunity) , but  i am new whit fft hacks and my english its not good , but i reading the instructions , i just stoped on vahalla wen u say runs wahala from the folder but i dont find the exe or aplication for run the program , cam u help me ?
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