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This is the current list of completed editors for Final Fantasy Tactics A2 that is currently downloadable.

Lennart's Job and Ability Editor (Let's you edit the Abilities of all Races, Job's, Items, Mirrored Items, Summons and Enemy Abilities)
Job and Ability Editor

DeSgeretjin's all in one Text, Command List, and Enemy Formation Editor
Text, Command Sets, and Enemy Formation Editor

bcrobert's FFTA2 Equipment Nightmare module, you can find the nightmare program in this post as well.
FFTA2 Equipment Nightmare Module

AGodDangMoose's FFTA2 Class and Recruitable Units Nightmare Modules
FFTA2 Class and Recruitable Units Nightmare Modules

AGodDangMoose's FFTA2 Bazaar Nightmare Module
FFTA2 Bazaar Nightmare Module
This is a list of current mods for Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, a short description will be provided to give a brief look into what the mod offers, please check them out, and give the mod creators feedback as well.

Eternal's Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grim Grimoire Mod, This is a mod that is in a similar fashion to FFTA: Grim Grimoire, and it's goal is to have a refreshing game-play experience by removing broken vanilla abilities, re-balances vanilla abilities, new jobs with new abilities, fixed items, monsters with better stats, a guide that goes over each job and new job, their Move/Jump stat, what they can use equipment wise, and detailed descriptions of their abilities, currently in Beta v0.7, please leave feedback on their original topic post.

Zeke_Aileron's Final Fantasy Tactics A2: A Clan's Journey Mod, This mod mixes up the base game with various changes to the game balance, no job/race has a speed increase, the base speed of each race is set based on their race, new jobs, abilities, units, new text descriptions, enemies scale to your clan's average level to make sure progress with the main story missions is challenging as well as the normal missions, enemies now have different equipment, abilities, bosses now feel more like boss fights in terms of better equipment load-outs, Boots are useful to specific jobs and enemies also have specific boots equipped to their jobs, Luso has a custom job with new abilities and text descriptions, a new unit you get in the beginning of the game also has a custom job, The mod is designed to be mainly played on Hard mode, the mod is currently in version 0.94, the mod creator is accepting criticism and feedback on their original topic post.

DeSgeretjin's Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced 2: Vanilla Spiced, This mod changes up the vanilla gameplay by adding a unique job for Luso, various ability changes to some jobs, stat growths for all except HP growth was nerfed so units can be 60% more durable in fights which in turn makes status effects more relevant to use, Monsters are given a buff to stat growth overall to offset their lack of equipment, Level scaling increased by three quarters, Equipment has been given effects and or elemental effects which allows for more diversity in choosing what elements to use in fights, Boots MOVE have been nerfed, Mana cost increased for higher tiered abilities, Blood price removed from player use, Enemies that can use equipment have been properly geared up in their formations, The mod is currently on v0.983, feedback on their original topic post is welcome.

IcyGlare's FFTA2: Semi-Balance Patch, This mod aims for more buffs over nerfs, general changes for jobs, speed growth increased, enemies scale in level equivalent to your clan's average levels, some quests are no-longer month based, currently v0.57.

Rfh's FFTA2 Redesigned Mod's priority goal is to make the game's base difficulty harder than before, replaces useless and game-breaking stuff which includes specific reaction and support abilities, enemies scale with your clan's levels, Level cap for all units is capped at 50, most of the races now have access to a single special ability; however, you can only have one special ability active in a battle, some jobs have completely new command sets, currently completed until further notice of a update, this mod was recently updated by an outside source not from the original topic owner, but by the name of Suffulge, For a newer mod with different changes from the original FFTA2 Redesigned (Updated 2018-06-04).rar, click this for the changelist.

Shokat's FFTA2: Promise Rewritten (Rebalance and Difficult hack) (An improved version of Rfh's FFTA2 Redesigned Mod's is an attempt
from a modder with little experience to continue the amazing work from Rfh in his discontinued mod separate from Suffulge's mod patch. Feedback, criticism and suggestions welcomed in the link where the mod is located, This mod has everything from the original mod, as well as reworking the obsolete skills, fixing bugs and improving the game experience in every way possible.
This is a list of current FFTA mods made by members of the community, the links to them will be in the small descriptions defining what the mod does, please check them out.  :D

Eternal's Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: Grim Grimoire, the most extensive FFTA rebalance out there currently, Which re-balances the game-play and adds in new features to the game that vanilla FFTA most likely didn't have, An interesting law set mechanic that allows you to prepare for the fights beforehand, enemies scale accordingly to your clan's levels, new jobs added, post game content, bosses are much more defined, and a lot more, currently in Beta v0.993.

Eternal's Anarchy mod, that simply removes all Laws from the game.

dck's FFTA Long Night mod has new jobs, abilities and 70% of the game's (all new) encounters, No AP needed to master skills, reworked stats, enemies scale to your highest party member's level, no job prerequisites, currently in v0.64, new update to the mod was hinted.

Taelia's FFTA: Minimalist Completionist mod, A mod that allows the player to obtain missable abilities and missable characters such as Zeus' Mace, Materia Blade, Dark Gear and Genji Armor respectively, 2 enemy clans has been altered to help out Blue Mages you've been trying to work on, this mod is completed.

Linkuser's Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: FFTA+ mod which focuses on making the main story missions more difficult, balancing a few things that vanilla FFTA didn't balance out well, there's not much information to go by; however, the user has posted an excel file and a changelog.txt file if you're interested in looking through those, mod is currently v0.1 and is asking for feedback.

Leonarth's FFT-Like Death mod, which comes in two versions: with and without Judges to actually enforce Laws. When a unit is KO'd, they'll have the Doom counter tick down. When it runs out (at the end of 1, not at the end of 0 like in FFT!) they are permanently removed from the field/party.

rrs_kai's FFTA : Mission Item Fix 1.0a
A list of missable equipment the player could have forgotten has been added as mission rewards, most missions give out 2 rewards to help out the player, story battles offer more AP rewards, and the major change in this fix is that it removes most surplus quest items so as to allow 100% mission completion (300).

ScarletMagi's Final Fantasy TicTacs Advance
This FFTA mod is a full re-do of the math behind stats and skills, with no new jobs but very different stats, skillsets and equipment loadout, also heavily modified skills. MP start at 0 but recharge 10% of max MP each turn, and the vast majority of skills costs MP. Most jobs have both minor skills that can be used at 0MP and powerful expensive skills that take a few turns to "load", so timing is essential. Characters are much more defensive than in vanilla, but it's more expensive to heal and very hard to resurrect characters. No laws, no combos. Overpowered effects have been banned from player use. Monsters are significantly stronger than player's characters.
This is the current list of completed editors for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance that is currently downloadable.

Darthatron's FFTA EDITOR: All In One v0.7
FFTA Editor: AIO v0.7 thread

Darthatron's Law Remover!
Darthatron's Law Remover thread

bcrobert's FFTA: Archiving data & Nightmare modules
FFTA Nightmare modules thread

ffta707's FFTA Job Name Editor
FFTA Job Name Editor

ffta707's FFTA text offsets (Goes with the Job Name Editor)
FFTA text offsets

ffta707's Graphics Editing
FFTA Tile Molester thread
Alternate FFTA Tile Molester download

FFTA Sprite Limitations originally made by Darthatron, but posted by ffta707
FFTA Sprite Limitations thread

Guide to changing music for FFTA
Changing Music guide thread
        This is a mod i've been working on since 2016, at some point i gave up cause i didn't really get what the offset stuff was and how it functioned in the Hex Editor that i was using cause i was really blind for most of it, But now the Mod is playable, well more or less of it is since there's some things i want to continue to change and or remove after it's release which i will put in a to do list at the end of this
post.To start off, this mod is going to be centered on how well you use your current resources and how to utilize the small number of clan members you have in the beginning until you get more clan members, a lot of changes were done for most of the jobs and many equipment gear have gone through the removal of the Speed stat, oh and yes no unit in this mod has a Speed increase whatsoever, each unit has a base value speed based on what their race is the same with the enemies and bosses.Here is what version 0.95 of the Mod offers:
Soldiers is the most basic Hume job to use in combat,they employ the arts of war to weaken and slowopponents.SOLDIERS use a fundamental setof skills in combat to afflict simple maladies.Arts of WarFirst AidRestores the target's HP, and removes some debuffs.QUICKEN user.Rend PowerDeals low physical damage and lowers the target'sATTACK.Shield BashDISABLES and Knockback's the target.Requires: Shield (Does 20 fixed damage)Rend SpeedDeals low physical damage and lower the target'sSPEED and inflicts SLOW.Cancel StrikeDelay the target's next turn.Dual StrikeA technique that strikes a target twice.Requires: Bladed WeaponPromoteGrants ally ATTACK^ and MOVE.QUICKEN user.IntelReveal the foe's weakness, lowering their DEFENSE,RESISTANCE, and RESILIENCE.Also reveals the target's Lv. 1 Loot.
Dexterous and nimble, Rogues excel at stealing fromthe unwary, evading blows, and has access tovarious escape abilities.The ROGUE uses this shadowy craft to make thepossessions of others his own.ThieveryLoot Lv. 1Steal 2 of the target's Lv. 1 and Lv. 2 Loot, andsteals a random Lv.? Loot.Loot Lv. 2Steal 2 of the target's Lv. 2 and Lv. 3 Loot, andsteals a random Lv.? Loot.Quick BlowBypasses the target's reaction ability and deals lowphysical damage.Knife TossThrow a magicked knife at a distant target.Steal AccessorySteal the target's Accessory and deal 50% physical damage.CloakGrants INVISIBLE and QUICKEN to user.
White mages use curing magicks to mend allies'wounds to restore their HP, they can also dealdamage to undead units.WHITE MAGES work these magicks to heal andrestore their allies, and can deal damage toundead units.White MagickMediaMagickally bind the target's wounds.Restores HP and deals damage to undead.25% chance to QUICKEN user.MediaramaMagickally restore a great amount of HP.Deals damage to undead.25% chance to QUICKEN user.MediarahanMagickally restore a large amount of HP.Deals damage to undead.25% chance to QUICKEN user.EsunaMagickally purge the target of debuffs.QUICKEN user.RaiseMagickally revive the target, removing KO, andgrants QUICKEN and restores 100% target's HP equal.Deals damage to undead.PrayerRecite a Prayer to Allies surrounding the user.Grants PROTECT, SHELL, and ASTRA.QUICKEN user.ReraiseGrant RERAISE buff to the target.Automatically casts Raise on them if they are KO'd.25% chance to QUICKEN user.RefreshMagickally cleanse the target of debuffs unaffectedby Esuna, and also grants RESILIENCE^ and REGEN to target.QUICKEN user.Able to equip Books as another weapon option.All Media(line) abilities give REGEN to targets.
Black mages wield the elemental powers of fire, ice,and lightning to decimate foes, and can useimproved versions of their spells.BLACK MAGES use the magick of fire, ice,and lightning.Black MagickAble to equip Books as a secondary weapon option.All tier 3 Magick in this job inflict RESISTANCE↓ to targets.
Archers stand out of harm's way, raining arrowsupon their foes from afar.The skills of the ARCHER do not call for bruteforce, but deadly accuracy to fell a foe.PrecisionFocusMuster the user's strength, increasing next action'sATTACK.QUICKEN user.Leg ShotTake aim at the target's legs to IMMOBILIZE anddeal low physical damage.Arm ShotTake aim at the target's arms to DISABLE anddeal low physical damage.Cupid ShotPierce the target's heart with a magicked arrow.CHARMS the target.Requires: Bow, GreatbowBurialBring peace to the undead.Chance to remove the undead unit.Aimed ShotTake careful aim at the target, increasing chanceto hit, dealing double damage.Lightning ShotA blindingly fast attack that does not trigger thetarget's reaction ability.Blinding ShotShoots a specially prepared arrow to BLINDthe target.Requires: Bow, Greatbow
Their sturdy defense enables paladins to endurepunishing attacks. They also possess a variety ofabilities to aid their allies.The PALADIN commands these abilities to defendallies with a practiced blade, deals more damageto undead units.ChivalryField AidRestores the user's HP and removing debuffs.QUICKEN user.Holy ZealDeals holy damage and BLINDS target.Does more damage to undead units.Saint CrossProject a righteous aura, dealing holy damageto surrounding units.Does more damage to undead units.Holy BladeSummon a blade of divine light to deal holy damageto the target, Does more damage to undead units.Requires: Bladed WeaponSanctifyUnleash a flash of holy light, banishing the undead.Chance to remove the undead unit.
Fighters are masters of the sword who place offenseabove defense while using an array of meleefocused abilities.FIGHTERS use these combat abilities to crush foes.PugilismBlitzTake the measure of the target before attacking.Increases chance to hit and deals doubledamage.Ki RenderFocus the user's ki, sending blades of air tearingthrough the target.
The duelist are swift and skillful combatants whofinish their foes with flair.DUELISTS use an arsenal of elemental sword techniques and blindingly fast sword-strikesstylishly.FlairWind BladeStrike the target in a whirlwind with a wind imbuedblade, deals wind damage and DELAY.Requires: Bladed WeaponMaelstrom BladeStrike the air forward in a cone with a water imbuedblade, deals water damage and POISON.Requires: Bladed WeaponEarthfall BladeStrike the target with a earth imbued blade.Deals earth damage and IMMOBILIZE.Requires: Bladed WeaponShimmering BladeStrike repeatedly at the target with a flame imbuedblade, deals fire damage and CONFUSE.Requires: Bladed WeaponSkyfury BladeStrike repeatedly at the target with a lightning imbuedblade, deals lightning damage and BERSERK.Requires: Bladed WeaponHoarfrost BladeStrike repeatedly at the target with a frozen imbuedblade, deals ice damage and SLOW.Requires: Bladed WeaponAbyssal BladeStrike repeatedly at the target with a dark imbuedblade, deals dark damage and DOOM.Requires: Bladed WeaponShining BladeStrike repeatedly at the target with a holy imbuedblade, deals holy damage and BLIND.Requires: Bladed Weapon
Powerful Shinobi that can use ninjutsu to evoke theelemental powers of nature, All of their abilitiesgrant a chance of QUICKEN to user .SHINOBI attack with a unique set of techniquesand has a chance of QUICKEN from all oftheir abilities.Ninjutsu
Mages who weave illusion to overcome their foes.The ILLUSIONIST commands powerful magicks thatstrike foes throughout the battlefield.IllusionProminenceHarness the fires of the sun in a tremendous explosion.Deals fire damage to all foes.Requires: Rod WeaponTempestUnleash a lightning storm mighty enough to rock theheavens. Deals lightning damage to all foes.Requires: Rod WeaponFreezeblinkFreeze the water in the air into razor-edged shards.Deals ice damage to all foes.Requires: Rod WeaponStar CrossBathe the battlefield in a divine light.Deals holy damage to all foes.Requires: Rod WeaponStardustCall down a shower of meteors from the sky.Deals damage to all foes.Requires: Rod WeaponDelugeSend a torrent of water to scour the battlefield.Deals water damage to all foes.Requires: Rod WeaponRockfallPummel foes with a barrage of rocks.Deals earth damage to all foes.Requires: Rod WeaponWild TornadoBuffet foes with a mighty tornado.Deals wind damage to all foes.Requires: Rod Weapon
Hunters stalk their prey with powerful bows.They're at their finest when fighting monsters andother beasts of the wild.HUNTERS stalk their foes with these skillslearned on the hunt.TrappingOustPropose a deal with the foe to give you loot fora price.AdviceShare the tricks of the hunting trade with the target.Raises chance to score a CRITICAL HIT.25% chance to QUICKEN user.HuntingA well-aimed low damaging attack, If the attackkills the target, you obtain more loot.Able to obtain up to 3 random loot.Ultima ShotDerived from the most powerful of magicks, this isthe ultimate hunter ability.Requires: Bow, Greatbow
Has the ability to restore MP, able to use Mid tierBlack Magick and White Magick, and can deal damageto undead units.The magicks of the MAGICIAN can decimate foesand mend wounded allies.High MagickRechargeAbsorb the latent Mist in the air.Restores user's MP.25% chance to QUICKEN user.Magick Frenzy - (MP cost is dependent what spell you use)Damage units in a small area with a combination ofa magickal and physical attack.Requires: Book Weapon
These warriors have traveled far and wide in searchof a place to call their own, their skills come withintheir blades, believing they souls just like them.The RONIN are warriors that follow their own code.Bladed ArcanaAshuraReleases the spirit in the user's weapon to slash at the target.Requires: Bladed WeaponMurasameA technique that releases the spirit in the user's weaponthat deals low magick damage, CONFUSE and DOOM.Requires: Bladed WeaponKiriThe user focuses their spirit.Grants QUICKEN, ATTACK^, and MAGICK^ to user.Requires: Bladed WeaponOsafuneReleases the spirit in the user's weaponthat damages the target's MP.Requires: Bladed WeaponShirahadoriIncrease the user's awareness on the battlefield.User gains EVADE^ and reveals all invisible units.QUICKEN user.NosadaA spirit attack that does damage and CONFUSE to target.Requires: Bladed WeaponKiyomoriA technique that uses the spirit of the user's weapon.User gains PROTECT, SHELL, and QUICKEN.Requires: Bladed WeaponAme-no-MurakumoReleases a heavy mist to damage all targets andonly inflict SLOW on FOES.Requires: Bladed Weapon
Swift and dexterous, sky pirates sail the skies insearch of treasure and adventure.SKY PIRATES know countless tricks to make themoney of many into the wealth of one.PiracyRazor's EdgePlaces the unit in a heightened state of awareness.Raises EVASION.QUICKEN user.FleeRaises the user's MOVE and JUMP.QUICKEN user.
The Heritor relies on abilities taught to them fromgifted masters of old Ivalice, which allows themto pursue victory on the battlefield.The secrets of the Gifted are the weapons of theHERITOR.InstinctElpeExpend the user's max HP to give allies and self arandom set of buffs.50% chance to QUICKEN user.AdelaideDraw out and amplify the user's inherent will to live.Grants REGEN.QUICKEN user.
          • It's counted as a "Saber" weapon.
          • Luso can only use his unique item if he's using his unique class.
          • Luso is able to Dual Wield attack without needing the actual passive ability.
          • So Luso technically has the max amount of abilities to use listed as 2 Action abilities, 1 Item command ability, 1 Reaction ability, 1 Passive ability, and 1 innate Dual Wield Passive Ability if his unique item is equipped.
          • Luso starts off with his unique item from the beginning of the game.
          • If you somehow lose it, you can craft another one using high tiered loot for it's Bazaar recipe, and an absurd amount of gil to purchase, can't sell it back for any gil though.
        • Battle Boots: A Defensive Melee focused accessory.
        • Spiked Boots: A Resistance Melee focused accessory.
        • Sprint Shoes: Gives the highest Move stat, favored by Rogues and Jugglers.
        • Red Shoes: Gives MAGICK bonuses to the user but lacks MOVE, favored by Mage units.
        • Winged Boots: Lacks MOVE, but gives Defense and Resistance, and Water-walking.
        • Germinas Boots: Gives ATTACK but lack of MOVE, favored by Physical ranged units.
        • Galmia Boots: Gives Defense and Resistance and ignore elevation, but lacks in MOVE and EVASION.
        • Faerie Shoes: Lacks MOVE, Defense, Resistance, and EVASION, but grants Teleportation.
        • Gaius Caligae: Grants the highest EVASION boots can give, but lacks in MOVE, Defense, and Resistance, favored by jobs that can maximize EVASION stat.
        • Ninja Tabi: Grants a balanced stat pool to Attack, Magick, Defense, Resistance, EVASION, and MOVE, but doesn't excel in any of them, favored by Eastern related units.
        • Your starting clan members now consist of one Nu Mou Black Mage, one Viera White Mage, one Bangaa Warrior, one Moogle Thief, and a
          Special Gria Hammer Knight1 to compensate Luso's custom job and your clan members levels have been decreased down to levels 1-2, and are fully geared as well.
        • This gives you a small choice of wanting to switch your Viera to a Archer early on for a ranged unit, or keep her as a melee support unit.
        • All jobs have access to the Items action command, so you can freely have a secondary action command alongside your main job's action command without worrying about which member had the items command to bring Potions and Phoenix Downs to your fight.
        • The Blue King and Black King boss names in the final quest have been fixed.
        • Most enemy formations has enemies with boots and other equipment to balance them out, and make some fights needing a bit more in depth strategy in how to handle them instead of just going with the same formations as always.
        • All healing HP/MP items(Not mirrored items) will have a 25% to give the unit using the item QUICKEN, but i'm still unable to remove the mentioned clan privileges from the game, and this way the QUICKEN status can't be abused.
        • Items that only heal debuffs were given a 100% to QUICKEN user on use.
        • Some abilities were given a +25% QUICKEN chance, I wanted to have a small feel of XCOM into the mod in a way of "Free Action Abilities" since XCOM is somewhat of a punishing game if you do the wrong move at the wrong time, i did experiment with giving said abilities 100% QUICKEN chance; however, the A.I has abused it to the point where the player would never get one of their unit's turns to go, so i toned it down to this and the A.I doesn't abuse it.
        • Boot accessories is the only way to get any MOVE stat increases with the exception of Sequencer and Peytral, some abilities can still temporarily raise MOVE and JUMP in battle.
        • Any equipment that used to have a Speed stat increase were completely removed, and Evasion has taken it's place, not all of the equipment were given Evasion to compensate the speed gain loss.
        • Story based missions will scale with your clan levels to make the game feel like you're actually progressing instead of just breezing through it.
        • Wanted missions and Boss missions will also scale with your clan's levels to make boss fights slightly challenging.
        • All Enemy Formations are getting a huge overhaul to include new equipment sets, abilities, passives, reaction abilities on enemies that previously didn't have any, Monsters of specific types will all have the same reaction and passive ability consistency.
        • Fighting NPC Clans will also scale with your clan's levels and have better loadouts and ability combos.
        • Missions where you need to protect an NPC will be scaled to your clan's level so they won't die so easily in the first few XCOM'ish turn setup, they'll have better gear to compensate for their weak defenses/resistances.
        • All Jobs are unlocked from the beginning of the game, the missions will still be in the mod as their intended mission setup.
        • Al'Cid does not have a custom Job anymore, and plus he get's changed into a normal Hume that you can recruit from the Story, so therefore you can dismiss him entirely. (For those that don't want to keep a wasted Clan slot for him, still haven't tested yet.)
        • Reflex, Strike Back, Dual wield, Halve MP, Immunity, Evade Magick, and Blood price were removed from the Players use with exceptions, some enemies still have access to these abilities, so be cautious on the battlefield.
        • Luso - Tactician - See Tactician changes above
        • Adelle - Heritor - Dual Wield
        • Cid - Warrior/White Monk - Immunity
        • Hurdy - Bard - Evade Magick
        • Vaan - Sky Pirate - Reflex
        • Penelo - Dancer - Reflex
        • Frimelda - Ronin/Duelist - Strike Back
        • Montblanc - Black Mage - Blood Price
        • Taoru - Hammer Knight/Hunter - Blink Counter, Strike Back
        • The Poacher Boss has the max amount of abilities an Ai enemy can have in it's data, along with a decent "Cannon Mage" loadout.
        • 1 of the Cluckatrices you have to protect is a "Hero" unit with the name "Rally", You need to count on his AI support to help with saving his flock, don't be surprised if he tries to QUICKEN your units.
        • Only one of the wolves can summon an ally wolf, to keep the field from being one sided against the player.
        • Default Equipment in the shop can be bought multiple times, Equipment/Accessories traded in from giving loot to
    the shopkeeper can only be bought once before needing to retrade the required loot.
Luso starts with a One-Handed Sword and his unique Tome item.A unique job given to those that wield a Grimoireof Light, Members of this job are known for theirtactics out on the battlefield.TACTICIANS wield these abilities which can alter thebattlefield's orders in their own way to achieve theperfect outcome.Tactical ArtsDisengaging StrikeEnchants the user's weapon to DISABLEthe target.Befuddling StrikeEnchants the user's weapon to deal heavy nonelemental damage to target and ADDLE.Lunar StrikeEnchants the user's weapon with a vampiric touch.Deals dark damage to target and restores10% of the user's HP.Arc StrikeEnchants the user's weapon with a magick stone.Deals earth damage to target and causesSTONE and BLIND.IgnisA medium non-elemental spell that deals directdamage to the target.Fierce IgnisA heavy non-elemental spell that deals directdamage to the target, and lowers theirRESILIENCE.El GarulaDeals air damage to target and a 25%chance to knock the target back.El ZiongaDeals lightning damage to units in adouble-sided linear path from the user'sposition.Arc FrostA spell that deals ice damage to targetsin a cone in front of the user.Tactician's UltimaUnleash the power of the user's magickal elementonto foes, dealing heavy ice damage andSLOW in a large area.Ignis BurstDeals non-elemental damage in a linear path.Solidarity BurstA cone shaped spell that deals non-elementaldamage to targets and neutralizes buffs.Medical AidRestores target allies' HP and removes allharmful debuffs.QUICKEN user.Clan UnityA speech that boosts the morale of all alliesraising their DEFENSE, RESISTANCE, andRESILIENCE.Clan's PromiseA speech that offers words of encouragement tothe ally. Grants RESILIENCE^, REGEN, andASTRA.Rally of HopeRally an ally to the user and grants them QUICKENand EXTEND.Tactical MoraleTurn the tide of the battlefield by giving alliesQUICKEN.QUICKEN chance is ??%Rally SpectrumGrants ATTACK^, CRITICAL^, FOCUS, andSCOPE to surrounding allies within 3 tiles.SpurRaises the user's MOVE and able to seehidden objects.QUICKEN user.Tactical SupportLowers the target's DEFENSE, RESISTANCE,RESILIENCE, and shows all information onthe target.Weapons and Equipment Job can use:Swords, Blades, Sabers, Greatswords, Books.Shields, Helms, Hats, Light Armor, Robes, Boots, Gloves, and Accessories.I have also made "Luso's unique accessory" craftable in the bazaar and it's price is really hefty, so you can buy it if you somehow lose it before, but can't sell it back to get any of your lost gil.
Warriors is the most basic Bangaa job to use in combat,they employ the arts of war to weaken and slowopponents.WARRIORS use a fundamental setof skills in combat to afflict simple maladies.Warrior ArtsLightning StrikeStrike an unexpected blow, negating the target'sreaction ability.
White monks eschew the steel of swords,tempering instead their fists and bodies.The abilities of the WHITE MONK turn the bodyitself into a powerful weapon.DisciplineChakraFocus the user's ki on the body's chakra points.Restores HP and removes debuffs.QUICKEN user.ReviveSend the user's ki to the target, reviving it from KO.Grants target QUICKEN and restores their HP equalto the user's current HP.ExorciseUse the energy of the life chakra to ward off evil.Removes undead unit.
Masters of the spear. Dragoons leap high into theair, striking foes with deadly force.The power of dragons stirs within the abilitiesof the DRAGOON.Dragon Soul
Well protected, defenders stride the battlefieldwith little fear. They can even nullify certainattacks entirely.These skills protect the DEFENDER and hisallies.WardingWhirl BurstA powerful whirlwind attack.Damages and knocks back surrounding units.SelflessSacrifice the user's next turn by offering COVERto a friendly ally.DisengageAttempt to DISABLE the target's action with anattack aimed at the hands.RespectedGrants surrounding allies DEFENSE^.Justice!A powerful attack that damages surrounding units.Chance to DISABLE affected units.AuraA secret technique that augments the user's aura.Grants RERAISE and REGEN.25% chance to QUICKEN user.
Gladiators wake the magick that sleeps withinthe quiet steel of the blade with their sparringtechniques.The GLADIATOR calls on this peculiar mix ofsword and sorcery.SparringFire SoulSend a ball of flame hurtling towards the target.Deals fire damage.Thunder SoulStrike the target with a bolt of lightning.Deals lightning damage.Blizzard SoulImpale the target on a massive shard of ice.Deals ice damage.Ultima SwordDerived from the most powerful of magicks, this isthe ultimate sparring ability.Requires: Bladed Weapon
The martial arts of the master monk are withoutequal.MASTER MONKS use these age old attacks to dealdebilitating blows with their fists.Martial ArtsLifebaneStrike at the target's vitals.Has a chance to DOOM the target.Holy StrikeFocus the wrath of the gods into a powerful strike.Deals holy damage.Deals more damage to undead.Inner FocusManipulate the user's ki to rid the body of impurities.Restores HP and removes debuffs.QUICKEN user.Dread LifeA powerful attack that has a chance to inflict DOOMon target.
The bishop is a powerful mage equally skilled inoffensive, restorative, and support magicks.BISHOPS chant these sacred prayers to swaybattle in their favor.IntercessionHamaCall upon the light of heavenly judgment to strikethe target. Deals holy damage.Does more damage to undead units.BarrierSurround the target in a defensive magick barrier.Grants PROTECT and SHELL.QUICKEN user.
Templar knights wield powerful weapons and have arepertoire of potent support magicks.The arsenal of the TEMPLAR boasts powerful swordattacks and support magicks.Sacred ArtsDisciplineRaises user's ATTACK.QUICKEN user.
Cannoneers support the front line with firefrom their hand-cannons.CANNONEERS possess an array of abilities usefulin almost any battle.CannonryPrimeRaises ATTACK bonus of next basic attack.QUICKEN user.Requires: Hand-cannonForesightRaises number of shots fired in next basic attack.QUICKEN user.Requires: Hand-cannonScopeIncreases ACCURACY of next basic attack.QUICKEN user.Requires: Hand-cannonPotion ShellFire a potion-infused shell that restores the target's HP.25% chance to QUICKEN user.Requires: Hand-cannonEther ShellFire an ether-infused shell that restores the target's MP.25% chance to QUICKEN user.Requires: Hand-cannon
All abilities now do damage to target.
Cannon Mages use their magickal gift to combinetheir power within the use of Cannons.The powers of the CANNON MAGE are the magickinfused with the cannon.Magick ArtPrimeInfuse cannon with MP. Enables ballistic attacks.QUICKEN user.Requires: Hand-cannonAgi ShotUse the primed cannon to deal fire damageto target.Requires: Hand-cannonBufu ShotUse the primed cannon to deal ice damageto target.Requires: Hand-cannonHama ShotUse the primed cannon to deal holy damageto target, does more damage to undead units.Requires: Hand-cannonZio ShotUse the primed cannon to deal lightningdamage to target.Requires: Hand-cannonGaru ShotUse the primed cannon to deal air damageto target.Requires: Hand-cannonShield ShotUse the primed cannon to grant ally PROTECT.Requires: Hand-cannonAqua ShotUse the primed cannon to deal water damageto target.Requires: Hand-cannonBlowbackKnock the target back.Requires: Hand-cannonCure ShotUse the primed cannon to remove debuffs from thetarget.Requires: Hand-cannon
PhoenixSummon the spirit beast Phoenix from the world of illusion.Restores HP and 2 random buffs to units in a large area.
Smile Toss has a 50% chance to grant Quicken.Fool's SongUser sings a song full of jokes to surrounding alliesGrants HASTE to them, but inflicts ADDLE to user.Grants QUICKEN and MOVE↑ to user.
Nothing Notable has changed with their jobs
Alchemists utilize their magickal prowess with abilitiesthat use items that do various maladies, andtransmutation.The ALCHEMIST'S power relies heavily in the useof her items, magickal abilities with nature, andtransmutation.AlchemyLoot TransmuteAttempt to transform the HP Critical foe into arandom Lv. ? Loot item for the party.Draining TouchDrains the target's HP and MP force to the user.Only drains 10% of max HP stat to both.Magick StudyThe User studies the magick surroundingthe area with magickal senses,Grants MAGICK↑, and EVADE↑ to the user.Transmute FoeAttempt to transform the HP Critical foe into anitem of use for the party.Magickal FlasksThe Alchemist's unique ability which uses itemsas a resource.
Hammer KnightA knight in training that use Hammer and Shield onthe battlefield, they also rely on Strength, Speed,and Endurance to stay relevant to Bangaa jobs.HAMMER KNIGHTS use their Hammer andShield as offensive and defensive weapons,They strive to be the hero of Ivalice.Hammer ArtsShield TossThrow user's shield at target.Requires: ShieldShield ChargeCharge towards the target and IMMOBILIZE forone turn.Requires: ShieldHammer DownDamages and SLOW target.Requires: Hammer WeaponShatterDeals earth damage and IMMOBILIZE to target.Hammer StunDamages and CONFUSE target.Requires: Hammer WeaponHammer CrushDamages and destroy target's shield.Requires: Hammer WeaponHammer SmashPenetrates the target, damaging any unitbehind it as well.Requires: Hammer WeaponHammer ForceIgnore's the target's DEFENSE.Requires: Hammer WeaponHammer WaveSmash the ground to deal non-elemental damageto targets in a cone area.Requires: Hammer WeaponDashUser gains MOVE and DEFENSE^.War CryLet out a heartening battle cry,raising RESILIENCE of surrounding units to debuffs.Piercing CryLet out a fearsome roar, lowering the speed of surrounding units.Can equip Hammers, Shields, Helmets, Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Boots, Gloves, Accessories, Hair Accessories.
Replaces Time Mage with 9 new abilities.Astrologians look upon the stars to foresee the coming seasons and use their magic to employ spells.ASTROLOGIANS use powerful magicks from their knowledge of the constellations and their card deck.MaleficDeals non-elemental damage to target.Chance to POISON.LightspeedDraw a card and grant HASTE and EXTEND to user, or Draw a card and inflict SLOW and EXTEND to user.CombustDeals non-elemental damage to a small area.Chance to POISON targets.Helios Restores own HP and HP of surrounding ALLIES.25% to QUICKEN user.DrawDraw a card to grant ALLIES a random buff or debuff,or BOTH, but will always grant ATTACK↑ to ALLIES.Diurnal SectGrants REGEN to all ALLIES and self.25% to QUICKEN user.BeneficRestores HP of allied unit and grant REGEN.25% to QUICKEN user.Nocturnal SectGrants REFLECT to all ALLIES and self.25% to QUICKEN user.Stellar BurstRemoves all buffs from user and deals x3 non-elemental damage to targets in a large area.This job's abilities require the use of Cards.
All Jobs have a default MP stat of 20-24 depending on what their starting job is, and will only gain between 1-4 each level up.Haste, Hastaga, Undo, Stop, and Slow have been removed from player access.
Most of the starting weapons/equipment in the starting shop selection has been given abilities to start off with, i love the Bazaar function in this game but getting loot to get the equipment you want so you can start working on mastering abilities was a nuisance in the early part of the game cause you would have your clan members sitting there not getting abilities mastered from completed missions early to mid game, so i made the "Steal Loot" abilities give the player a chance to get loot corresponding to the loot level skill and 2 free loot items, so Loot lv. 1 would steal 1 Lv. 1 and 1 Lv. 2 loot items and 2 loot items of any rank from the enemy. and Hunters has a bit more chances at getting loot from monsters as well by using Oust and Hunting.
The Special Gria unit cannot be dismissed, starts with a ribbon accessory.Also the Gria's special Job coincides with her other jobs, so if you're gaining AP from an ability for another ability, that's normal, think of it as off training a different ability while still training your current one.And yes Gria's can actually use Hammer weapons, and the special unit will learn a removed Reaction Ability, that'll be listed below.
These Units with Custom/Special Jobs will possibly have access to previously removed Passive and Reaction abilities making them a bit more viable in your Clan's choice of usable units, and the ones that don't have a unique job will have 1-2 mastered abilities from the removed list.Al-cid is not included in the list for reasons.
"Monster Poaching": The max party size for the mission has been reduced to 3 from 6 in favor of the player of trying to protect the Cluckatrices from the Poacher who is an actual Boss fight now, so you'll now have to rely on the Cluckatrices with your small party to fight off the Nu Mou Boss, to compensate, the following changes in this mission are:
  • Shop prices for all Equipment has been increased to compensate the Loot farming from missions and Auction Houses.
  • Auction Houses now reward Loot instead of Equipment/Accessories.
And for some stuff i'm still asking help for:
    • Finding a way to completely remove the Speed clan bonuses.(Don't know how yet...)
    • Finding a way to completely remove MP Channeling and any other MP clan bonuses, so the player can't cheese through most fights.(Don't know how)
So if you know how to do any of these changes that i do not know how to do, please PM me.

I highly recommend on commenting criticism if it's for me to understand more on what i need to improve, remove, add, etc. Anything helps if it's reasonable.

If you had a save file from the previous versions of the mod, i recommend starting a new save file for a lot of the changes to happen.

The mod is heavily designed to play on Hard mode.(if there was a way to disable Normal, i would love to do so.)

A huge thank you for Eternal's help with teaching me how to use the Hex Editor and  Lennart's spreadsheet offsets, Lennart's Jobs & Abilities editors, bcrobert's equipment Nightmare Module, DeSgeretjin's FFTA2 Text, Command List, and Enemy formations Editor, AGodDangMoose's FFTA2 Class & Recruitable Character Nightmare Modules.

The download for the mod is here, you would need to use Delta Patcher to install it.
Download Delta Patcher here: http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/704/

8/22/2020 - Version 0.96 of FFTA2: A Clan's Journey is a hotfix for several Ability fixes.
8/24/2020 - Version 0.971 of FFTA2: A Clan's Journey is a hotfix for several ability descriptions and monster buffs.
10/15/2020 - Version 0.972 of FFTA2: A Clan's Journey is a hotfix for a job.[/left]