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FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Animation pointers
June 09, 2016, 01:24:37 am
Not sure how much I can do with this personally, but there's a structure at 0x39651C that's extremely relevant to animation hacking. This was found by Darthatron a while back but I haven't been able to learn enough about it to really matter.

The structure has an entry for each A-ability, with varying lengths, and is heavily laden with pointers, though some sections also look like possible flags at a glance. These pointers probably point to almost everything we want to be able to edit for the sake of animation hacking.

Here's a very simple example of something in this structure: Change the bytes at 0x396520 to 247B3908. This forces Cure to use Fire's palette for the particle effect, resulting in a red version of Cure.

Note that this structure will only really be relevant to high-level hackers. The only reason I even found the palette pointer is through play-testing. Testing other values in the structure mostly resulted in unpredictable effects that I couldn't really make sense of. We would have incredible freedom in our ability animations if anyone were somehow able to make heads or tails of this...thing.
Non-FFT Modding / Dragon Warrior Monsters 2-All monsters
February 06, 2014, 01:40:33 am
This is a pretty simple patch that adds the one thing DWM2 was missing. Namely, the last few monsters. Dimensaur, Lamia, and Kagebou are obtainable with this patch. Wonderegg and Watabou no longer require linking. Note that because the promotional giveaways are certifiably deadly, they've been put in breeding chains you probably won't complete until post-game.

The new breeding combinations, aka the only important thing, are detailed in the readme. This patch works for both versions (Cobi and Tara).
FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / FFTA2 Equipment editor
May 20, 2013, 03:12:03 am
This is a thing that Eternal told me to post, so I'm doing that. It's a Nightmare module for FFTA2 to edit equipment. It works like the ones in my other post [FFTA Nightmare modules/Archiving] so refer to that if you're confused.

EDIT. The equipment editor has been fixed to incorporate seeq and gria jobs. Thanks, Badger.

EDIT2. It should now show the abilities list instead of just a value.
Project goal A-Nightmare Modules
This is a dual-purpose topic. The first part of this project is a series of Nightmare modules that I am developing independently. They can be used to edit much of the game's known data. Nightmare 1, which I prefer, does not support binary data. That's why some of the more advanced modules have to be on the less user-friendly Nightmare 2. Also, I will not release modules that edit data if better options (like AIO) already exist. My Nightmare modules will never support ASM, for reasons that should be obvious once you look at the program.

Read about Nightmare:
Nightmare is a program available on  url=http://www.romhacking.net]www.romhacking.net[/url] that can be used as a temporary solution for editing tables full of data.  It'll be easiest to understand just by downloading it, loading the rom, then loading a few modules yourself.  Nightmare modules don't have the quality or complexity of other tools, like Darthatron's AIO, but they get the job done when other tools aren't available.

Using these modules:
Just open Nightmare (2 for the enemy editors), choose your ROM, then choose the module (any .nmm file). I've got dropdown menus for most of the things you wouldn't want to memorize in hex. It'll be much easier than some newcomers might expect. The only complications arise if you're editing a ROM that you've already hacked to some degree...at which point I'd prefer for you to have some idea of how the structures of the ROM function anyway.

Project goal B-Archiving data

The second project is a CALL FOR HELP. I would like to gather as much of the data for FFTA in one place as possible. It's scattered across DataCrystal, insanely derpy, Final Fantasy Hacktics, and assorted other locations (like the hard drives of other hackers). Please help me to archive this data! Interested parties can post their notes anywhere in the topic or, preferably, PM those notes to me so that I can add them to the OP. The pieces of data that we can gather over time will be lumped together in the main archive for convenience.  If you don't have time to organize your notes or to check if I already have the data, I can do it myself.

If you send me a veritable mound of not yet archived data, like a detailed list of ASM routines or a guide to graphics hacking, then I will probably create a separate "user name's notes vX.rar."

If you want to contribute but have any technical/personal issues to consider please contact me here or via PM.


Darthatron for numerous contributions to FFTA hacking.
Edea for numerous contributions to FFTA hacking.
Eternal for numerous contributions to FFTA hacking.
Looper for the only attempted text editing tool for FFTA.
Pickle Girl Fanboy for the ability spreadsheet.
Various members of Final Fantasy Hacktics and insanely derpy.
Myself for being drop-dead gorgeous.


RomHacking.net & DataCrystal.
Final Fantasy Hacktics & Mibbit.
insanely derpy.
Pokecommunity (Strangely...)

If I forget to credit anyone or credit someone falsely, please correct me immediately.

Requested activities
-Submit any data you might have for archiving purposes.
-Test/feedback on any or all of the Nightmare modules.
-Report inaccuracies in the OP or files.
-Show your support for the project by posting.

Activities that will be ignored
-Posts with evidence that you didn't read the OP.
-Complaints that are already covered by the README files.