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Help! / Tactext WotL Request
September 09, 2015, 06:15:31 am
Greetings everyone, been a while.  The hacking bug has grabbed me again and going to start another something on WotL.  Less in scope than my previous failed attempts. 

I do remember having massive issues with tactext for WotL, and Eternal sent me one of his that had most of the extraneous data like the sound novels etc. removed so you had a bit of space to work with, does anyone happen to have this file?  My old data was all corrupted so I don't trust my old tactext, plus I have no idea what all my changes were so would like to start fresh. 

Also is the list of unused sprites correct for the WotL version, I remember discovering a few issues with that last time. 

Please and thanks to all who help.
Spam / Re: wat
January 21, 2013, 02:37:08 pm
And  I youtubed the likely TOU violation one.... yaaay internet.  Sadly I could see that being a separate but actual video series/anime.  Oh Japan. 
Spam / Re: wat
January 21, 2013, 02:30:58 pm
SO if katamari had a really bad acid trip and really lioked kraft mac and cheese this is the result?  Not sure if awesome or terrible.  Amesomerrible?  Terriwesome? 
The Lounge / Re: Why everyone loves FFT
January 21, 2013, 02:22:18 pm
For zodiacs if you can call specifics, make it into good/bad/best/worst/neutral combatability, and then use that as a guideline if possible.  I am sure it would require ASM but that way it keeps their use without being one time map wipe most of the time. 
Spam / Re: FFT: Spam edition
January 04, 2013, 09:06:14 am
Add Lulu FFX for Valmfra for maximum B00bage!  Special battle with her Job: Gothslut, Skill: M0ar Wh0re. 100% charm all male not mustadio or teh gayz.  Battle at night in graveyard, replaces zalmo at the church.  War trophy hello kitty with skull hair thing bag.  Always : Poison, slow, WP 50.  Immune: charm, sleep, petrify, Equippable by b00bs and musty.  Semms legit.
The Lounge / Re: The christmas presents bragging thread
December 30, 2012, 09:19:10 am
The entirety of my lone present.

I got to see my kids though so that's what really mattered though I had to pay for that.  Best couple of hundred dollars I spent in a long time.  Not bad for being jobless.
The Lounge / Re: Philosophy Stuff
December 30, 2012, 09:08:08 am
I guess I can weigh in.  As one of our top geriatrics my views are a bit different.

What I look for in life is watching my children grow and live their lives.  Watching them learn, have fun, and just be themselves is my major motivating factor in life and is what makes me happiest.  I see them less than 10 times a year on average, but we always have a blast and they know I love them and I know they love me. 

As far as love, I carry a bonfire of a torch for my Ex, and hopefully it rekindles permanently because I know she still loves me but extenuating circumstances blah blah blah, I won't bore you.  I've done what I can she needs to take the next step and we both know she wants to, we talk about it at least weekly and talk nightly regardless.  I am not really opposed to finding it elsewhere but I am not looking either, so it would take some kind of serendipitous miracle to even go that route.     

Friends are largely central to my existence, and they have been there for me in times of trail more than family or anyone, though family is a close second.  They're who I turn to in rough times, and one thing I am glad for several members of FFH who lent an ear when needed.  My RL friends more so but at 4am all I generally have is IRC and you few have been there for me so thanks.  I try to spend a lot of time with my IRL friends now that I moved home, and am not working 80-100 hours every week so I cannot do anything or even talk to anyone not from work or living with me.  My social life if heavily nerdy and not exciting, but for someone as generally introverted as I am its definitely quite active. 

Alright youngins, enough waxing melancholic.  Get the &^%$ off my lawn.  :Waves cane:
The Lounge / Re: Resignation, Effective Christmas
December 25, 2012, 12:28:16 am
I promise to continue treating you as I always have eternal, regardless of how much I see you around.  NIghtmares are dreams too =)
The Lounge / Re: Merry X-mas FFH!
December 25, 2012, 12:02:47 am
Its official on eastern seaboard, Merry Christmas.
The Lounge / Re: Merry X-mas FFH!
December 24, 2012, 06:53:22 pm
Needs more Alfredo. Merry Christmas FFH.  Hope you get to avoid family drama like I am, but hopefully not by being sickish as I also am. 
New Project Ideas / Re: WOTL Shrine Knights Lulz patch
November 14, 2012, 11:45:52 pm
Well Tai, I have used the New Agrias sprite with ponytail for her.  So we have some ponytail power.  =)
New Project Ideas / Re: WOTL Shrine Knights Lulz patch
November 13, 2012, 01:54:44 pm
Kokobo for now is just a scary as hell black choco.  That may change.  I have some room for sprites but for may be altering more as of yet.  Plus if koko tells me one he like's I'll use it. 
New Project Ideas / Re: WOTL Shrine Knights Lulz patch
November 12, 2012, 07:40:50 pm
<Base Class Changes>

Thieves can now equip crossbows.

Dancers can equip axes.

Mime Move and Jump now 5.  Half all elements.  Immune dead, invite, undead, stone, blind, confusion, silence, vampire, berserk,
   chicken, toad, poison, slow, stop, faith, aethiest, charm, sleep, immobilize, disable, doom.
   Requirements now sq 8, ch 8, arch 6, knight 6, monk 6, white mage 6, black mage 6, time mage 6, summoner 5,
   thief 5, orator 5, mystic 5, geomancer 5, dragoon 5, samurai 5, ninja 5, arith 5. 

Most end game and special encounters have mime 8 unlocked.


A huge amount of encounter changes, too many to list, but a few pointers.

Beware Kokobo.  ch. 4 random.  He's nasty. 

Berenvia Volcano has a huge amount of nasty encounters, sort of a test your mettle thing. 

There are multiple ??? humans and monsters scattered around some placed in ch. 3, most in ch. 4.  They nearly all have safeguard, a ribbon and a chantage equipped, with no hp gear (ribbon is 0hp/0mp) so they get the x 10. 

There is a terrifying battle somewhere against most the zodiacs all at once with the best human classes.

Eldibis has been changed a bit, but he is the only thing in the deep dungeon other than move finds and Byblos I have touched, so DD is mostly a cake walk.  This will be adressed once more balance work and how the ch. 4 encounters work out.  It will likely be terrifying.  You've been warned. 

Male squires removed in all aspects.  They're glitchy, I do not know why, not sure on if the ones you may get are.  They are female or something else. 

I have done some work with war trophies, trying to make the items you get a bit better, usually from the next town you could buy them.  Special battles have special rewards, though more will be done.  Move finds will follow a similar trend eventually, so it should help gear keep pace a bit better than normal. 


If I know you, and/or you've helped, pm me on the forums or IRC.  We can work together to build you in as a DD encounter.  Koko got his because of an old agreement I was a bit lax in finishing, and as a nod to the site in general.  I hope to accommodate everyone but I make no promises.

Updates will happen and I will be doing more and more work fine tuning, balancing, and fixing glitches as I go along.  Anything of note please let me know, ideally in this topic so we do not have to take another space in the forums, again subject to moderators whim.

Thanks I and hope you all enjoy!
New Project Ideas / Re: WOTL Shrine Knights Lulz patch
November 12, 2012, 07:22:22 pm

Axes and Flails now give bonus PA.  Iron Flail gives +1 PA. 
       Battle Axe, Flame Mace, morning star give +2 PA. 
       Giant's axe and Scorpion Tail gives +3 PA.   
       Slasher gives +4 PA.
       Francisca gives +5 PA.
       Golden Axe and Wyrmweave silk gives +6 PA.
Poison Rod has a chance to cast Bio 2. 

Dragon Rod has Initial Faith, and Half fire, ice, lightning

Serpent Staff has Move +1, initial transparent, and immune to poison.

Golden staff now immune confusion, silence, berserk.

Staff of the Magi now Boosts and Halves all elements.

Knightslayer WP now 4.

Crossbow WP now 5.

Poison Bow WP now 5 chance to cast bio 2.

Hunting Bow WP now 11, range 5. 

Gastrophetes WP now 14, range 6. 

Ice Bow WP now 6, chance to cast ice 1.

Lightning Bow WP now 7.

Mythril Bow WP now 8.

Windslash Bow WP now 10.

Artemis Bow WP now 12, range 6.

Yoichi Bow WP now 16. range 6.

Perseus Bow WP now 20, range 7.

Saggitarius Bow (multiplayer only) WP now 24, range 7. 

All dictionaries give +1 MA. 
        Omnilex gives +2.

Javelin WP down to 6.

Spear WP down to 7.

Mithril Spear WP down to 9.

Obelisk WP up to 13.

8-fluted pole WP down to 11.

Ivory Pole WP up to 13, w-ev up to 30.

Fallingstar Bag now Always: Reraise.

Pantherksin Bag now Always: Regen.

Damask Cloth WP now 10.

Cashmere WP now 15.

Genji Helmet now gives status protection = to ribbon. 

Ribbon now gives no HP or MP.

Maximillian now HP 200, MP 50, Always: Protect and Shell.  Immune: Stop, Immobilize, Disable.

Nagarock now Wpn power 10, 50 evade, +2 PA, +2 MA, +1 spd

Materia Blade Now wpn Power 15 evade 20 +2 MA

All Daggers give +1 speed.  Zwill Crossblade gives 2. 

All multiplayer exclusive items are shop buyable post zalbag fight. 

Sasuke blade, Iga Blade and Koga blade all give + 2 speed.

All katana give +1 PA +1 MA minimum.  Masamune and Chiri give +2/+2.

Diamond Armlet back to normal.

This will likely change more given time.


Nearly totally redone.

Monster: Common, Rare

Chocobo: Phoenix Down, X-potion

Black Chocobo: Ether, Hi-Ether

Red Choco: Remedy, Barette

Goblin: Potion, Hi-Potion

Black Goblin: HI Potion, Holy Water

Gobblegook: Orichalcum Dirk, Diamond Sword

Bomb: Kunai, Flame Mace

Grenade: Flame Shield, Ama-no-Murakamo

Exploder: Yagyu Darkness, Black Robe

Red Panther: Elvan Cloak, Hermes Shoes

Coeurl: Ninja Longblade, Germinas Boots

Vampire Cat: Angel Ring, Pantherskin Bag

Piscodemon: Chameleon Robe, White Robe

Squidraken: Japa Mala, Icebrand

Mindflayer: Red Shoes, Vampire Cape

Skeleton: Gold Hairpin, Jujitsu Gi

Bonesnatch: Papyrus Codex, Obelisk

Skeletal Fiend: Gastrophetes, Artemis Bow

Ghoul: Assassin's Dagger, Ivory Pole

Ghast: Air Knife, Eight-fluted Pole

Revenant: Morning Star, Bloodstring Harp

Floating Eye: Aegis Shield, Kiyomori

Ahriman: Muramasa, Air Knife

Plague Horror: Kiki-ichimonji, Zwill Straightblade

Jura Aevis: Jade Armlet, Featherweave Cloak

Steelhawk: Hunting Bow, Crockadile Bag

Cockatrice: Bracer, Stoneshooter

Pig: Cachusha, Masamune

Swine: Chantage, Nagarock

Wild Boar: Ribbon, Fallingstar Bag

Dryad: Power Garb, Diamond Armor

Treant: Platinum Armor, Carabiner Mail

Elder Treant: Crystal Mail, Defender

Wisekin: Damask CLoth, Cashmere

Minotaur: Slasher, Gaia Gear

Sekhret: Holy Lance, Luminous Robe

Malboro: Diamond Shield, Platinum Shield

Ochu: Elixir, Runeblade

Greater Malboro: Omnilex, Chirijiraden

Behometh: Crystal Shield, Blaze Gun

Behometh King: Cherche, Glacial Gun

Dark Behometh: Mirror Mail, Blaster

Dragon: Spellbinder, Hydrascale Bag

Blue Dragon: Crystal Helm, Dragon Rod

Red Dragon: Sortilege, Dragon Whisker

Hydra: Blood Sword, Scorpion Tail

Greater Hydra: Septieme, Rubber Suit

Taimat: Whale Whisker, Wyrmweave Silk

This will likely have more changes as time goes on.


All DD, nelveska, and vanish mantle finds are now 100%. 

Kiyomori move find on the crevasse 9,4 is now Ribbon. 

This will likely increase as time goes on.

New Project Ideas / Re: WOTL Shrine Knights Lulz patch
November 12, 2012, 06:07:54 pm

All enemies have beastmaster innate.  All tier 3 monsters have minimum 4 move.  Nearly all reactions changed. 
   Most have elemental changes well.

Chocos unchanged except for beastmaster.  Kokobo battle somewhere.

Goblins have monster skill spin punch.  Spin punch range 0, vert 1, effect 2

Black Goblins have Goblin Punch normally, eye gouge monster skill.  Goblin punch formula 37 (rndm 1...9)*PA  range 2,
   effect 0, vert 2

Gobblegook has Tackle, Spin punch, goblin punch,  bloodfeast monster skill.  Move set to 4.

Goblin Family reaction is now counter tackle, innate ignore terrain and ignore weather (for the lulz).  Absorb lightning
   half earth.


Exploder has flame attack in place of bite.  Move set to 4.

Bomb family has critical quick as reaction.

Elemental resistance the same.


Red Panther MAC now 12.

Coeurl MAC now 10.

Vampire Cat MAC now 8.

Cat family Venom fang now (PA +6/2) * MA.  Chance to add dark or poison. 

Cat family reaction Vigilence. 

Cat family absorb   ice, half wind, weak earth, weak water.


Piscodemon has ink normally, monster skill dischord. 

Squidraken MAC 30, Maelstrom (water truth skill) in place of ink. Maelstrom formula 5E [(MA+12)/2], hits 1 or 2x.  CT 3,
   range 4, vert 3, effect 0.

Mindflayer MAC 25.  Move 4.  Maelstorm in place of ink.  Maelstrom formula 5E [(MA+12)/2], hits 1 or 2x.  CT 3,
   range 4, vert 3, effect 0.

Squid Family reaction now counter flood. 

Squid family now null earth.


Skeleton MAC 25.  Thunder Anima formula MA * 12.

Bonesnatch MAC 21.  Water Anima now normal skill, wind anima monster skill.  Ice Anima MA * 14. Wind Anime MA * 16.

Skeletal Fiend MAC 17.  Wind Anima now normal skill, MA * 16.  Death Monster skill.  Move now 4.

Skeleton Family innate Defense boost, reaction now Fury.  Null ice.


Ghoul movement set to 4.

Ghast Movememnt set to 5.  Gravity now a normal skill.

Revenant Movement sent to 6.  Graviga now a normal skill.

Ghost family reaction now archer's bane reaction. 

Null Earth, Half lightning, weak wind.  Fire weakness removed.


Floating Eye Dread Gaze normal skill. Big Guard now normal skill.  range 0, vert 2, effect 2 add protect and shell. 
Hit 200+MA%.   Monster skill Bewitching Gaze.

Plague Horror Big Guard now normal skill.  range 0, vert 2, effect 2 add protect and shell.  Hit 200+MA%. 

Eye Family reaction now Magic Counter. 

Null Dark, weak wind, half ice.


Jura Avis Featherbomb now normal skill.  Peck is Monster skill.

Steelhawk Featherbomb now normal skill.  Peck now normal skill.  Glitterlust removed.

Cockatrice has Raptor's Strike in place of talon dive.  Range 0 vert 2 effect 1 Add: Haste and regen 100%.

Bird family Reaction now Adrenaline rush. 

Absorb Ice, half earth, weak wind.


Pig now move 4. Squeal normal skill, toot monster skill.

Swine now move 5, jump 4.  White Wind normal skill range 0, vert 2, effect 2, Heal MA * 8.  Snort monster skill charm
   70 + ma %.

Wild Boar now move 6 Jump 5.  White Wind normal skill. 

Pig family reaction skill now Shirahadori. 

They Absorb holy, cancel dark, half fire, ice, lit, weak earth. 


Dyrad PAC now 34.  C-evade 9%.  Snakecharm now normal skill.  range 2 vert 2 effect 0 [(PA+7)/2)]* PA.
   Poisonous Frog Monster skill.
Treant PAC 30, C-evade 12%.  Snakecharm and poisonous forg normal skills.  Monster skill Magick Nymph.

Elder Treant PAC 26 c-evade 15%.  Snakecharm, poisonous frog, and magick nymph normal skill. Kerma as monster skill.

Tree family reaction now critical recover HP. 

Absorb earth and water, null wind, weak fire.


Wisenkin move 4 jump 4.  Feral Spin added as normal skill.  Feral Spin now [(PA +7)/2] * PA.  Beef up as monster skill.

Minotaur Jump now 4.  Breathe fire normal skill, beef up monster skill. 

Sekhret move 4 jump 4.  Monster skill Quake.

Cow Family reaction now bonecrusher.  Innate Vehemence. 

Absorb earth, null holy, half dark, weak water.


Malboro C-ev% now 9, jump now 8.  Was 131 for some weird reason.

Ochu c-ev% 12, jump now 8.   has bad breath as a normal skill.  Goo now range 3.

Greater Malboro c-ev% move 4, jump 8, and has Goo as a normal skill, range 3. 

Malboro Family reaction is Regenerator.

Absorb Dark and water, null earth, half fire, still weak to ice.

Immune stone, blind, confuse, silence, toad, poison, sleep.


Behometh MAC 21.  Jump 4 (was 131 again oddly).

Behometh King MAC 18.  Jump 4.  Heave and Gigaflare only normal skills now.

Dark Behometh MAC 15, Jump 4 skills Twister, Heave, Gigaflare.  Monster skil Migardsomr.

Behometh Family has mp switch added as a reaction (in addition to counter). 

Absorb dark, null holy, half all other elements. 

Also now immune to silence, confuse, charm, disable, sleep, berserk, stone, death, confuse, stop and toad.


Dragon has tail sweep as a normal skill, Fire breath as a monster skill.  Absorbs fire, null ice, and half dark and holy.

Blue dragon has thunder breath as a normal skill, and Almagest as monster skill.  Absorb ice and holy, cancel lightning
   dark, and water.

Red dragon has flame breath and almagest as normal skill, Asura (truth) as monster skill. Absorb fire, lightning, dark,
   null holy, half water.

Dragon Family has Dragonheart as a reaction in addition to first strike.


Hydra has move 5, c-ev% 15.  Tail sweep as a normal attack.

Greater Hydra has move 5, c-ev% 18.

Tiamat has move 5, c-ev% 21.

Hydra family has soulbind as a reaction skill. 

Absorb fire and lightning, null dark and earth, half holy.


Byblos has MPC 4, MPM 175, move 4.  Innate swiftness. 

He is weak to fire, half water, null lit, ice, wind, earth, absorb dark and holy.  He can now enter water. 

Toadja, Blindja, Dispelja, Confuseja, Sleepja, Flareja, Curaja, protectja, shellja, firaja, thundaja, and blizzaja added to his skillset.

Archaeodaemon has Bomblet(blue) range 3 vert 0 effect 0 [(PA+4)/2]*2 ct 3 as a normal skill.  Also has Bomblet (black)
   Range 1 [(PA+8)/2]*2 ct 4.  Gigaflare removed.  Teleport as movement ability. 

Absorb dark, null holy, half fire, ice, lit. 

Ultima Demon has Kerma in place of Almagest.  Teleport for movement. 

Absorb Dark, null holy, half wind, water, earth.

New Project Ideas / Re: WOTL Shrine Knights Lulz patch
November 12, 2012, 05:48:45 pm
I will likely flip between vanilla and wotl terminology, please bear with me.


starting Team: Zalbag, Zalmo, Izulde, Ramza.  No generics.  Agrias and weigraf have switched places.

ch.2 Rad Blue mage.  Alicia Mystic Knight, Lavian Red Mage.  Weigraf Ch.1, Balk (replacing musty).

ch. 3 Luso, Loffrey(Rafa), Clientinne(Malak)

ch. 4 Aracheodemon, Dycedarg(Orlandu), Reaver, Formav(Meliadoul), Celia, Lede, Elmdore, Ultima Demon(Worker8), Aliste(Beowulf), Reis(new sprite), Bathier, Cloud, Byblos


Blade of Ruin.  Added Osafune with new name (Cicada swarm) draw out formula/range/but no inventory req y=13.  MP 15 Ruins cost 10 mp, -3 pa/ma -2 speed -50% MP, range 4 single target.  Can learn Ultima.
             RSM: Counter, Magic counter, concentration, safeguard, swiftness

33 Arts of War(Izulde).  Named changed to Dark Spearskill.  shield break, head break, lancet. Whirlwind Aoe 1,
vert 2, formula d2 y = 6.  chance to add 7d immobilize.  Spirit lunge range 4 vert 2 formula 2d y = 4.  Caltrop Sting range 7 effect 0 vert 4 formula2d y = 1 Lancet is cloned elmdore's vampire, 20% drain HP range 3 add defending.  Izulde exclusive.  range 3, effect 0, vert 3, Add Status 7f unused, seperate, defending. 
   RSM:  Adreniline rush, equip polearms, concentrate, defend, jp boost, jump +1 Innate: concentrate

Holy Magic.  Changed the beowulf Magic sword skills to oracle spells. 
   Cure, Cura, Curaga, Arise, Esuna, Invigoration, Quiescence, Delirium, Harmony, Hesitation Respose.  Praise added, like ramza's steel just for faith.
   RSM : Archer's Bane, Equip Axes, Halve MP, Defend, JP Boost, Lifefont

Blue Magic.  Choco Esuna and goblin punch (r 2, v 0, e 0, 1...9 *pa) auto-learned.  One ability from each monster family.  Self-destruct, Venom Fang (PA+6/)/2 add status blind or poison, range 1, Maelstrom, from truth hits up to 2x single target, wind anima, drain touch, big guard self aoe shell and protect, white wind draw out aoe healing, Raptor's Dive effect 1 haste + regen centered on self, Magic Nymph draw out aoe heal mp, feral spin, bad breath, almagest, gigaflare, dark whisper.
        RSM: Magic Boost, equip axe, beastmaster, tame, jp boost, levitate.  Innate: Train, Beastmaster

Planar Swordskill: Elemental Based attacks at varying range, req. sword but do damage strictly off of MA Also has Focus, Salve, and can Learn Ultima.
      RSM: Magic Counter, Equip Sword, Parry, Exp Boost, Jp Boost, Waterwalking.   Innate:Ignore weather, Ignore Terrain,    Lavawalking, Waterwalking

Red magic.  Cure, Cura, Raise, Shell, Protect, Fire, Fira, Blizzard, Blizzara, Thunder, Thundara, Haste, Slow, Reflect, Umbra, Quiescence.
      RSM: Nature's Wrath, Equip Shieds, Archer's Bane, Waterbreathing, JP Boost, Accure EXP

Holy Swordskill.  Judgement Blade, Cleansing Strike, Northswain's Strike, Hallowed Bolt, Divine Ruiniation
      RSM: Counter, Equip Swords, Doublehand, Defend, JP Boost,  Move +1

Aimed shot.  Leg aim, arm aim, seal evil, poison shot (wpn range single target poison), Dispose (costs less hp)
     RSM: Mana Shield, Defense Boost, Arcane Defense, Equip Gun, JP Boost, Jump +2 Innate: Defense boost, Arcane Defense

Luso is unchanged.

Unyielding Blade.  Crush Armor, Crush Helm, Crush Accesory, Delerium, Quiescence, Bio(1), Bio(2), Bio(3), Biora(1), Biora(2), Biora(3), Biora(4), Bioaga(1), Bioaga(2), Bioaga(3) Biora spells do damage not just chance to inflict status now. 
       RSM: Parry, Equip Swords, Vigilence, Defense Boost, Jp Boost, Ignore Elevation

Esper.  Holy, Flare, Graviga, Unholy Darkness, Arise, Midgarsomr, Bahamut, Odin, Leviathan, Salamander
      RSM: Magic Boost, Halve Mp, Manafont, Arcane Defense, JP Boost, Fly

Dark Arts.  Kerma, Unholy Darkness, Bomblet(blue), Bomblet(green)
     Innate: Cannot enter water, Counter, Swiftness, Teleport

Swordplay.  Judgement Blade, Cleansing Strike, Northswain's Strike, Hallowed Bolt, Divine Ruiniation, Crush Weapon, Crush Armor, Crush Helm, Crush Accessory, Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Bioaga(3),
     RSM: Bonecrusher, Equip Swords, Sticky Fingers, Defend, JP Boost, Move +1

Bio.  Bio(1), Bio(2), Bio(3), Biora(1), Biora(2), Biora(3), Biora(4), Bioaga(1), Bioaga(2), Bioaga(3)
      Innate: Cannot enter water, ignore height, swiftness, counter

Unyielding Blade.   Crush Armor, Crush Weapon, Crush Helm, Crush Accessory, Quake, Melt, Tornado.
     RSM: Critical: Quick, Equip Swords, Halve Mp, Defense boost, Arcane defense, Swim

Subdual Arts.  Petrify, Shadowbind, Suffocate, Utima, Charm
     RSM: First Strike, Equip Katana, Dual Weild, Exp boost, JP boost, Ignore Height.  Innate  Dual Wield.

Subdual Arts.  Petrify, Shadowbind, Suffocate, Utima, Charm
      RSM: Reflexes, Concentration, Dual Weild, Sticky Fingers, JP boost, Fly.  Innate: Dual Wield

Sword Spirit.  Asura, Kotetsu, Murasame, Muramasa, Kiku-ichimonji, Masamune, Chirijiraden.
      RSM: Shirihadori, Equip Katana, Safeguard, Defend, JP Boost, Teleport.  Safeguard no longer innate, steal away.

<Ultima Demon>
Demon Magicks.  Nanoflare, Unholy Darkness, Ultima, Twister, Kerma
      Innate: Teleport, brawler, swiftness, counter

Magic Sword.  As beowulf's normal skillset.
      RSM: Magic counter, Equip sword, Defend, JP Boost, Accure JP, Manafont

Dragon.  As normal.
     RSM: Nature's Wrath, Mana Shield, Accure JP, Arcane Defense, JP Boost, Fly Innate: Beastmaster, Tame, Beast Tongue, dual wield.

Piracy.  Removed plunder gil and plunder exp.
      RSM: First Strike, Equip Guns, Equip Polearms, Concentration, JP Boost, Move + 1.  Innate: safeguard.

Limit.  As normal.
     RSM: Soulbind, Equip Swords, Swiftness, Lifefont, JP Boost, Fly.

Byblos.  Energize, Parasite, Vengence, Manaburn, Toadja, Blindja, Dispelja, Confuseja, Sleepja, Flareja, Curaja, Protectja, Shellja, Firaja, Blizzaja, Thundaja.
      Innate: Swiftness, Ignore Elevation, Poach, Counter

New Project Ideas / Re: WOTL Shrine Knights Lulz patch
November 12, 2012, 04:27:01 pm
Long posts coming with changes.   I may make a PSX version once I get a little feedback and balance some more things, and I finish.

And Celdia, you have a psp to play hacked games on unless it finally died on you.  I have not included the slowdown fix as of yet since I'd have to directly hex edit and hope it doesn't mess with things.  I likely will try but other things first.
New Project Ideas / WOTL Shrine Knights Lulz patch
November 12, 2012, 03:38:17 am
Hi I'm Efrate, been here a while, often in IRC but not on the forums a lot.  K so here's the deal.  A buddy of mine I got addicted to FFT on his psp and has been playing a lot, and there is so much more he would like to see and do.  And he is a big fan of Zalbag.  So knowing this, and the tools available, I have ventured into the almost unknown land of wotl hacking.  Though started as a lolz patch, I have put in a decent chunk of time and a lot of headaches.

Goal of the patch is to give a different experience, and to have a variety of options not normally present.  It has been made significantly more difficult, and essentially allows you to follow the story as for the most part your enemies, including but not limited to the shrine knights.  However, do to my utter lack of event editing and wotl being in a lot of ways an unknown entity, it is essentially everything normal for the wotl story just with a new cast and crew of specials.  You are encouraged to not use generics, since the amount of special characters you get necessitates not having many (maybe any), plus that's kinda the point. 

Your power level do to this is significatly higher than normal, so compensation from the enemies has been made.  All enemies, story or random should be party level or party level + X depending on the situation, and their gear increases with level, and certain rare pieces of equipment can be found on enemies.  Overall the experience should be different and more challenging but not insane.  Spoilers in the next post will tell of the changes, I tried to document pretty much everything as I went so its hopefully mostly accurate. 

This project however would not have been possible without the help of a ton of people, and they deserve a ton of credit. 
- First, my buddy Andy who inspired me to do this and finally release a working patch to the public.
- FFM for answering a ton of random questions and pointing out a lot of stuff to me who is very newbish.
- Celdia for covering other things when needed, basic stupid info, and for being sexy but violent.
- Twinnes for pointing out the sprites resource page with the list of Japanese names their normal hex equivalents.  Also for telling me how older patcher (3.57) works with wotl when the new ones do not.
- Xifanie for various troubleshooting and pointers.
- Kokojo for being best Kokobo.
- Etna for being the jupiest of joops and random factoids.
- Tai for being a vampy bro.
- lirmont, mando, vgr, secondadvent, Raven, fdc, and all the others who I probably forgot that gave me a nugget of wisdom.
- everyone in IRC whom I polled about various status, names, animations, etc.  Thanks!
- Elric for saying he'll fix all the little eventing and naming stuff for me anytime.  Its your time man!
- melonhead, philsov, and all the creators of the tools, without which this wouldn't be possible.

And last, and most certainly least, and it pains me to admit this, but Eternal has been a HUGE help, being the only person in existence who has done any seemingly major edits of this game.  For as much crap as we give him, and its a lot, he has been an invaluable resource, helping me past the countless roadblocks there is with this.

The ppf is here, changes below. 

This .ppf DOES include the slowdown fix hex edits.  If's an issue I will change it. 

Known issues: 
        - Most of your specials do not have a formation sprite, the data doesn't exist in wotl so your pbf and menu screen with have  a bunch of ramza/odd sprites.  However, the portrats all work so you can tell who is who, and everything in battle works fine.  As  usual, in events a little glitchiness may assert itself but nothing game breaking.
        - Guest Weigraf(Agrias) and Guest Balk(Musty) for whatever reason stick around.  They join normally but hang out on the formation screen as guests as well.
        - Weigraf pre-battle formation sprite a big mess.  Fine in battle.     
        - Guest Rofel (Rafa) still hangs out in screen, this may be an issue fixed soon.               
        - Plague Horror's cause a hangup sometimes on some maps, seems fairly random, only noticed so far in Barius Valley.     
        - Some of the elemental stuff doesn't work well, healing when it should be hurting, etc.   Holy and water elemental stuff mostly.  I have no idea what is causing this. 
        - You lose Blue Mage as of Ch. 4, the Malak sprite I used is being called somehow and I have no clue where.  I may attempt to use another sprite since the Rafa sprite is fine.  Maybe try one of the other Gafgarion or Agrias's?

<Version History>

Version 1.21: Fixed some pricing errors in the poach list.  A few item changes.  Bows got an upgrade, as did a few poles.  Changed Ice Strike (mystic knight) to be range 2 vert 5 AoE 1. 
Version 1.20: Fixed a bunch if items, changed nearly the entire poaching list.  Bio 2s now do damage and has a chance of status.
Version 1.18: Fixed Earth Strike, confirmed Beam is working fine.
Version 1.17: Fixed Beam (I hope).  Fixed error where Mystic Knight's skills were unaffected by silence, and Izulde's were.  Fixed Hippo's helpers to be red team instead of blue whoops. 
Version 1.16: Fixed Zalmo Status Immunties, removed dispose from Balk's skillset, replaced with beam (range 8 vert 5 linear) because of graphical issues.  Skill is otherwise identical.  Changed 3 brave frog in Rescue Balk battle.
Version 1.15: Do not deploy zalbag at final battle of ch. 1, it makes rafa stay on screen and he doesn't appear.

Additional Version numbers as I change thingies.  Check this post for updates.
War of the Lions Hacking / Re: Trouble with sprites
November 11, 2012, 07:47:16 am
using old shishi (3.57)battle sprites are easily replacable.  Formation and pre battle need work, need to insert then manually.  However, basic squires for some reason seem to be glitchy.  Not sure if its just me or what but enemy squires are gitchy.