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Help! / Tactext WotL Request
September 09, 2015, 06:15:31 am
Greetings everyone, been a while.  The hacking bug has grabbed me again and going to start another something on WotL.  Less in scope than my previous failed attempts. 

I do remember having massive issues with tactext for WotL, and Eternal sent me one of his that had most of the extraneous data like the sound novels etc. removed so you had a bit of space to work with, does anyone happen to have this file?  My old data was all corrupted so I don't trust my old tactext, plus I have no idea what all my changes were so would like to start fresh. 

Also is the list of unused sprites correct for the WotL version, I remember discovering a few issues with that last time. 

Please and thanks to all who help.
New Project Ideas / WOTL Shrine Knights Lulz patch
November 12, 2012, 03:38:17 am
Hi I'm Efrate, been here a while, often in IRC but not on the forums a lot.  K so here's the deal.  A buddy of mine I got addicted to FFT on his psp and has been playing a lot, and there is so much more he would like to see and do.  And he is a big fan of Zalbag.  So knowing this, and the tools available, I have ventured into the almost unknown land of wotl hacking.  Though started as a lolz patch, I have put in a decent chunk of time and a lot of headaches.

Goal of the patch is to give a different experience, and to have a variety of options not normally present.  It has been made significantly more difficult, and essentially allows you to follow the story as for the most part your enemies, including but not limited to the shrine knights.  However, do to my utter lack of event editing and wotl being in a lot of ways an unknown entity, it is essentially everything normal for the wotl story just with a new cast and crew of specials.  You are encouraged to not use generics, since the amount of special characters you get necessitates not having many (maybe any), plus that's kinda the point. 

Your power level do to this is significatly higher than normal, so compensation from the enemies has been made.  All enemies, story or random should be party level or party level + X depending on the situation, and their gear increases with level, and certain rare pieces of equipment can be found on enemies.  Overall the experience should be different and more challenging but not insane.  Spoilers in the next post will tell of the changes, I tried to document pretty much everything as I went so its hopefully mostly accurate. 

This project however would not have been possible without the help of a ton of people, and they deserve a ton of credit. 
- First, my buddy Andy who inspired me to do this and finally release a working patch to the public.
- FFM for answering a ton of random questions and pointing out a lot of stuff to me who is very newbish.
- Celdia for covering other things when needed, basic stupid info, and for being sexy but violent.
- Twinnes for pointing out the sprites resource page with the list of Japanese names their normal hex equivalents.  Also for telling me how older patcher (3.57) works with wotl when the new ones do not.
- Xifanie for various troubleshooting and pointers.
- Kokojo for being best Kokobo.
- Etna for being the jupiest of joops and random factoids.
- Tai for being a vampy bro.
- lirmont, mando, vgr, secondadvent, Raven, fdc, and all the others who I probably forgot that gave me a nugget of wisdom.
- everyone in IRC whom I polled about various status, names, animations, etc.  Thanks!
- Elric for saying he'll fix all the little eventing and naming stuff for me anytime.  Its your time man!
- melonhead, philsov, and all the creators of the tools, without which this wouldn't be possible.

And last, and most certainly least, and it pains me to admit this, but Eternal has been a HUGE help, being the only person in existence who has done any seemingly major edits of this game.  For as much crap as we give him, and its a lot, he has been an invaluable resource, helping me past the countless roadblocks there is with this.

The ppf is here, changes below. 

This .ppf DOES include the slowdown fix hex edits.  If's an issue I will change it. 

Known issues: 
        - Most of your specials do not have a formation sprite, the data doesn't exist in wotl so your pbf and menu screen with have  a bunch of ramza/odd sprites.  However, the portrats all work so you can tell who is who, and everything in battle works fine.  As  usual, in events a little glitchiness may assert itself but nothing game breaking.
        - Guest Weigraf(Agrias) and Guest Balk(Musty) for whatever reason stick around.  They join normally but hang out on the formation screen as guests as well.
        - Weigraf pre-battle formation sprite a big mess.  Fine in battle.     
        - Guest Rofel (Rafa) still hangs out in screen, this may be an issue fixed soon.               
        - Plague Horror's cause a hangup sometimes on some maps, seems fairly random, only noticed so far in Barius Valley.     
        - Some of the elemental stuff doesn't work well, healing when it should be hurting, etc.   Holy and water elemental stuff mostly.  I have no idea what is causing this. 
        - You lose Blue Mage as of Ch. 4, the Malak sprite I used is being called somehow and I have no clue where.  I may attempt to use another sprite since the Rafa sprite is fine.  Maybe try one of the other Gafgarion or Agrias's?

<Version History>

Version 1.21: Fixed some pricing errors in the poach list.  A few item changes.  Bows got an upgrade, as did a few poles.  Changed Ice Strike (mystic knight) to be range 2 vert 5 AoE 1. 
Version 1.20: Fixed a bunch if items, changed nearly the entire poaching list.  Bio 2s now do damage and has a chance of status.
Version 1.18: Fixed Earth Strike, confirmed Beam is working fine.
Version 1.17: Fixed Beam (I hope).  Fixed error where Mystic Knight's skills were unaffected by silence, and Izulde's were.  Fixed Hippo's helpers to be red team instead of blue whoops. 
Version 1.16: Fixed Zalmo Status Immunties, removed dispose from Balk's skillset, replaced with beam (range 8 vert 5 linear) because of graphical issues.  Skill is otherwise identical.  Changed 3 brave frog in Rescue Balk battle.
Version 1.15: Do not deploy zalbag at final battle of ch. 1, it makes rafa stay on screen and he doesn't appear.

Additional Version numbers as I change thingies.  Check this post for updates.
Spam / FFH The Drinking
July 27, 2012, 01:47:57 am
Though I don't drink, this was brought up in IRC.  We need to make an FFH drinking game.  I'm guessing each time one of us does something that everyone knows is kinda there there.  For example, Taichii using the XD emoticon.  Every time that happens, take a drink, take a toke, take a wank, whatever is your thing. 

I merely have one rule: no one comes up with their own thing.  I cannot come up with an Efrate thing to make people do whatever for example, but eternal or someone else could.  Let us know who thinks what oh who, and get smashed whilst in a random night of chat. 

And.... go. 
Spam / U of M, Y u hate IRC?
June 29, 2012, 12:25:16 pm
Damn you U of M.  Cannot access IRC.  Y U  hate IRC?  IRC no hate you. 
The Lounge / Design a 3.5 Monster (N)PC
March 24, 2012, 09:07:40 am
Hello FFH!  Since all my dreams come true here, I am working to make this one a reality. 

I am running a 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons campaign, and I have a dungeon I plan on populating with classed NPC monsters.  Like A ku-toa cleric, a dryad druid, etc. 

Levels will be lvl 5 - 14, and essentially they will be in  their stronghold, fully prepared and set up for attacks.  At one point I had this fully done, but as with most of my old stuff in the movement, shuffle and loss of storage unit stuffs I lost most of it. 

I'm trying to stay away from undead and outsiders, and keep to mostly humanoid/monstrous humanoids/some fey/some shapechangers 

Some ideas I had once upon a time, use these as a starting point.

Kobald rogues/sorcerers.
Were-squid barbarian
merfolk bard
troll fighters

Prestige classes (DMG only plz) are fine provided they meet the reqs. 

If anyone wants to submit some, with a name, I would appreciate it and feature it in the story.  Bonus if anyone wants to set up favorable circumstances, like trolls with bows behind overturned tables for cover on the far side of a crevice raining arrows etc.  Or traps that complement them, or whatever. 

The dungeon will be a cave with connections to the underdark, a large lake, a river, and a forest, so basically any climate/terrain type is fine. 

They will be squaring off against 5 PCs, monk, wizard, cleric, rogue, paladin. 

Thanks for any who submit to make my workload a bit easier, and have fun with it.  Be mean but try to keep it to the 3 core books.  No ninja/warlock/marshall desmodus or somesuch. 

I am trying to get at least 1 of each base class, and 1 of most of the prestige classes in some combination. 

The head baddy is a troll shadowdancer + more, so that prestige class is covered at least, but otherwise, make me proud FFH!
Help! / RAD Job Requirements, requiring RAD Jobs
January 22, 2012, 07:35:20 am
I'm working on a class based progression ala something like Der Langrisser, with each of 4 characters having several branching paths that build off of one another.  Messing with rad a bit I was wondering if I can make RAD classes as requirement for other classes. 

In the Base Rad3 example pokeytax has, how would I go about making say the astrologist class be a requisite to another class, like a space mage or some such?  Is this possible, and if so how would I do it?

In addition, is there a list somewhere of what hex values represent steps in the story, since I want to incorporate job class available only upon progression, etc? 

Please and thanks.
The Lounge / Poll: Strictly support, no Offense
January 13, 2012, 02:38:22 am
Celdia and I, back in the days of yesteryear, played a MUD called dragonrealms.  The healer class, Empath, was totally non-combative, and could do nothing but heal, on the other hand , they were the only ones who could.  They could not even attack, subdual or not, no debuffs, no actions that directly or indirectly effect the enemies.  

They healed by transferring wounds from others to themselves, then could magically heal themselves.  This took some time, depending on the skill of the empath and the severity of the wounds.  It offers amazing RPing potential, and would be a better healer (on him/herself) than a cleric of equal level (cure light wounds as a 0 level spell, cure mod as a lvl 1, etc).  They would receive little (or no) benefit from magical healing from someone else, though it would be possible if they were unconscious, etc.  

They must have physical contact to heal, and take a full round to transfer wounds before they can heal themselves.  The amount they take would be based on a skill check, but they must take the maximum their check result in, so they could potentially hurt or kill themselves.

Would you play a class as such?  Let me know, hit me up in IRC with thoughts, or PM me, though I don't do much on the site outside of hanging in IRC.  Thanks for your time.
Help! / steal problems in patcher
September 06, 2010, 05:35:10 am
Hi everyone another question.  Is there something special about steal?  I'm trying to give mustadio come steal skills in his base class but with higher success rate, so I clone steal whatever and paste it over an ability I'm not using (one of the bard songs).  I then adjust the x value in patcher to reflect the changes I want to implement.  

I double and triple check, every flag is still the same, everything is identical between the two other than the x value I adjusted, and the name of the new skill.  However, the skill won't allow me to steal anything.  I go to use my new steal helmet, and I get an infinity sign on the enemy unit, I try it anyways just to see if merely an issue with having to go find something in tactext and change it, but nothing, its always guarded, no maintenence on the enemy, and I got nothing.  Help please?
Help! / OrgASM time out?
September 02, 2010, 06:52:02 pm
Quick question.  Does FF OrgASM have a time out?  Like between chapters?  I just hit chapter 4 and a lot of the fixes I put in aren't working, a similar thing happened in chapter 3.  Is there something going on or is this normal?
Help! / increased roster size and pallette question
September 01, 2010, 12:04:41 am
Three questions.  

1.) Is there a way to increase the roster size in the PSX version to be similar to the size of the WotL version?  I imagine it would require ASM and possibly an expanded iso but wondering if it had been done, etc.

2.) Is there a utility somewhere that can take a pallette for a unique sprite, generate another pallette with approximately the same difference in tones (similar to how the red mage sprite on the site has a full blue mage color scheme) so I can expand the custom sprite without having to manually recolor it since I have the artistic talent of a color blind cross-eyed hamster with parkinson's.  Or do I have to manually recolor everything and try to make it not look like something my three year old gives to me to hang on the fridge?

3.) Is there a way to overwrite math skill into something else and have it display properly on a calculator?  It keeps works just like math.  I wanted to replace it with something along the line of a highest tier magic class, however, I was using skilslet 19 which I changed drastically (and took off of Ramza) and its all buggy.  I had a similar issue with bards and dancers, but I just rewrote what I was using over sing and dance no problems now, but calc doesn't appear to be that easy.
Help! / Fomula help
August 31, 2010, 02:19:15 am
Hello.  A couple of quick questions I was looking for a formula that used PA and WP for special skills, and the only thing I found was swordskill formula 2D.  I wouldn't mind using this, but is there a way to alter the 100% status field to 25% without ASM hacking or something?  Like If I can the inflict status tab to random or seperate or something would that work?  

Also, random idea, is it possible to make a skill that if it kills an enemy, it raises them and gives them invite and death sentance, but makes it so they do not permanently join?  Would just charm be better, and if so is it possible to make it so they cannot be uncharmed on hit?  (thinking of building necromaner)

Finally, is there a formula for charge, or just CT and power? If so then I assume it used like a weapon strike just with an additional +x added to WP.  

Thanks again.
Help! / Blue Mage Woes
August 30, 2010, 02:03:30 am
Question again wonderful knowledgable peeps.  

I'm making a blue mage class (replacing bard since I never see them on the other side).  For the skillset, I am redoing one of ramza's guts since his skillset I got from byblos after much modding.  I know I could have redid sing, but I chose not to, idk why.  

Here's my problem.  I picked the 16 skills I want him to learn, set JP for each to 9999, and checked learn on hit and gave it a 100% chance in the abilities tab in patcher.  Skill gets used on him, and I get the message saying do you want to leanr, I click yes, says "skill" has been learned.  I open my blue magic ability and go to use it.... and the skills aren't there.  Furthermore, I have 3 skills I've never had used on him selectable and usable, but the one I actually learned don't work.  And even more so, once I did get hit with that skill, it stays grayed out in his abilities menu on the formation screen.  

Any idea how to fix?  I do a lot of dirty patching as I keep making small changes, is it time to just repatch, re shishi, re tacttext and reorgASM it all and hope for a better result?  

Thanks in advance.
Help! / unique sprites on generic jobs
August 29, 2010, 03:04:52 am
Is there a way to give generic jobs unique sprites like what is up on site here, but only to my team, or rather giving the enemies different sprites for those same jobs?  I'm not talking about just pallette swaps.  

Example:  my male wizard sprite (6B)is Sephiroth from the custom sprite section.  When I go into battle at dorter, the enemy wizards are just like shadows, solid black.  I am guessing this is because there is only the first pallette in the spritesheet, not 5 like a lot of the sprites.  Is there a way to maintain my sprite and give another one to the enemies (like the black mage sprite in custom sprites) or am I forced to have the exact same sprites for generics as the enemies?  I could attempt to pallete swap the existing spite 4x, but I am hopeless when it comes to spriting, or art in general, and would like it if there was some way I can fix this easily.  Thank you.

Edit: I may have found an answer but Oh my St. Ajora is it going to be a headache.  I can go through the ENTD and change the sprites used as opposed to generic male/female for everything to one of the repeat addresses from the event only onles between sprite numbers 34 and 5E but wow it will take a while, any easy way short of cloning and going through every event tab to make that happen?
Help! / Reraise on Everything?
August 27, 2010, 05:35:49 am
OKay something very weird just happens and I dunno how to fix it.  I spent a good chunk of time messing with patcher, shi shi, orgASM, and tactext to do my first trial run serious project.  I made a ton of changed but I do have most of them logged if need arises.  The only thing is, EVERYTHING has reraise.  OMSA I have no idea how that happened.  I was gonna give the materia blade auto-rerasie or initial reraise, but I decided against it, patched my iso, and everything has reraise.  I checked all my job and skillset flags, and orgASM, and no where is it checked.  I've saved the patch with it all like this and repatched (dirty ISO because I did a lot of stuff with shi shi and tactext.  But Before I messed with the materia blade it was fine, now its friggin insane.  

How could I fix this,  or is it time to re-extract the ISO and go through everything again?  I hope not because I hate all the headaches with spriting.

Thanks in advance.
Help! / changing zodiac
August 23, 2010, 04:00:18 pm
Is there any way to use patcher to edit zodiac?  I haven't been able to find anything on it, and wanna try a serpentarius SSCC but I need to find a way to get the correct zodiac.  I tried searching and found nothing, any help would be appreciated.  Thank you!
Help! / PSP debug help
June 28, 2010, 06:01:49 pm
Okay I have a question.  Is there any way to take the War of the Lions .cso file, convert to iso., then run on epsxe and basically play the PSP version using epsxe?   And if so, would the normal FFT world debug codes and memory card editors still enable me to do it all?  I was planning on running a WotL auto-battle tournament for some buddies, and I have not much of any clue.  I have FF masters how to thread for how to do it with vanilla, but I St. Ajora knows if I can make it work as I would like too.  

I imagine I could just use FFT:C for abilities names and whatnot and ban the PSP exclusive stuff, ll but I'd rather stay true to form if possible.  Could I use all those same things in FFMasters thread on a patched with FFT:C iso without issues or would problems arise.  

Oh BTW I know I can convert cso to iso but most the utilities I googled didn't output a direct ISO file but a .bin file, and that won't play in epsxe.  I just get a blank screen.

Thank you in advance.