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January 19, 2022, 02:45:35 am


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Improve Download Section

Started by LightningBolt, February 23, 2013, 03:51:15 pm


I might as well tell my story so people know why I am making this suggestion (and why the suggestion is better than most of the attempted bug fixes I've found on this site's help section).

As someone who just got into patching FFT:WotL (for personal use, just want to spice up the game), I had a lot of issues with this site. More specifically, the help for PSP kinda hurts. Now, I know most of you hack the original FFT because it's easier to do and you understand it better. That's fine, this is all a personal decision. However, some of us, for whatever personal reason, want to patch the PSP game. As is, most of the materials you provide are adequate.

The issue comes up with the script editor. As far as I was able to understand after working for many hours on this, the newest FFTactext (0.482) works perfectly with a given script, making it really easy to patch changes into the PSP game. However, the program's ability to import the script from an ISO is immensely flawed. You cannot use a script you import from 0.482 to patch the PSP game, unless you make more changes than I cared to in an hour of working on it (note that I was working with a script I just imported, and didn't add any changes until it failed to patch properly).

The primary solution, I found, was to use FFTactext 0.457. That program perfectly imported the script from all 4 of the ISOs I was testing with, and the script could be used with 0.482! The frustrating part, of course, was that 0.457 wasn't available for download from this site, none of the previous versions offered on this site imported properly, and I was only able to get a download for 0.457 from another user on a help topic. This problem clearly isn't unique.

Now, after that overly long preamble and in depth explanation of my issue that no one cares about (I don't even know if this forum is active anymore), here is my suggestion:

You don't even have to fix the programs available, just add FFTactext 0.457 to the download section (and probably mention that you need it in order to import a PSP script). Alternatively, you can have a useable imported script available in the download section. Or better yet, you can have both.

That's all I suggest. I'm probably not going to be bothering with this site much more, but I hope that the next person who wants to change the script on his PSP version will find the process a lot less frustrating than I did.

Thank you for providing the resources that you do!


I will get that added sometime this week.

The problem with finding things out when it comes to the PSP version is due to the fact
that despite what it looks like, and how many members we have, FFH only has a handful of people that
actually "do" anything. We do have a lot of people that show up for a day or 2 and never come back.
Or members that are no longer here for personal reasons, or have grown bored of hacking FFT.

What I mentioned above added with the fact that many people here are not, for lack of a better word
"cross trained" so what what 1 person can do really well, another person that can do something else
really well doesn't understand at all. This is inevitable in such a small community.
(continues long incoherent stoner rambling)

None the less, I will make sure that your request is taken care of, and if you are anyone else have suggestions,
don't hesitate to post them. It can only improve our site.
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