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FFT Patcher (.494)

Started by formerdeathcorps, May 14, 2011, 03:57:55 am


June 09, 2021, 04:59:09 pm #320 Last Edit: November 24, 2021, 01:43:46 pm by Glain
Version 0.493 (previously Beta v7):


    *   File operations that open the disc image now open the file only for reading where appropriate.


    *   Now shows entries for the entire sprite table, including for sprite IDs 0x00, 0x9B, 0x9C, 0x9D, and 0x9E.  These are blank and unusable with a size of 0 unless ISO is expanded.
    *   The internal sprite entries have been adjusted to be numbered accurately, so that 01 Ramza is actually the second entry, with the new 00 entry being first.  If using custom sprite names in a Resources.zip file, the corresponding SpriteFiles.xml entries will need to be updated accordingly.
    *   Sprite entry IDs are now displayed accurately instead of being increased by one. 
    *   The default entry has been changed from 00 (displaying as "01 - Ramza") to the real 01 Ramza entry (second in the list).
    *   Can now handle showing blank entries, with the Sprite menu actions disabled.
    *   Any sprite can now have an SP2 entry if the appropriate association is made in the correct table in the disc image. (PSX: BATTLE.BIN 0x2E1CC, RAM 0x800951CC)
    *   There is now a FOUR option for SEQ and SHP values because that is the default for sprite entries 0x9B, 0x9C, 0x9D, and 0x9E.  It's treated the same as TYPE1.
    *   Fixed an issue where transparency values could be set to the wrong values when importing bitmaps.
    *   Fixed an issue where an imported bitmap could be saved incorrectly to the disc image if the bitmap's width was not a multiple of 8 (this seemed to only affect OPNTEX12 in Other Images with its size of 258x180).
    *   Adjusted compression data for some sprites to import into the disc image accurately.
    *   Fixed an issue where monster sprites could import into the disc image incorrectly if a 4bpp image was used.
    *   Now pads monster sprites appropriately with zero data if they are too short.  This allows sprite 0x5D (BATTLE_DAMI_SPR) to be imported without error (yay for technicolor goop)!
    *   Expand ISO has been reworked.  No longer increases the size of the disc image, but instead expands the sprite data and moves it into empty sectors.  (This seems to fix the sector read errors that would appear in the pSX emulator in certain circumstances.)


    *   Can now patch PSP version slowdown fix.
    *   Corrected PSX RAM offset for Store Inventory data (for Gameshark section).
    *   Updated some formula labels.
    *   Updated some default labels for sprite files.
    *   Generate Resources XML menu option now generates more accurate skillset names, sprite file names, special names, and placed unit names.
    *   Added "align" attribute for <Location> tags.  This will align the offset to the specified multiple.  For example, align="4" will cause an offset that isn't a multiple of 4 to advance to the next multiple of 4.  Using mode="ASM" also automatically uses an align of 4.
    *   Updated some patch XMLs.


    *   Fixed an issue where a set name lookup could cause an error if there were more sets than known set names.
ASM Encoder/Decoder:

    *   Now reports errors translating pseudoinstructions.  Errors should be visible where appropriate in both FFTorgASM and MassHexASM.
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FFTPatcher 0.494 released!

Release page here with patch notes! (Direct download)
  • Modding version: Other/Unknown