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Hokuten and Nanten names and locations

Started by Kaijyuu, July 14, 2015, 07:17:39 pm


So those with knowledge of japanese (or those who read the WotL script) know that Hokuten has "north" in its name and Nanten has "south" in its name.

So why then is the "north" faction in the west and the "south" faction in the east?

Old maps of Japan often had the island laid out horizontally. So, one theory could be that north was originally in the left direction on the world map as a reference to this and a way to make things look archaic, and people forgot somewhere along the lines.
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That was actually the exact conclusion everyone else came to. What I find more interesting, is that square chose to make FFT a Western Feudal System and use a Western plot. The story and naming bares little similarities to many other titles. (However they were not very uniform in their titles.) The House Beoulve, holds an Earldom/Baronny under Duke Larg, who holds both the county and Ducal titles Gallionne. However, each Beoulve is only listed by their Military Rank/Knightly Title. The higher title is the landed title. Unless controlling a standing force grants voting rights. What is confusing, even further, is the the Beoulves head a Order, that answers to a Duke? Why would the Duke not have his own standing force. Greater in scale. Also, the number of people the game gives...

Balbanes headed a force of 150,000 men at the end of the Fifty Year War. France never fielded an army of that size and gave it to a Count, in the Pre-Reinessance. (And Ivalice is supposed to be England!)
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This is an interesting question, but we know that Gafgarion belonged to the Order of the Eastern Sky. Does this imply that he was actually in Lionel (which I doubt would have an Order due to being under Church control) or maybe Fovoham? Barinten is referred to as the Grand Duke and he controls Fovoham, it would make sense for him to have an Order under his command, but everything points to him being mainly a weapons manufacturer with Khamja being a secret assassination squad.

So then where could the Order of the Eastern Sky have called its base?
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If Gallione/Igros Castle is north and Zeltennia is south, east would be Fovoham/Riovanes Castle.

Gaffgarion is said to be a disgraced Knight, and Barinten is also said to have commited war crimes (like burning the Galtennas village) so it makes sense that they might have worked with each other.
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