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January 20, 2022, 05:59:20 pm


Use of ePSXe before 2.0 is highly discouraged. Mednafen/RetroArch is recommended for playing/testing, pSX is recommended for debugging.

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it makes sense, specially in late game where MATK rises enough to overcome the 1/3 base damage the -ga spells he is proposing.
However, magic is controled not as much for its damage, but for two other factors.

The first is a global one called character speed. Nu Mous has inherent low speeds which result in less turns and therefore less dps per round. Only one nu mou job has somewhat decent speed iirc

The second is on most magic departments, and is MP. mana can become ignorable thou, via blood price or clan privileges, and other means like potions. Still, in a game in which characters starts at 0MP and gain 10 per turn, a spell that costs technically 2.4 turns in MP gain has to worth the waiting versus three times casting a basic spell.

As sidenote, aqua and aero are usually treated as tier 1.5. Their MP cost is closer than T2 than 1, so I'd stick with x1 multiplier for them, at the very least.

In any case, on first read, I like your approach
FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Re: FFTA: Revisited 2.0 Beta
August 31, 2021, 04:54:16 pm
Whos gonna tell me, one day would need a tutorial about how to use the morpher. No, really, allways ignored him so I have no clue besides catching, feeding and morphing into, which allways felt odd because the monster usually has no skills to play with. just raw stats.

regarding slow but powerful and higher range guns:
- Chaos Rifle is 60 atk at cost of 5 spd, giving a net 12 atk per point of spd
- Longbarrel is 70 atk at cost of 10 spd, giving a net 7 atk per point of spd
- Bindsnipe is 80 atk at cost of 15 spd, giving a net 5,3 atk per point of spd
The only advantage of top dmg guns is an extra point or two in range (+3, +4, +5 extra range in comparison with average lighter guns).

Are you content with the current situation of these numbers? Might suggest you to shorten the points of atk per point of spd "sacrificed", if you still want to keep a detrimental increase among rarity. Given the actual status, I do believe that Chaos rifle would be my heavy gun of choice (less burst, more average dps).

PS: the similar treatment should every weapon on negative spd values have.
By the way, Speed is a value that fluctuates depending on classes from base 150 to 200 at Lv50. A malus of 15 in speed means around a rough 10 to 5% less turns (far less turns before lv50)

--- Edit

Was about to write you a PM, since its a personal request but ended up just editing this message to incorporate to it.
Its like my 3rd run on the game and I want to speed up the start so I can enjoy my clan earlier, so I've tried to reduce AP cost via many ways by my side (AiO editor, gameshark codes, etc). No luck here. Its a selfish request and be free to ignore it if you like, but would love to get an alternative patch just for this 2.0 version in which skills costs 10/20/30 AP to learn (so everyone involved in a battle would had a guaranteed skill learning). Alternatively, Leonarth's module for learning via JP spending looks promising as well
I agree with all the points explained at the beggining and that you are trying to achieve. Will follow your project with interest, looks promising.

Hope you find out the gamebreaking bugs. Perhaps another mod has encountered similar problems in the past and writes you back a possible solution (?).

Good luck and greetings with the formations. Is a gargantuan work indeed
Rune Knight looks like the class I've ever dream of, but never got: tanky spellcaster with area damage around himself. Nice concept.
FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Re: FFTA: Revisited 1.061
June 13, 2021, 04:35:31 pm
Now, this is gold. Thank you!
- Are Pyroclasm, Timeslip & White Whorl considered spells and scales up with MAtk? Because if you are planning to make him viable as a caster if the player decides to, he need to have a proper Matk growth on his starting job (because so late recruit, half of the levels are forced to be done on Sky Pirate).
- Whats the reason behind the change in the weaponry? I usually remember my Vaan from FFXII as Sword and Shield wielder.

QuoteCan now learn passives and reactions
Thank you. Made me nervous to have a character that would never be able to fill his P or R slots.

- Nice with the joke of starting as bad musician, therefore he innately knows how to sleep and sing a song about frogs XD


Looking forward to see in which will your patch end up becoming :]

This is my first of my two or three analysis that might, with time and will, come here to help you form an idea of the current status of the mod and perhaps improve it, if you find out the necessity.

Ima focus on unit job combos I've tried for the 24 slots, having let them all growth at least 50 of their 99 levels in the most favorable class for his final stats. Also have speed up the things (otherwise my 80hr savegame wouldnt yield max level clanmates). Cleared the campaign but still on the way to clear the towers, but that will be a section for another report.
To the matter, and for improving visibility/format, the units are sorted by score and divided wheter if they use Magick Atk or Attack stats. A final disclaimer before starting, for these are my personal thoughs and even if its based on gameplay, might differ with others' opinions.

What can I say except he is the fastest a highest spd & matk rated unit in my entire clan? Have almost every important impeding debuff at his disposal, yet it is unlikely to be cast due to water, aero, break and the all-powerful Holy awaiting my figers to play among his insane base Matk.
A faster, hard hitting mage is the zenith of the AoE dps, must say. He is also a Bangaa. In bishop clothes.
[5.0/5.0] - Personal Score

He is fun, in a broken way. Access to tanky equipment and having the second tankiest stats of my magick users; is  able to Doublecast Free Energy, or Mist Charge, and will eventually be at disposal of also double-casteable Flare Star and White Out which does tremendous amount of damage and in AoE. Have I mentioned access to survival tools like Raise and Esuna? Oh, and you can reach almost every tile with Absolute Zero, which happens to Slow or Stop sometimes. So much fun!
[4.5/5.0] - Personal Score

Second faster magic caster from my clan (yep, a Trickster is faster than a Ninja. Deal with it). With that in mind, is with no doubt one of the three jobs that costs an insane amount of time to complete. That aside, many tools to play with your team, providing right equipment (Against Sleep and KO). Yet he has a fantastic Matk, so my focus on him mid-battle usually involves spamming Quake, which is the highest damage spell in his arsenal. To support a more tactical aproach, veils does decent damage in this mod, so keep an eye on Earth (Slow) and Water (Silence) mostly. Finally, yet pretty much MP costly, Angel Whisper for Reraise & Heal and White Wind for an up to 750+ HP aoe heal.
[4.5/5.0] - Personal Score

He has not a low Spd as one could fear, which makes him usable in the support role, even having the worst Matk in the magick department of my clan (he does not use it much anyway). The plan consists in starting with a powerful Hastega on himself and other 4 party members. Astra, Reflect and Extend can become in utility given certain situations, but your two signature spells after Hastega are the flipcoins (Stop and Toad) and Bio (which apparently happens to poison with perfect accuracy in a mod that is aimed at very high base health points). Also, Turbo Ether and Items access.
[4.0/5.0] - Personal Score

Congratulations on having, for once, the summoner Job somewhat balanced. I do usually keep myself spamming Fire Whips or Earth Heal most of the time, yet when certain conditions happens, a well placed Maduin Summon will strike severely. But the strongest spell by far is the Phoenix Summon, cappable of 100% HP reviving en masse. Second wind? She gives you a fresh new continue coin every (yet) several turns.
[4.0/5.0] - Personal Score

So, Viera's Red Mages got Magick Frenzy but their overall stats between Matk and Atk becomes too difuminated for my tastes. Then the (improved) Dancer Job, came to my clan and I said "Why not?". Gotta say she is a party debuffer who happens to also damage (a bit) the enemy in the process. With MP sheanigans and Turbo MP she can become a fearsome Seer with impressive magic dmg, must admit.
[3.5/5.0] - Personal Score

When Tanks meets magick casters, a Gria is born. She can also equip tanky items thanks to Raptor job, has free flying movement and her best damaging skill that comes from Raptors, not geomancers (Thunder Flare) will benefit from a close combat aproach, and from reaching the back of your victim. Can also disable and decent dmg with Shield Bash. Unfortunately, she is tied to mono targeting most of the time. Still, I do appreciate her unique way of play.
[3.5/5.0] - Personal Score

Having access to 5 of 8 elements sounds neat for the elemental game, yet has serious issues with MP costs that results in a notable loss in potential dps, due to the unability to cast non-elemental and superior spells like Protometeor, Scathe, Gigaflare and Ultima. Attach a Bangaa Cannoneer or a Nu Mou Alchemist to him or dont go for it as first option for AoE DPS. Also happens to be the SLOWEST unit on my clan (a whooping 40% slower than my top tier ones).
[2.0/5.0] - Personal Score

Got him far too late to train him in speed and resulted in the second worst Spd unit in my clan. Might had put him in secondary Time Magick but whatever, his bad stats on my game wont be saved with the superb Archmage's exclusive passive ability. He is even having but a mediocre base Matk score!
[0.5/5.0] - Personal Score

Wellcome to the Physical dps section. Its headed with this monstruosity. Thanks to Turbo MP and the adding of MP cost on almost every skill, you can find out that your Sniper is doing from x2 to x6 normal damage per turn. And she is tied with my Trickster in being the faster unit on my clan.
Your spamming of choice should be Doubleshot (Which does total x3 dmg), and eventually or with little help you can access to powerful Spellblade Skills to Sleep, Slow, Charm, Disable or even Drain and recover your HP!
Worth to note: Snipe for nonstop damage, even if sitting in the other corner of the map. Also Poison via Beso Toxico.
[5.0/5.0] - Personal Score

Wellcome to the Physical dps section, alternative version. Consider this one the little sister of the sniper/spellblade monster, and  these two are sit in the highest physical dps output throne of my clan. She also shares with her sister toppest speed of the clan. To the differences: your spammable and strongest skill of choice is Fencer's Shadowstick which also happens to Delay and Lower Spd stat. Im not laughing that hard, yet, because you can eventually reach enough mana to cast your "ultima-like" skill which is Fencer's Nighthawk. This one combined with a back strike and the effect of Focus at her disposal, results in the highest scored hit ever recorded on my game (two numbers that summed around 999). Balanced? Hell no. Funny? A very lot.
[5.0/5.0] - Personal Score

Two Key Skills: Raptor's Thunder Flare for when melee is not avaiable, and Ravager's Full Assault for when it is. It is expected for you to wear a Sleep protection item (a ribbon, mostly), to result in a extremely potent attack (by far the highest melee atk in my clan) with zero downsides. Its like a buffed Bangaa's Jump with even more damage and no accuracy penalties. She also flies, which means its extremely easy for her to catch the back of his sure-to-be-obliterated victim.
[5.0/5.0] - Personal Score

This is one of the three jobs that costs an insane amount to complete (this time due to having him growing 50 levels outside from his two final jobs). That aside, happens to be in tie with my other two faster members of my clan. Combine a very high pressence and range with his two superb skills to form an incredible comebacker considering him to have the less base atk of my physical department in the clan (a whooping 33% less base atk than my Seeq). You will see him throwing free Ether Shells for eveyone to keep casting their Ultimas, and more sooner than expected, throwing Ultimas by his own and even overpassing the Seeq in overall damage and utility. And all that from the safety of a very high range. A must have if you ask me.
[5.0/5.0] - Personal Score

The improvement in song's range makes him easier to use. He is also in possession of one of the highest speed stats in my clan, which is key for a Support. After an Angelsong and the two stat improvement songs, proceed to throw daggers or even basic hitting. He is not great as a healer or as a dps, but his stats-up should paid his slot. If you feel lucky, start throwing Rings to attempt to Stop enemies instead of Disabling them. Bonus points for having an unique way of play.
[4.0/5.0] - Personal Score

My only Seeq happens to be the highest rated base Atk stat of my clan. You will find yourself spamming Smite of Rage when melee is avaiable and Ground Shaker when is not, with Sword of Darkness as your sustain (Drain) attack on even skirmishes. That said, dont know why but he is not hitting as hard a he should, and that concern lowers my score. Also worth to note: Block! has a nice impact when being cast on up to 5 team members at the beginning of the battle.
[3.5/5.0] - Personal Score

Perhaps not the best aproach for her, mind myself after the testing, yet I find her exclusive job, hard to pair with anything. Damage wise, she is underwhelming unless spamming Doublecast Lennart on two or more enemies (Fairy Shoes will help a lot here). Nesiaam is the second best alternative, if you want to flip a coin for Addle status.
Outside that, Adelaide is nice, as having Raise, Recharge and Esuna, yet only useful in conditions in which your real healer isnt avaiable for these needs.
[3.5/5.0] - Personal Score

He exists for one single purpose: Cuisine. Unless being MP-infused by a Cannoneer or an Alchemist, save your precious Mana Points for it and keep just using Moggle Knight Abilities. His basic attacks also hits harder than expected for a tank-oriented support, and can also put his MP on Hidden Mog (dps) or Sheep Count & Toadsong (coinflip status) in pressence of another dedicated healer. Also, second higher tier in Spd on clan.
[3.5/5.0] - Personal Score

Good and bad news here: she is a decent yet underwhelming (in comparison with others) Doublehand Basic-Hitter that happens to lack on critical↑ and attack↑ buffs, and outside from melee she is limited to a low damage Wind Slash ability, or just Covering an ally. Stadistically she is between the first and second place in tankiness. Alas, this mod aims to hit player tanks hard. The tank role is also oftenly out of real utility, for there arent chokepoints to stand the ground.
[3.0/5.0] - Personal Score

Consider him an imitator (with a second place in spd) of the duo of ranged Viera monsters. Should ask why in the hell his ultima shot cost freaking 120MP while other ultimas not (Gladiator's costs 32, lmao). He is however an unit of two main skills: Counter Force overrides his basic attack with higher dmg and secured Addle status, and eventually will gather enough MP to cast his ultima shot. Once. In a whole battle. With luck (seriously, its too much MP cost).
Other notable skills come from his secondary job, for Provoke is a secured Frenzy that can somewhat deactivate enemies like Flans, and the Crushes but mostly Break Assault might prove useful in durable monsters (which happens to be the 75% of the enemies in lv99)
[3.0/5.0] - Personal Score

If someone incarnates better the prhase "look how they massacred my boy", is him. From Concentration directly going from S on FFTA to trash tier on FFTA2, and from having halved the accuracy of his two strongest shots that makes him exist: Stop and Charm. Not even considering to waste a turn into prime for a shot that wont worth two turns, and that any dedicated healer or best suited ranged weapon hitters will do twice as better. You either rennounce at charm and stop shot to perhaps cast one or two ultima shot a battle, or keep using them with a very rare chance of success in seeing any status proc within that mediocre dps.
This is also one of the three jobs that costs an insane amount to complete (this time due to having him growing 50 levels outside from his two final jobs).
[2.5/5.0] - Personal Score

Perhaps it was another poor job choices for him, but I've tried to make Cid a hard hitting Tank as it is intended to happen with his special passive skill and his starting job, but the reality is tanking's not even a choice on this game and even less in this mod. Can, still, shine a bit in certain conditions with Revive, Holy Sign (Dispell) and Exorcise. And can also combo-ing a suicide Meltdown with Aura (Reraise), yet its only adviced when the enemy is stopped or sleeped.
[2.5/5.0] - Personal Score

Another unique character with unique class that seems to not pair with any other job im particular, so I put him a Fighter so he can still hit while outside from melee range. But happens to have a very bad dps output... unless you have tons and tons of time and fights to waste him spamming Swipe in order to empower Life of Crime to have a decent damage (still not spectacular, if you ask me).
[2.0/5.0] - Personal Score

First of all, it gives me a lot of anxiety to have nothing avaiable forever on the reaction slot, and to be forced to have Items in the subjob slot. That downsides said, combined with bad overall in every stat, makes him very undesirable... but there is an "unless". You have to build a team with 4 or 5 females. This way he can cast his highest damage skill, Flourish, to make decent damages (yet nothing impressive for an almost one skill worth unit).
[2.0/5.0] - Personal Score

By far my biggest fail in trying to make an atk, lance wielder Hybrid between dps and tanky support. The result is a stadistically decent tank which does pretty much chip damage with his skills (unless hitting a stop or sleep unit with Jump). Astra, Silence, Haste and the dragon related skills arent worthing enough to justify his low (yet not disastrous) Spd and dmg values. A shame.
[1.5/5.0] - Personal Score

Alright, thats 5 hours of condensed writing and formatting. hope it becomes useful for anyone.

FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Re: FFTA: Revisited 1.061
March 21, 2021, 03:17:12 am
Speaking about documentation, cant find the changes for R and S abilities that are changed. For example:
- Absorb magic now works for every mp consuming ability impacting in the character, regardless being a positive or negative magic
- Last Berserk somewhat works the same as Last Quicken, dont fully understand how it works now
and so on :/
FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Re: FFTA: Revisited 1.061
February 25, 2021, 09:11:47 pm
My first report (and im gonna edit this post for future updates unless someone makes another post after this).

First 20 hours and just beat the first crystal boss. That Famfrit's team not only looks menacing, but are more than cappable of obliterate your will and hopes with their simple yet excellent composition. Must mostly thank rngesus for evading some meteors, berserker'd red floateye and dual wield mog knight attacks, because at this level of progression I barely have skills learned to adjust my squad. Lucky me, my beastmaster managed to keep himself alive enough to tame red floateye and use him as a high dmg battery ram against his team, famfrit included.
Epic and well done, thank you.

Another memorable moments were the Wanted! quests in which you face 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 against a well builded set of enemies. Unfortunately, AI in this game is very basic and random, resulting in enemy wasted turns (modding cant fix that)

Speaking of bugs, im still on the way of unlocking Ninja, to see if the so-called Water Veil can pose any freeze threat on my 3DS, but for now the only minor bug happened in Ulei river, when my beastmaster casted control on a red lamia that was in a water tile: she kept herself invisible-sprited even after death, but without any game change
Someday, grim grimoire will reach v1.0 and get all planned stuff done, all fixable bugs and crashes if any, solved. Or at least I'm a very patient (or at least a faithful naive) person.

For now what is achieved is memorable at its least, and can only applaud Eternal for his continuous hard work through the years, and hopipng him for not losing his motivation on this awesome project
FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Re: FFTA: Revisited 1.061
January 22, 2021, 10:41:56 pm
Long time lurker of this niche yet extremely talented community.
I even tried to start a FFTA hack project (twice in a decade, both times got discouraged).
/End of presentations.

The core parts of your hack for what I picked it instead of others are:
- Stat growth smoothed: vanilla gave me some anxiety because of this. If you recruit a new unit in late game and comes as a bad growth class, their stats were forever messed up. Also, minmaxing implies having to pick "level up classes" for most of the game until you amass enough stats to change to your real wanted class. Well, this is no more a major concern.
- Quest items: original idea was interesting but storage limitations and the lack of any kind of classification made them a painful puzzle for completionists. Also, removing exclusive artifacts meant to trade via cable link.
- Extint monsters and missable items' removal: for completionists, this means a less stressful gameplay, without having constant reminders of missable skills and items. Playing for fun without worrying at losing anything forever.
- Accesible documentation: via google docs. Is a very important feature, for the limitations of ffta hacking lets text strings sometimes outdated from which it really does now. Playing with this doc on hand, like old physical instructions manual, is essential
- A closed to vanilla hack: without any big changes like new classes or crazy abilities (aside from Morph now, XD), that might keep my nostalgia intact at the same time at giving a somewhat brand new gameplay to discover and enjoy.

That said, I will pretend to play it on a modified 3DS. I'm noticing it because afaik there is no reports yet of ppl using this mod on that platform, and take this post as a compromise of coming back here if I get any bug or glitch, or at least another future post claiming to end up the game without any issue (expect a very long report, for I'll take my time completing everything and minmaxing as much as I can).