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You know what bugged me in FFT?

Started by RayKamiya, April 04, 2017, 05:38:59 pm


after playing FFT so much a few things kind of bugged me in the Vanilla gameplay, and I wanted to talk about them.

Oh and spoilers by the way:

1.Teta's Death:

For such a pivotal moment of the Game and the catalyst to Ramza and Delita's separate ways of life, Ramza finding his own purpose in life and Delita ascending to the throne, Her death and her impact seems very forgotten, you see Ramza admit that his brothers used her out of convenience but Teta and Olivia's situations were quite different in scale and don't really compare, other than someone is willing to kill them to accomplish their goals, you would have thought Delita or Ramza would have gone after the elder brothers Dycidarg or Zalbag and asked "Why did you order this?" or something, Hell Delita must have some MAJOR self control to obey the shrine Knights and go along with their plans until they no longer suited him and he took the throne.

Teta, was a pretty big part of the story, her death was more emotional than Aeris' death in FF7 in my opinion but it's impact should have been felt more on the Hero's of the story Ramza and Delita rather than just up and forgotten about by the end of Chapter 2.

speaking of...

2. Olivia and Alma's Capture:

Olivia and Alma are two characters you seem to chase after in different parts of the game's story, first you are trying to rescue and escort Princess Olivia to safety then she gets taken by the shrine Knights and the Alma Helps you and gets captured as well, Olivia does take the throne, ascending to become queen, but after that you see very little of her you don't even see her when you free Orlandu before he is to be "executed" by Delita in a plot to frame him for killing Duke Goltanna, you also don't see much of Alma being held captive by the Shrine Knights to add that sense of urgency to the plot.

3. Sidequests:

I think FFT could have used more side quests for rare items and equipment, nelveska temple should have opened up even after the fight with Worker 7 New for added attempts to get the Javilin II and other items on the map, as its hard trying to move find when you are getting your ass kicked by Hydra's and Worker 7 New but also too, Ivalice is pretty big why not offer fights like in WOTL where you can hear a rumor and boom have a fight at the thieves fort or for Zekaden

4. What do we need?