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after playing FFT so much a few things kind of bugged me in the Vanilla gameplay, and I wanted to talk about them.

Oh and spoilers by the way:

1.Teta's Death:

For such a pivotal moment of the Game and the catalyst to Ramza and Delita's separate ways of life, Ramza finding his own purpose in life and Delita ascending to the throne, Her death and her impact seems very forgotten, you see Ramza admit that his brothers used her out of convenience but Teta and Olivia's situations were quite different in scale and don't really compare, other than someone is willing to kill them to accomplish their goals, you would have thought Delita or Ramza would have gone after the elder brothers Dycidarg or Zalbag and asked "Why did you order this?" or something, Hell Delita must have some MAJOR self control to obey the shrine Knights and go along with their plans until they no longer suited him and he took the throne.

Teta, was a pretty big part of the story, her death was more emotional than Aeris' death in FF7 in my opinion but it's impact should have been felt more on the Hero's of the story Ramza and Delita rather than just up and forgotten about by the end of Chapter 2.

speaking of...

2. Olivia and Alma's Capture:

Olivia and Alma are two characters you seem to chase after in different parts of the game's story, first you are trying to rescue and escort Princess Olivia to safety then she gets taken by the shrine Knights and the Alma Helps you and gets captured as well, Olivia does take the throne, ascending to become queen, but after that you see very little of her you don't even see her when you free Orlandu before he is to be "executed" by Delita in a plot to frame him for killing Duke Goltanna, you also don't see much of Alma being held captive by the Shrine Knights to add that sense of urgency to the plot.

3. Sidequests:

I think FFT could have used more side quests for rare items and equipment, nelveska temple should have opened up even after the fight with Worker 7 New for added attempts to get the Javilin II and other items on the map, as its hard trying to move find when you are getting your ass kicked by Hydra's and Worker 7 New but also too, Ivalice is pretty big why not offer fights like in WOTL where you can hear a rumor and boom have a fight at the thieves fort or for Zekaden

4. What do we need?


The Lounge / so if you want to chat with me
April 04, 2017, 05:04:25 pm
Because I'm not on here all that much due to work and such and the IRC channel hates me, I was wondering if anyone wanted to chat either on Skype or Discord?

I'm mostly on Discord, so if you want to chat with me my user id is: RayKamiya#5776

i'm rarely on skype, but if you want to add me my username is RayKamiya
The Lounge / No I'm not dead...
September 25, 2016, 10:46:25 pm
Although I am over worked and I feel like i'm dead with the amount of sleep I've been doing lately...

Anywho I'll try and be more active I got some more work at my project from hell this week and next week and hopefully it will be over...

I do wanna keep active here.
The Lounge / So... ask me things XD
April 14, 2016, 04:13:29 pm
So I would like to get to know everyone while I have a SLIGHT reprieve from work trying to kill me XD

so who wants to know about me? 

Ask me anything, go ahead XD I don't mind ^^ 
So I started up a topic on the new project Ideas forum http://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=11065.0 where I want to work on a hack and make a mod of the game.

and i will admit it, I am a complete noob when it comes to hacking and modding games,  hell the best I can do is make games with RPG maker as that's kind of idiot proof XD

my biggest problem is, I look at the tutorials and the software and the instructions and I feel overwhelmed, not only that but I also suffer from ADHD and Clinical depression so alot of times I have a hard time learning new things from reading instructions and i have to be shown how to do things in order to make it work (The irony here is I work as An IT project technician and many times I do work off manuals to make sure I'm doing something right...)

My biggest thing is too, I need help both keeping on track and helping me stay in line with what I need when it comes to this mod, keeping within the memory limits of the mod as well as helping with dialogue and spelling, To put it bluntly A dyslexic monkey has better grammar than I do X_X.

I do want to learn how to mod the game, but at the same time I need help getting off my feet and doing something, i don't mind working with a small team, I want to learn and create something enjoyable.

so anyone interested please reply here or message me.

i will try and be available as much as I can, my work sends me all over my Provence and I'm not online all the time, so If i don't get to you right away please don't get mad, I'm either at work or on the road or sleeping from a long work day.
Well, This is a Hack I do plan to work on my own but to be honest I need help using the editing tools to pursue it, I do want to work on it but I need a lot of teaching and practice, But I do have one hack in mind that I wish to do.

I don't mind collaborating and getting different viewpoints as this is what I have in my head right now ^^;

I do plan on changing many of the jobs from Vanilla and replacing many of the Jobs and items and trying to re balance everything, making the game a bit more difficult but also fun.

here is what I have planned so far, I do plan to update this when I can, Real life work and such gets in the way.

Updates: Removed all the lists of Items that have been moved to the Database, also added a few more key characters and more info. 

--Final Fantasy Tactics: Another story--

Several Years after the Lion War and Delita rules a united Ivalice as King, A young Cat girl named Meko has been studying at the Gariland academy to become a knight, However while shes out on a training exercise her Unit is attacked by Knights under the flag of the church.

Meko and a few of her fellow Cadets escape, When they arrive back at Gariland the dean does not know of any sort of activity being planned with the cadets and asks for the teachers whereabouts, Meko states her case and tells him about the attack.

The Glabados Church and Delita are at arms with each other, after their plans to overthrow the royal family and install a puppet government failed The church has been secretly arming for another war.

as Legends and Rumors about Ramza and The Holy stones surface Meko sets out on her journey to bring peace to the war sick Ivalice.

All Class notes and Items are slowly being transferred over here to this Excel Spreadsheet and will be updated as much as i can any suggestions would be appreciated xD I left the older notes here to compare notes and what I have done.


All story and battle notes are being compiled here:

The Lounge / Yo hello...
June 21, 2015, 12:55:34 pm
Hey I'm new here.

I've been interested in the Final fantasy Tactics mods and hacks for a while now.

It started innocently enough with game shark codes to add characters Like Alma, Zalbag, Dycidarg etc into my party, Using codes to make some of the battles a bit more challenging (I accidentally made the intro battle at Orbonne Monastery unwinnable by having all the enemies with the best items and stats and my characters had 1 in ALL stats and no items...

I stopped playing for a bit until I played the war of the Lions remake for the PSP and I fell in love with it again, and I enjoyed the multiplayer modes but with no one to do the multiplayer maps with I grew bored of it.

It wasn't until I saw a lets play of The Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Gods lets play on you tube that sparked my interest again, having to relearn basic strategy and be adaptable to whats going on again rather than going through the game with the same setup over and over again really brought my love for the game back.

I started to play War of the gods and I also played the 1.3 mod and also played the Journey of the 5 mod and it all rekindled my love and interest in the game, and I wanted to make my own mod of the game but my main talents are in story ideas, character ideas, balancing ideas and item job skill ideas as the most I've done with game editing was using rpg maker to make my own rpg games.

I do want to learn and I do have some Ideas but I don't know where to start but I do want to get to know people and learn how to do a mod or hack of Final Fantasy Tactics as I do have a few good ideas.

thanks everyone for your time.