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Help with the Heaven & Hell Twins

Started by DonalbaneBeoulve, August 21, 2012, 07:44:28 pm


You know the ones, Rafa and Malak... I can't seem to come up with good support abilities for the twins that compliment each other.

For Rafa I usually have the following:

White Magic
Regenerator/Auto-Potion or Distribute
Magic Defense Up
Move+2/Move-Find Item

and for Malak

Black Magic
Counter Magic/Damage Split
Magic Attack Up

Well Malak's initial set up seemed good and all except for the whole low faith thing which severely decreases the effectiveness of his magic attacks, which also kind of totally throws a monkey wrench into my whol complimentary White Mage/Black Mage set up. Any suggestions for alternates?


For Rafa, I'd actually suggest making her a Geomancer and giving her two swords. 2 rune blades = +4 MA = hot damn Truth hits hard. Can still equip a wizard's robe too, iirc.

Malak I never cared for but the same trick might work.
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draw out on malak keep the rest of their set ups the same?
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Rafa should definitely be your damage-based twin.  Her moves ignore Faith and are (MA+Y)/2*MA with Element, so they put on quite a bruising.  Magic Attack UP 108 Gems Wizard Robe Flash Hat Wizard at Level 99 / base Vanilla Growths swings for over 270 damage per hit with even the weakest Truth skill and allows her to run Black Magic at optimal damage as well, or you can choose to compliment her damage with White Magic or status magic.

Malak, on the other hand... 11 base MA at Level 99 and UnFaith_(MA+Y)/2*MA makes his skills much weaker and he can't actually use any PA-based weapons to compliment his 15 base PA.  Your best bet with Malak is honestly just slapping him Martial Arts / Punch Art and a PA stack and using Truth for clean-up damage against units his unarmed skills can't reach.  This would best compliment his low Faith and extra 4 starting PA, and keep him multirole with healing, damage, and support - something that can easily be complimented by the above Rafa with White Magic or Time Magic secondary.