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September 23, 2021, 05:39:00 am


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Moving to NY on the 25th due to job / starting new life

Started by Archael, May 09, 2010, 06:44:32 pm


Spike of inactivity due to this. Will be back on a little more after life transfer (LVL3) is complete.


good for you dude. hope things look up for you in New York
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Quote from: "Barren"good for you dude. hope things look up for you in New York

thnx meng(sK)

off topic: diablo 3 and sc2 might kill any and all spare time from work


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Good luck, and I hope you can get a nice place.  How urban is the part you're moving to?  I couldn't imagine living in NY City.


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Nice to see you coming to the U.S.!!

If you need anything, dont fret to bring something up. You've got good friends here, Arch =)


Sounds intense, good luck with everything and I hope you enjoy it!
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Good thing I haven't touched SC2 yet... enjoying my time and all :)

Best of luck in NY!  Don't forget about this place~


Surprisingly, I'll be in NYC from 5/26 to 6/1.  Maybe you, Dom, and me could meet somewhere?
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yeah and maybe we could have crazy fft naked cosplay (:??) fun in times square

I'll be an archaic demon

Dominic NY18

^^ I'll bring the potions and an attorney 8)

Best of luck to you here in Gotham.


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