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Final Fantasy XIII

Started by DarthPaul, March 14, 2010, 11:38:40 am

Asmo X

Quote from: "Bastard Poetry"
Quote from: "Asmo X"In all fairness to that one guy, attacking the game for being too linear is a signal that you might be a person of mild intelligence. Every game deserves to be judged on its own merits. Yes, even a Final Fantasy game. There are many games out there that would suffer if they were non-linear and many games that use it to extraordinary advantage. One method isn't intrinsically superior to another.

Attacking the game for being too linear is my way of saying this game isn't worth my money. It has nothing to do with whether or not I have "mild intelligence." I play Final Fantasy games to become immersed in a new world; not to let it hold my dick while I leave a trail of piss to the next movie sequence, you know, in case I want to go back and watch sparkly things happen again. For my money, it's total bullshit.

Then you have just been taught a valuable life lesson about having preconceptions. I was fucking stoked to hear that FF13 was going to be linear. It sounded like a interesting angle for the series. Maybe they were really focused on making a tight, well-paced story for once. It turns out this didn't happen and the game is kind of awful but the idea of a linear FF game isn't intrinsically bad. What is bad is the ponderous baggage that fans like yourself have foisted upon the series. Let them experiment.


Man...so many people say FFXIII suck big time...i have it myself and this is not THIS bad not the best but still.
I dont have an idia wy but i simply love the battle music but not so much for the others homever. (Yet at less stills need to beat it)
I like the way how you can upgrade weapon and accecories later, but i was disapointed on how to improve your carecters.
A spin-off form FFX/FFXII but worse because this is so linear that costomisation is nearly no-existant...make me wonder wy you can't just get levels normally...
The battle system just need some get used-to but i hate how often i just pick *Auto* all the time because chosing  3-5 command in a single turn is just a pain. And the AI is just too good...to the point there is no reison NOT to chose auto...

I still find this game Medium/good but for a FF? i was a bit disapointed. But still good eneuf right?...........RIGHT??

Bastard Poetry

Quote from: "Asmo X"Then you have just been taught a valuable life lesson about having preconceptions.

No.. I discovered that my preconceptions were spot on, and I didn't waste my money. There really wasn't any room for a valuable life lesson in there.

I will agree with you that linearity can, in some cases, be a good way to tell a story. The original Super Mario Bros certainly took me for a loop when I discovered that
the princess was in another castle.
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I have to go against almost everyone in this I really like this game and have just been playing it for a long time, I finally have more freedom on gran Pulse makes the game that much more enjoyable.... anyway, I assume i wont be able to change any of the people who dont like FF13, which is ok... but its still a great game just give it a chance,(the Eidolons actually make a nice change to most bosses you fight in games, altho Alexander is cheap, 2 shotting Hope srsly what is that!???)
1 thing i have to be absoloutly sure of (soon) I have played FFTA2 and one of those battle musics was taken from thier....im sure of it!
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Too bad wen the carecter you controling die's you get a game over even if your allies is still standing. (Can't be this like ffXII where if you die you just switch to the other one that is still alive, and keep going?)
Wen the game force you tu use low HP carecters this is a real pain.
At less being game over, unlike ALL the other ff, you starts at the exact place you left off and you get your items back including what you used before the battle, so dying is not a big deal and not fustrating. But this aslo make it easyer in a way.

Now that i think of it...this is a good game...but it got the worng title....anyone thinking the same way?

Asmo X

The Eidolon fights are AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL.


Quote from: "SolidSnakeDog"Now that i think of it...this is a good game...but it got the worng title....anyone thinking the same way?

Yes, yes I do.
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Quote from: "Asmo X"The Eidolon fights are AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL.


in what way are they awful? (just wondering).
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Quote from: "Jumza"in what way are they awful? (just wondering).

There are cheap, the battles are more fustrating that anything esle. And got a *Time* limit.
There just trying to slow you down so death sentence kills you.
And sometimes kills you faster that you can say : F*cKer!! , with the *Toss in the air and instant 2nd attack cheapeness*
Instant death even at full HP.(Or BARELY survive.)
Combos are the only thing that fills up the *Impress* bar fast eneuf. The other way to build it is too slow and unreliable.

A tip fighting em : Use the item that gives Haste before the battle so you can make alot of combos early and make things easyer in the long run.

I will just say the *classic* summons battles is much better that this...thing.


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I actually don't like them to experiment with an established series to the extent to which SquareEnix seems to like to do.
FF11 & 14 should be Final Fantasy Online & FFO2.
FF12 should have been a FFT title.
FF CC series should not have had the FF attached to it.
And before anyone starts spouting off about brand recognition, that is a sorry ass way to treat your game and is no excuse. Just because you CAN attach it to a successful series doesn't mean you should. It's like they're admitting that the game isn't strOng enough to stand on it's own. And if it isn't good enough to stand on it's own it shouldn't.
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I think once you figure out how to get that guage full then I dont even need Ethersol,aigesol (i think thats the name),(deceptisol doesnt work on bosses its impossible to pre-emptive strike one.)and there is one more that i forget.
Every Eidolon has his or her way of getting beaten quickly here is what i did for each one,
snow(shiva sisters): at first i was pretty freaked out by this fight until i fugred out that my health was always so high cuz one heals you, spam frostrike and blizzard finished.
Lightning(odin):easily dealt with although i was using lightning com and hope med for too long finished when doom counter was at 25, this easily done with rav/rav and rav/med
Sazh(I can never remember the name...) syn/sab, syn/med thats all i have to say. although if you dont like using syn's and sab's using that haste item  will work well with slash and burn paradigm
Fang(bahaumet):this is not the Bahaumat i know...I did this 2nd try sen/rav/med and sen/rav/com where great!
Hope(Alexander):I thought i would never get past this due to hope getting 2 shotted in about 1 minute into the battle, I later learned protect and Fang as a sentinel was key!
Vanille(Im not exactly sure):argh the hardest... I had to train on one rust pudding to get CP so she had enough health to survive and enough TP so she could just use med/sen once and renew the rest sab/sab and med/sen and sab/sen easily took this bug thing down.
Basically with the right startegy they are not to awful and cheap and they are extremely usefull(i used odin to survive desrudo in the Fal'cie battle) and Alexander to get the limit breaker achievment! that and the obvious helping you survive and your party member's dissapearing is good and bad (good if your party is dieng and you can summon et your summon to use curaga on you deal some deacent damage and return to your party and heal them up  and finish the rest of the monsters. All the same im glad im done with everyones eidolon...unless you get another party member....
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I just read the GamePro review of the game. Why the FUCK aren't there any towns!! That is fuck.
Seriously, did they leave ANYTHING traditional in this thing? Damn, I'm quickly loosing any reason to play this.
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Yes...no fucking towns. The only *Town* like place is the suposed to be the *Atraction park* or something like that. There is a few other but...there are actually *Dongeons* istend of towns.
Just sucks there are NO EVEN MINIGAMES AT THE *ACTRACTION PARK* AT ALL!(At less FF7 had a true atraction theme that actually got mini games in..unlike this crap) Only thing there is is a parade show in a cut scene, nothing more.(Oh..and a chocobo ranch that don't do anything esle that looking cute) And just to tease you, there say that *A new actraction will be avalable soon* YEAH! at if there was Any!(And that never got completed of course...)


Quote from: "Vanya"FF12 should have been a FFT title.



Why do you people complain about minor details?
It's got fucking lesbian motorcycle!!
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Quote from: "Zodiac"It's got fucking lesbian motorcycle!!

Clearly worth $60


Quote from: "Kaijyuu"Miss one of those and you can still have a good game. An example of a game with terrible gameplay that still manages to be quite worthwhile: Earthbound. There are examples of great games lacking one of the other two, too.

As far as I remember, Earthbound was a simple turn-based RPG. Like the majority of the numbered Final Fantasys. Where does the terrible gameplay come in?


QuoteEarthbound was a simple turn-based RPG.
That's where the terrible gameplay comes in.

Earthbound was a lot more like dragon warrior/quest than final fantasy, and incidentally I found dragon warrior/quest to be extremely boring.

FF5 and 6 (and to a lesser degree 4) all had some sort of interesting way to level up or variant gameplay mechanics. Earthbound has... attack. PSI powers you will only use on bosses. Heavy Bazooka. And that's it for the entire game.

Not to say the SNES final fantasies had deep or exciting battle systems, but they had something besides "mash A until things die." Admittedly the rolling HP counter was interesting, but ultimately I just found myself mashing A faster (if that were possible) when I was about to die.
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I for one don't need action in my RPGs.
There are certain basic things I expect from my RPGs and action ain't one of 'em.
If I want action I'll go play an action game.
If I want kick-ass stories, free roaming worlds, and complex battle systems that actually make me use my noggin, that's when I turn to an RPG.
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