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Started by VampragonLord, January 06, 2010, 06:32:10 am


This is an awesome patch! I love it. I am looking forward to every aspect.


Looking forward to having those common questions answered, then. =P
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As the puppeteer pulls His strings,
The fragile doll spreads Her wings.
To dance a ballet as He directs
That is the Curse of the Marionette.

Controlled by a hand far, far above,
Forbidden to care, forbidden to love.
Forever shall She mime what She cannot know,
Until the day She loses her illusory glow.

Propped up on a stilt where wine once stood,
The Marionette is, once more, only wood.
Her glossy eyes have lost their shine,
Her silken hair, turned to twine.

What a fate awaits the poor little doll,
Who dances and runs but cannot stand at all.
And the puppeteer is applauded at the end of every show,
But the audience's joyous response the doll can never know.

I am but a doll on an endless stage,
Dancing for others whilst I slowly age.
My puppeteer sits far above,
Hiding His face behind a white glove.

And when I have aged to nothing but wood,
I will be tucked away in a closet where a doll once stood.
Then, as I gather dust and the world passes by,
I will be forgotten by the vast, blue sky.


Hey guys! sorry i havent worked on this in... well... ages. I was in a fairly tough "sick of FFT" rut, and toiling on my own over this project got a bit tedious after the 50th time through, just to test a slightly altered event. I'm back to work on it now, got plenty of new ideas hammered out. Just finished pounding out most of battle 3, it needs a bit more event editing and it should be clean for release. I've then got battles 4 and 5 pre-planned as well, just need to rig up those events for it. Hopefully it'll pump some new life into this project. And to keep myself entertained while i update, and because its one of the few zombie sprites we have, ALGUS has volunteered to be shot and killed......repeatedly(I'm up to about 40 algus kills just from testing tonight). If anyone wants to pitch pre-made sprites as possible volunteers for shooting algus(The hero and D), feel free to drop the name of them in here and ill go find em. Fair warning, the 2 battles following the first 2 (the two new ones im adding) will be featuring a non-vampire slayer, with a totally different style of fighting. I'll go more into detail about him tomorrow, but his general concept is dealing with zombies up close. After those two battles, his path converges with that of our hero and D and you get right on back to your gunslingin.
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About your "Sick of FFT" syndrome, remember what Asmo said:
Quote from: Asmo XDon't make a full length game. It'll never be finished. Write a good, tight story and make a game around it. If it turns out to only be a third the size of FFT or something, that's far less important than how compelling the actual game is

"Be wise today so you don't cry tomorrow"


Yay! You're back on this <3<3<3
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oh not it wasnt that in particular dome, i was just more not in the mood for playing anything FFT related, and testing the same few battles 490583905890 times was driving me mad. Either way, gotta go rerun the third battle, see if its working properly, then ill throw up a new PPF.
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To everyone who has zero event editing skills..... I have released a teaser with the updated version of this patch! its full of mystery, allusion, and suspense!the game is supposed to stop running after you see the video! its just a teaser afterall!

..... to those who know how to event edit.... why does the game crash after the event/before the battle starts I've been having trouble with this? it worked fine before i edited the events text, and i only removed some "move unit" lines generally. 
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Pastebin your event and link me to it XD
I keep leaving, I keep coming back. Boomerang boy.


SO! I'm currently in a place with not a lot of internet access, and a ton of free time. Once I sort out a few errands, I'm kicking this into a 2.0 mega master remix edition! (Just hafta redownload all the tools, new laptop)
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I'll move it out of Old Project Ideas, once I see these things happen.
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Yup yup! I've been generally sporadic on this so definitely leave it here until i get an update out of some sort, I honestly thought that this site was down at one point (checked right when you guys switched servers) so if I get distracted, its my own fault, but this week i'll be home 5 days straight with no internet, so I at least /plan/ to try
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Oh wow. I remember when you first started this project :P I hope it remains as hilarious and awesome as the old ideas for it were
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Had some housing drama, progress slowed, but I am poking it. its been ages since I modded
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