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Hi all new here just dropping by saying hi

Started by DragonLord9814, June 09, 2020, 05:24:42 am


Since final fantasy tactics is & still is to this day 1 of my favorite games for ps1 & I might get/buy & added to my collection & my waifu collection for both for pc & psp I don't know yet I haven't decided yet & I might get/buy a replacement copy for ps1 I haven't decided yet. & I know you say no porn admin & mods don't worry I won't post porn I just want to say that.

Since I'm a otaku,I'm a gamer,I'm a final fantasy fan/huge fan aka final fantasy nerd,I'm a hentai fan,I love hentai both vr & non-vr & I love hentai stuff too,due to my taste in gaming,anime & manga,due to my collection & my waifu collection I thought what the heck & joined this site. & I saw a video someone go to this site is how I found out & plus I just want to drop-in saying hi.

Sorry if broke 1 of your terms admin & mods when I'm talking about the extent of my power level I guess I will leave it here or at least for now & if any of you guys want to know ahead of time all I say is that I'm in my 30's lol :).
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