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TLW 1.06 Fast Intro

Started by Tonkatunk, May 24, 2020, 08:17:29 pm


May 24, 2020, 08:17:29 pm Last Edit: May 24, 2020, 08:37:22 pm by Tonkatunk
Preface, the mod's meant to be applied onto TLW 1.06.  It only affects Intro area, last edit is for rescuing Algus.  Don't know the history of TLW, but I assume the mod to work with most versions, just untested.  It will very likely break any vanilla FFT experience though, so I would discourage trying that.

This mod does NOT apply TLW, it is an addition to be applied after TLW.  Please see The Lion War thread for its respective download.  Additionally, Credits to Contributors (names included below as well) for the original mod.

EDIT: This mod also is not officially part of TLW or have any real affiliation with the creators.   As such, if there are suspected problem, post them here, as the TLW crew have no direct association to this mod and likely don't want you to assume they should fix problems that someone else created.

About Fast Intro
Meant to help speed past the intro.  The first 3 Narrations; Orbonne, Gariland, and Balbanes' Death, are sped up significantly but should still be readable.  Dialogues/conversations will have instant text display, until you reach the world map.  After which it will resume normal speed, I'd recommend setting your text speed to fast asap.
Orbonne and Gariland fight will only consist of one enemy, who had dialogue, and they will be placed in range of your fastest ally.  Bandit of Gariland should survive the first attack with one hit, so that you can see the dialogue between Delita and Ramza.
Rescue Algus was tweaked to reduce risk of Algus dieing, Algus and Delita have a bit better survivability but are offensively still weak.  And that's it for the mod.

This is where the average user will likely want to stop reading.

Do and Don't
Since this mod doesn't include TLW, you could say I created it.  Things I don't mind being done with it... just do whatever.  Don't claim as your own preferably, but beyond that I don't care.


Credits for TLW
Elric, RavenofRazgriz, Xifanie, Angel/Toshiko, Pride, Choto, Glain, Twinees, Valkirst, FFMaster, Nyzer,
Celdia, Retrotypes, HebrewToYou, Blue, Ansehelm, and NinjaWeazel

Contributors for my efforts (could be as simple as just answering a question)
Xifanie, Elric, RetroTypes, Jumza, Nyzer, NinjaWeazel, Zanmato, Glain, riggz raggz,
and many other random contributors from the forums for asking questions, responding, or just providing various resources

Insight.  If you want to know in more detail or recreate/create yourself.  If you're not interested don't need to read.

Event Editor: While I use Event Editor, it's more of an extraction and compile tool for me.  I prefer to just use Notepad++ for editing.
Primarily, this consisted of regulating Narration Speed.  Make sure at the start of the Narration, {delay:02} is set, ie change default.
After a comfortable speed is set up for the Narration, need to prevent it from progressing before user can read. 
I assume you could use WaitForInstruction command, or even adjust the Wait command, but untested.
At the end of all narrations, end with a "." preceded by a {delay:XX} command.  Substituted XX based on what I thought was a comfortable value.

Priority was, minimize time player had to spend in combat before they could get a chance to work on their party some.
Biggest changes were reducing enemy units for the first two fights, to one enemy unit each fight. 
Next, place them in easy range of your team to minimize effort and time spent. 
No, I did not care enough to fix Camera, I assume that's Event Editor as well.
To further this, some units, particularly enemy, had gear, equipped skills, to further reduce odds of it dragging on.
Rescue Algus mission was adjusted, Algus and Delita were buffed for survivability but only have a Broadsword/Dagger respectively.
This ends the functions of the mod.

Author Rambling
More than anything, this Mod was a starting point/learning experience for me.  For those with experience, this likely seems like essentially nothing, there's tools/mods to more effectively achieve better results, simply put.  But with this, I know I can handle basic changes without completely busting everything. 

I do not anticipate doing more with speedups, beyond maybe accelerating some Narration scenes, meaning what this mod is atm, is probably where it will stay.  I have an end goal of modding The Lion War, I wouldn't say to make it feel better balanced, but more to suit my own ideas of entertainment.  As for how the progress rate of this will go, or if I'll release a public version, is still to be decided, in no small part by how well I feel my progress goes, and if I can continue to invest effort into my work.
  • Modding version: PSX
  • Discord username: Tonkatunk