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ok, this is what I get for posting quickly at work...

I meant PSX version - I've seen a decent amount of blank, dud classes kicking around, including 3 actually labelled "Rad, Lavian and Alicia", are these usable?
The Lounge / here I go! YEARGH!
June 22, 2013, 03:29:28 pm
FFT enthusiast who stumbled on this site thanks to Rebirth.  glad I did.

currently learning the ropes, trying to get my wife to run through my favourite FF game.

gonna take all the "Final Fantasy" out of the game (she hates when a series slaps its name onto something haphazardly), and fix the face sprites so I can get my wife to enjoy the game.  (she finds them too generic and unrecognizable, so I'm gonna spice 'em up a bit).  the former shouldn't be too too hard, given that there's not a lot that's linking it back to FF games...
ok, just to confirm, are these excess classes available to the PSP version?

for if, say, I want custom classes for Rad/Lavian/Alicia, and don't want to recode the hell out of Gaffy/Simon/Balafuma?
Help! / Re: berserker!
June 22, 2013, 12:13:48 pm
on one hand, crap.  I wanted an ability that made you go berserk when hit...and regenerator sucks, IMHO, so it seemed like a good choice to replace...namely because Lancer's boring and unreliable, and I can't tinker with the skillset at all...

...on the other hand, I completely forgot about innate: Berserk, which is just as good, thank you.  I'll likely "balance" it with innate Atk+&Def+
Help! / berserker!
June 22, 2013, 10:11:04 am
ok, I'm looking to change either Regenerator or Eq Axe into a self-inflicting Berserk status...is there an easy way to do this using FFTPatcher?
ok, not sure if there's any troubleshooting to be done here, but...

I'm playing this on my PSP, and I can't see the Steel Ball scene...is this something with the rom, or with the PSP?